Minea The Ultimate Winning Product Finding Tool

Whatever we say, success in dropshipping is fundamentally linked to the product you sell in your store. You’ll have a hard time selling dropshipping if you can’t find the right product that solves a particular problem with your buyers. 

So, as a dropshipper, finding that famous winning product should be your first concern if you want to make dropshipping or e-commerce a real business and make a living from it

There are several product search tools. In this article, I present to you Minea which is one of the most reputable tools in terms of finding a winning product. It is a very complete tool that has proven itself with dropshippers and e-merchants in general. 

How to find a winning product with Minea? 

Answers to this question in this article.

What is Minea ?

Minea is nothing but a product finding tool that makes life easier for e-merchants and dropshippers. In all online sales businesses, the product research stage is the most delicate. If you fail this step, it is very likely that you will face enough difficulties in the further process. 

In other words, a bad product will not be sold for long even with the best marketing arguments. 

Indeed, to find the product that will sell easily, you will have to spy on the market and already see what works with competitors. This is what Minea interviews. The role of the tool is to spy on competitors and collect relevant information (ads, marketing strategies, store analysis results) on the products they sell. 

You can base yourself on this information to choose the product that you will sell on your online store as well as the different marketing strategies that you must use to sell these products without difficulty.

Minea makes life even easier for its users thanks to its chrome extension which allows the use of the app on a smartphone or tablet.

You can already test Minea for free to discover more of its features. On the other hand, the basic option of the app costs only 49 € per month. For more advanced searches, you can opt for the Premium offer which costs 99€.

The Minea adspy tool and its features. 

After your subscription, you will have direct access to the Minea app. The interface is very intuitive and allows anyone to quickly get to grips with the tool to start looking for a product. 

At the very top of the main interface, you have the search bar in which you can directly type a keyword (Buy now, Purchase now, Get now, Free shipping…) to start your product search. 

Further down on the main interface, you have the list of the top 10 products of the day. Every day, Minea makes a compilation of the 10 best products from the various ads collected on social networks. Several e-merchants have admitted to having found winning products in this list offered by the app. Do not hesitate to test some products from this list. 

On the other hand, if you want to start your product search directly yourself, you can click on one of the platforms located in the left interface (Facebook, Pinterest, Tiktok). 

For each social network, Minea displays, by default, the latest ads that its algorithms have collected. It is up to you to use the filters to refine the ads to display only those related to dropshipping or e-commerce.

How to use filters to find a winning product ?

On Minea, you can filter your searches by: 

Keywords: This filter allows you to search for ads based on keywords. In dropshipping, keywords like Buy now,, Get now, Free shipping, Free shipping are widely used. You can thus search with these keywords to display only dropshipping ads.

Ad view date: The ad view date filter allows you to filter your results by the date Minea’s algorithms discovered the ad on social media. In dropshipping, it is advisable to prioritize the most recent ads. So stay within the range of the last 14 or 30 days to increase your chances of finding the latest products launched on the market. 

Country: Applying this filter allows you to see ads that work in one country in order to duplicate them in another country. Since the biggest winning product trends most of the time leave the United States, it can be interesting to apply this filter to quickly find products that are already selling well in the American market. 

E-commerce platform: most dropshipping stores are often created on popular platforms such as Shopify and WooCommerce. You can therefore optimize your results in order to display only 100% dropshipping products. 

Interactions: interactions on an ad represent likes, shares and comments. The higher this data, the better the product has high potential. They are therefore a key indicator in your search. So apply the different filters to have only ads that have solicited engagement from users.

Media type: the media filter allows you to filter ads based on the visual used. Generally in e-commerce and dropshipping, advertisers prefer to use videos to show the use of the product. Feel free to select the videos in this filter to increase your chances of finding winning dropshipping products

Several other filters are always available on Minea to allow you to optimize your results. Feel free to experiment with them to see which ones work best for you.

Analysis of competitor shops on Minea

In addition to being able to analyze the ads collected on Facebook, Pinterest and TikTok, Minea also allows you to analyze e-commerce or dropshipping stores. Click “Shops” in the main interface to access the shops database.

Here too, you can use the different filters to personalize your search results according to several criteria such as:

• Technology (Shopify, Woocommerce, Wix, Bigcommerce…)

• Niche (Beauty, Jewellery, decoration, clothing…)

• Country

• Alexa positioning (the rank of the website in search engines)

Influence marketing with Minea

Influencer marketing is gaining momentum day by day. Influencers are becoming more and more professional and many brands are turning to them to promote their products and services

Indeed, influence marketing has become a necessary evil if you want to scale your business very quickly and take it to the next level. Of all the product research tools, only Minea allows deep analysis of influencer marketing metrics. 

The tool allows you to analyze the product placements made by influencers, the best brands that are making their mark on the e-commerce or dropshipping market thanks to influence marketing and also the various influencers.

Analyze the latest product placements on Minea

Click on “Promotions” in the influencer marketing window to land on the interface that brings together all the promotions made by influencers on Instagram, TikTok or Snapchat. 

You can filter promotions by:

• Category (Technology, Beauty, Jewelry, baby, clothing, Decoration…)

• Country

• Social networks (Instagram, Snapchat)

• The number of followers of the influencer who promoted 

By clicking on a promotion, you can obtain more detailed information such as the number of views and especially the promotion’s engagement rate.

Analyze brands

In the interface dedicated to Brands, Minea brings together all the major brands that excel in influencer marketing. Here too, you have the possibility to sort the brands according to the niches, the ad period and also according to the technology used for their store (Shopify, Woocommerce, Prestashop).

These filters will allow you to identify the most important brands in the market in order to see the products and strategies they use in setting up their influencer marketing campaigns.

Find influencers for your product

One of the most common things when doing influencer marketing is not knowing which influencer to choose to promote your product. As a result, the majority of e-merchants end up making the wrong choice and losing money. 

Minea has thought about solving this problem by also offering an influencer search tool on its platform. There is no longer any question of making a mistake in the choice of your influencer for a product placement. 

Use the filters available in this interface to define your niche and the information related to the audience who will be interested in your product (Age, country, gender, niche, etc.). Minea will list you the best influencers who are doing the best results in your niche. 

You just have to choose the one that seems most relevant to you.

ConclusionIn conclusion, we can only remember that Minea is the all-in-one tool that you must use to quickly find a winning product in dropshipping or e-commerce. It stands out from its competitors with its very advanced features that allow you to filter your results with very high precision. You can both analyze ads, shops, brands, influencers and product placements.