Monthly Subscription Boxes for a Dropshipping Business

Imagine a product that is so simple, yet you can’t imagine living without it. Ok, now make it essential for a particular audience but still relevant to your store’s niche and field. Have you got anything else in mind? Imagine putting that product on sale. With the right marketing strategies, profit will naturally flow in. Because you are dropshipping something that someone needs, you’re making big sales!

What if your customers forget they purchased that product from you and start searching elsewhere? Although you could try to reach them, it’s likely that they have already replenished their stock and you are left with very little.

Unless you have a better strategy for dropshipping, which I will show you today!

This video will show you how I made a store flourish. You don’t need to be a programmer, just follow my example and we’ll all make steady, solid cash together. Let’s first look at our topic.

What is a Subscription Box and how does it work?

A customer can sign up for a subscription box to receive an item every day, weekly, or monthly, as the name suggests. The item could be any kind of resource or physical material. It could even be something that someone could use on a daily basis.

A subscription box doesn’t have to include the same product every time. To keep customers interested and enticed, you might also include freebies or other goodies. To keep your customers interested and satisfied, give them more than they paid.

You can also offer mystery boxes to give your customers a glimpse of the contents of their box. You shouldn’t change your original business theme.

Let’s look at an example. Let’s say your eCommerce shop is focused on dropshipping professional and aspiring artists tools and merchandise. How about offering some art materials as a subscription box? The pencil is the most fundamental and important tool we’ll be using.

Why is a subscription box necessary?

You might reconsider if you are happy with how you run your business and don’t have a subscription box. As you continue reading, keep that pencil in your mind. These are just a few of the many great benefits that you will reap once you have successfully added a subscription to your ever-growing list of offers.


Your customers won’t have to worry about insufficient or no stock of certain products with a subscription box. Customers will remember one thing: “I’ll get a new batch in a few days; there is no need to panic about buying!”

In the same article, Just4UBox states that convenience doesn’t necessarily mean recurring ‘auto delivery’. It’s more about solving customers’ problems with subscription boxes. It all boils down to the way they frame their service and create their “expert” persona. This is where customers .”

Steady Income

Yes, customers will receive regular packages. They also have to pay on a regular basis. This means that you have a steady and reliable source of income. You won’t have to worry about your dropshipping sales falling short for a certain time period. The subscription box can be used as a backup plan if your business is not doing well.


You will dropship products in bundles. However, it is important to not include only one product. Otherwise the shipping fees will go to waste. Your customers will be able to purchase them at a lower price than buying them separately, possibly even from multiple suppliers. When setting your price, remember to take everything (e.g. shipping, packaging etc.) into consideration. Your customers should feel that they will save more money by signing up for a subscription plan.


A subscription box doesn’t have to include the same product every time. A curated subscription box would show that you care about your customers, not just about their money. It would also indicate that you truly care about them and are willing to go the extra mile to provide something that will surprise and delight them. Customer satisfaction is increased!

How I added a monthly subscription box to my store

It’s not difficult to set up a subscription box in your business. Let me tell you how I set it up, if you’re already convinced to add it to you store!

First, we get traffic from customers and visitors mainly from email marketing. These are the most important aspects of your dropshipping sales. When your customers see them, and make a purchase decision, they will be redirected directly to your dropship sales page.

Your sales page should display the following information:

  • Your product
  • Your offer
  • Site visitors should purchase.

After clicking the Checkout button, interested customers will be redirected directly to the order form. However, before they confirm the deal and confirm their order they will be presented with a special offer that does not require them to use the original order but only compliments it. Remember the pencil? You might order a pencil case, or an eraser as a one-time item.

You can show them another product and ask if they’d like to buy it. If they refuse to buy the additional product, you can show them a downsell.

You should show them at least two to four products that could be combined. Offer the most amazing (and possibly the best) deal: A bundle of all the products they have seen, on a weekly or monthly basis, and one significantly cheaper than the individual goods.

A lower price does not mean you are able to offer more benefits. Remember that mystery gimmick! For an extra twist, you can also add this one.

Although I have only recently added the monthly subscription box on my website, and I still need to wait for the relevant information to be in my hands to allow me to evaluate my success with it. I do hope that it will accomplish the following:

  • Convert more of my frontend offers
  • You can generate steady, predictable income.
  • To increase the average order value and make more sales, I will be able spend more advertising dollars.

Let’s wrap it up!

Today, we discussed the impact subscription boxes can make on your overall profits. Most businesses overlook this bundle, but it’s a proven method to increase customers and eventually more income.

These are the top points to keep in mind when you offer a subscription box.

  • Subscription boxes are a stable source of income.
  • You should include at most one thing that your customers will need.
  • It should not be a surprise package that contains the same items and it should not be sent in succession.
  • The total cost of the products should be lower than their individual costs.

It is easy to set up a subscription box in your business.