Moving Blog Posts From Shopify To WordPress

WordPress is a popular content management system (CMS) used by millions of website owners and bloggers around the world. It’s easy to use, reliable and comes with a wealth of features and options. However, if you’re using Shopify as your eCommerce platform, you might find it difficult to move your blog posts over to WordPress. This guide will show you how to transfer your blog posts from Shopify to WordPress without any loss of data or formatting.

Shopify WordPress migration

If you’re like most Shopify merchants, you’ve probably been using the Shopify platform to manage your online store for a while now. But have you ever considered moving your blog posts over to WordPress?

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shopify dropshipping store set up

WordPress is a powerful platform that can easily handle all of the content and functionality of a Shopify blog, plus some extra features that can really help to optimize your blog for SEO. Plus, WordPress is free to use so there’s no reason not to give it a try!

Here are five tips to help you move your blog posts from Shopify to WordPress:

1. Export Your Posts From Shopify
If you want to move your blog posts over to WordPress, the first step is obviously to export them from Shopify. To do this, go to your Posts tab on the Shopify admin panel and select Export Posts. This will export all of your current posts into a CSV file, which you can then open in a spreadsheet program like Excel or Google Sheets.

2. Import Your Posts Into WordPress
Once you have your exported posts in a format that works well for you, it’s time to import them into WordPress.


The goal of this blog section is to move all of our blog posts from Shopify to WordPress. WordPress is an open source content management system that is increasingly being used by bloggers. It has more features and flexibility than Shopify, making it a better choice for our blog.

We will be moving all of our blog posts over to WordPress over the next few weeks. This process may take a little longer than expected due to some complications with our theme. However, we are determined to get everything moved over as quickly as possible so that our blog posts are available in the same format on both platforms. We appreciate your patience while we make this transition!


1. Make a list of all the blog posts you have written for your Shopify store.
2. Remove any tags that are specific to Shopify.
3. Export the post content as a word document.
4. Import the post content into WordPress.
5.Delete any unwanted WordPress tags and categories.
6. Update the post titles and meta descriptions to reflect the new blog platform.

Removal of Posts from Shopify

If you’re like most business owners, you have a mixture of content on your website, from articles to blog posts. But which platform should your content be published on? In this article, we’re going to discuss why moving your blog posts from Shopify to WordPress is a good idea for your business.

WordPress is the most popular platform for creating websites, with over 60 million active sites. It has a wide range of features that make it perfect for running a blog, including a built-in blog editor, social media integration, and an extensive plugin library. Plus, WordPress is free to use!

Moving your blog posts from Shopify to WordPress will give you several benefits:

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

1. Increased Exposure: WordPress is the dominant blogging platform on the web, and moving your posts to it will give them increased exposure. Not only will your readers be accessing your content through one of the most popular platforms in existence, but also you’ll have access to all the benefits that come with using WordPress – such as its huge plugin library and ability to easily monetize your site through ads and affiliate programs.

Uploading Posts to WordPress

If you’re like most people, you probably store your blog posts on Shopify. But if you’re ready to move your blog posts over to WordPress, there are a few things to keep in mind.

First, make sure you have the correct blog layout installed on For example, if you use the default Twenty Fifteen theme, your posts will need to be formatted in a vertical column.

Second, export your post data from Shopify into a CSV file. This file will include all of the information needed to import your posts into WordPress: title, excerpt, author, and date.

Finally, upload your CSV file and your WordPress installation files to your web server. You’ll then need to create a new WordPress blog post and enter the data from your CSV file.


If you’re looking to move your blog posts from Shopify to WordPress, there are a few things to keep in mind. First and foremost, make sure you have the correct plugins installed on your WordPress site. Then, find the post(s) you want to move and copy the entire HTML code into a new post on your WordPress blog. Finally, go through and adjust any formatting that needs to be changed (such as changing the category name or adding an intro paragraph), then publish the post! That’s all there is to it!