How to Make A Motion Flyer In Canva? From Static to Dynamic

Make your designs more captivating and engaging by adding movement with Canva and LottieFiles’ large selection of free animations.

Blurring different elements together strategically is one of the easiest and most effective ways to add motion to your designs. Learn how to animate photos and use them in your designs to bring them alive!

Choose a Template

Animated content can be an indispensable resource for marketers or bootstrapped founders. It adds visual flair to marketing collateral and can make content stand out on social media or emails, helping users stand out among the competition. Canva makes creating captivating and eye-catching animated designs easy! Whether you prefer using kinetic photos or animating text elements – anyone can easily produce eye-catching animated designs!

Canva provides an impressive collection of professionally designed templates. To find something suitable, search using the search bar on Canva’s homepage; add adjectives if needed (for instance “flyer” or “single-sided flyer”) as you can narrow your search further if necessary; search e.g. “flyer.”

Once you find a template you like, click to open it in Canva editor. This will provide an overview of its layout and elements; from there you can modify colors, images and text according to your brand’s aesthetic and message. As an aid for designing your projects, Canva also offers some design principles such as contrast, balance hierarchy and alignment that may come in handy during creation.

Once your design is ready, you have several options for saving it: directly download to your computer or directly share to a social media platform; save as a template for future projects (in which case head directly to Projects section on Canva homepage and select it); or publish directly.

Once a template is downloaded to your Canva account, it can be seen on the All your folders page. To use it again, navigate back to that folder and select it; Canva will load automatically with its editor.

Add Text

Text animation is an effective way to add movement and depth to any design. With multiple styles available, you are sure to find one suitable for you and your design project.

Start by selecting a text style by clicking on the text icon in your side panel and choosing from Canva’s preset text styles, which make creating headings, subheadings and body text easy. Or create custom text styles from scratch using our text generator feature!

Once you’ve selected your text style, click on “Animate” in the side panel for some animation options. This will show a preview of how your text will move and allow you to set an exact time limit for its animation. When satisfied with its outcome, your design can be exported as either GIF or MP4 video file for download.

Save any animation as a preset to quickly apply it across various designs – great for events, social media posts and marketing materials! This saves both time and effort in designing graphics for these purposes.

Canva is an increasingly popular free animation tool, and using Lottie animations with it is no different. Simply search LottieFiles and click download button to add an animation to your design in Canva. Once added you can adjust its timing or remove any extra effects. Changing font size or color are also options as is adding backgrounds or font outlines; Canva automatically saves as you make changes but you can manually save as well – both features autosave your design for later.

Add an Image

Add movement and life to your designs to engage audiences and keep them interested. Animation is an excellent way to present products or showcase artistic work; moreover, its low costs help make your designs more cost-effective than those from competitors.

Canva and Wondershare Filmora are two easy video editing tools with built-in animation options to make animating designs simple. By leveraging them, you can quickly animate designs within minutes to produce captivating videos or GIFs for promotion purposes.

Canva’s built-in animation options are easy to use and can be applied to virtually any design element. For instance, text can be animated simply by selecting “Add Animation” in the left selection bar and choosing from a variety of subtle or jagged styles that range from subtle movements to sudden shifts in pace.

Make photos more eye-catching and appealing by animating them with Canva Photo Animator, turning any ordinary photograph into an amazing piece of artwork that will draw people in and keep them scrolling away! Get creative with adding simple pans, movement from left to right or cartoon animation; or add fun stickers. With Canva’s photo animator you can turn any ordinary picture into something extraordinary that will stop people scrolling past it!

Canva offers many animated images for you to choose from and customize, making the process of animating an image easy and fun! Just select your image from your gallery, click “Add Animated Frame,” select one of the available animations, and drag or click to customize its duration (you can even drag its clock icon – up or down!).

Add a Video

Canva is an approachable design tool, enabling users to produce visual content quickly without extensive graphic design knowledge. With access to templates suitable for business and personal use as well as an expansive media library that allows uploading of personal files directly, Canva offers users everything they need for visual creation without extensive graphic design expertise. Furthermore, Canva provides many helpful tutorials and resources to assist newcomers.

Canva offers free accounts that enable users to access its platform and create projects, with paid subscription plans providing access to all features and tools. Furthermore, Canva’s mobile app enables users to work on projects when on the move.

To add video to a flyer, first select the template you would like to edit and then click on “Video.” You’ll then need to enter the URL for the YouTube video you wish to add before dragging and dropping it onto your design – from there, resizing and repositioning can take place as desired.

If you would like to include a voiceover, click on the “Audio” tab and record using the built-in microphone. When finished recording your audio, switch over to “Video” tab and mute its audio by clicking on red circle icon.

Make the text on your video more visually appealing by customizing fonts, colors, and formatting options such as font sizes. Add a background for added dimension; and to give movement and animation use “Animations” tab to animate text and images.

Add a Background

Once your text and images have been added to your design, use the Animations tab to add movement with movement effects such as drop animation, scroll animation or motion path animation – these all serve to make your flyer more engaging for its target audience.

Motion in your designs can draw the attention of your target audience and keep them engaged, as well as help reinforce your message or call-to-action and draw focus to particular elements of the design.

Canva offers an expansive library of design elements – many free while some require Pro accounts – which you can search using either the search bar at the top of the editor, or in the side panel under Elements. Once you find something suitable to add, double click or drag onto your design to use it.

Canva makes saving designs as you work incredibly simple. This feature can come in handy should you need to come back later or create multiple copies of the same design.

Canva is a user-friendly graphic design tool with templates curated by expert designers that makes customizing designs easy. Canva offers templates for posters, business cards, videos and social media posts that you can quickly customize according to your project requirements – as well as photo collage tools, gradient overlay and video slideshow features for editing purposes.