Does Dropshipping Logistics Work With Foreign Postcodes and USPS?

How do you track your goods using track E? The system will update the logistics information to Amazon’s backstage once we confirm an order. However, buyers can view their logistics status through the backstage. Sellers need to track the goods in real-time if the buyer claims that they are not receiving the goods or the address is incorrect. You need to learn more about drop ship logistics. The following query tracking number is briefly described:

Tracking number query:

Binding to ERP System State: If the background of your seller is tied to ERP system (e.g. thoroughfare), then the system will generate tracking numbers and print orders. The tracking number can be viewed at delivery, as shown in the following image.

query of not binding to ERP system: Directly landing site:, After the background confirms delivery, the seller can query the logistics information on the website according to the tracking number.

It is very easy and convenient. You can easily collect your 17track Web site by simply remembering the website. After a brief overview of how to track and generate tracking numbers we will move on to a detailed description about the foreign postal code format, and the introduction of different foreign USPS states.

Format of foreign postcode

American postcode: The United States is commonly known as zip code. There are two types of American postal codes. One is 5 digits -4 digit numbers, such as 15894-4589. The second is 5 digit numbers like 95874.

Canadian postal code 6 alphabetic and numeral groups, such as M2H3P5 or H3Z2Y7.

The British postcode (the United States is commonly known as postcode): In general, the first subtitle refers to the urban abbreviation of the regional direction. For example, there are two types of codes: G1 9XT and G1 9XT. G1 represents Glasgow and the G is an urban abbreviation. 9XT is the second. Specially designed regional codes make it easier for the post office to locate addresses. Many households have one zip code but each household has a different number. The British zip code usually consists of 6-8 letters and numbers.

German Postcode: The German Postcode is composed of five numbers. The first two numbers represent the state or province, while the third three represent the urban area. Address writing demonstration: Herrn Quincy Happy Wacholderweg 52A 26133 OLDENBURG GE.

French Postcode: There are 5 digits to the French zip code. The first two represent the Province, while the third represent cities, districts, or postal branches. The Paris code is 75 Province and the zip code 75000.

6. Italy postcode: The Italy ZIP code is composed of five digit numbers and an “I-” or “IT-” prefix. You can use I-00144, I-00144, or 00144 as an example. 7. Spanish Postcode: This is the Spanish zip code. It consists of five numbers, such as 28040.

The different states of Usps

No record — shipping label. Shortly after the launch, no postal information was received by the post office (normally within one day). Otherwise the tracking number was invalid.

Electronic Shipping Info received–shipping label It is possible that the parcel has not yet arrived at the post office. It might not be packed yet.

Acceptance: The parcels were accepted by the post office.

Sort Facility: The parcel is received by the post office and sent to the appropriate places. It then needs to be sorted.

Arrival at the Post Office: The parcel arrives at the local post office for the address it is being delivered to.

Delivered at:Arriving

Notice left: The parcel will be returned to the local postal office within 10 days after the postman has delivered it. The notice or other documents that can be used to prove that the package belongs to the customer must be received by the post office within 10 days.

Sorting complete: Sorting completion.

The next state is delivered when it’s available at the PO Box or is out for delivery

Undeliverable as Addressed

Insufficient Address: Invalid Address

International Dispatch: International dispatch, sent to other countries.

Out of foreign customs: Foreign customs release.

Arrived abroad: Arrive at the destination country.

Check Out Foreign Customs

Forwarded: Transshipment, when the address on label or postal code is wrong, but the post office can identify the correct address, the post office will transfer to the correct address.

Delivery status not updated

Vacant: Address not filled out can’t be delivered. Return to the sender

Moving, but no address: When the postman arrives, he discovers that the recipient has changed his mind and doesn’t leave a forwarding or mailing address. This will be returned to the sender.

Pick-up Point: Customers are not required to pick up parcels at the post office. However, it may take around a week for the parcel to arrive. Ask the customer to pick up a parcel at the nearest post office if he is in hurry. (suspenseful, not knowing very well).

No such number: The door number in the customer’s address is incorrect and cannot be delivered. The package will be returned.

It’s not easy to run a business. Dropship logistics can help you a lot.