Niche Scraper VS FindNiche Dropshipping Tool Differences

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Global economic integration has had a significant impact on offline physical stores. E-commerce is now more popular and important than ever. Dropshipping has been a very popular business model in recent years. It is possible to open an online shop with minimal investment and make huge profits. This is why Aliexpress and Shopify have grown.

Dropshipping spy tools have become more popular as the competition increased. These tools are often used to find profitable niches so we don’t waste money on the wrong products.

NicheScraper and FindNiche have been popular tools. Many practitioners are curious about the tool reviews, how they are used and whether they are worth their time. This article will provide an overview of these two spy tools for dropshipping.

Which dropshipping spy tool is better NicheScraper or FindNiche?

How does FindNiche work?

FindNiche is a dropshipping spy tool that allows people to quickly find the most profitable products, niches and Shopify stores. FindNiche’s database contains over two million Aliexpress products, with more than 11000 niches and 700,000 Shopify shops. It was specifically designed for a dropshipping company.

Which problems can FindNiche solve?

  • Monitor niche product orders and track their growth rate
  • Check out the Aliexpress price and Shopify price.
  • Check the product’s most recent profit and growth rate
  • Please provide product copy and a picture reference
  • Shopify’s complete list
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NicheScraper: What are you looking for?

NicheScraper allows you to uncover winning products using our niche research tool. Shopify has seen hundreds of Shopify sellers benefit from NicheScraper. Use our web scraper to instantly find the best products.

Comparative analysis of FindNiche and NicheScraper’s functions

This is FindNiche’s Products page. The last 30 days of each product’s orders can be viewed, along with the growth rate over the past 7 days. The product detail page shows the Aliexpress price and Shopify price, as well as the profit. You can also see the country of the product, any changes in the number or wishlists, Aliexpress, Shopify and other links.

Below is NicheScraper’s product page. The table below contains all the information about the product. To link to Aliexpress, click the product image. Log in is required to view the product normally. NicheScraper provides two sets of data according its algorithm: Competition and AliScore. These can be used to provide a reference and a rough idea of the product’s competitors.

* Shopify store analysis – The data provided by FindNiche are more detailed and comprehensive, while NicheScraper displays hot-sale products in the store.

Below is an analysis of FindNiche’s Shopify store. The FindNiche platform contains information about approximately 726,612 Shopify stores. This includes links to store categories, target countries and 30-day ads.

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This is NicheScraper’s store analysis page. We can see store links, hot products, Alexa Rank and Traffic & Revenue. There are more bright spots than FindNiche. However, the data is smaller.

FindNiche offers a section called Niche that will help you to find niche markets

These products have been subject to data analysis. We believe they could be winning products. These products have been subject to detailed data analysis. You can see the profit amount and growth rate over the past 30 days.

* NicheScraper offers a video ad maker as a marketing tool

This feature is extremely useful for users who require advertising. It takes just a few product photos and descriptions to generate a video advertisement.

* NicheScraper video tutorial

NicheScraper will need to upgrade to the Pro version in order to view various product details. The platform also offers a video tutorial module.

Pricing and membership plans


Regular accounts can be used for free, while premium members may pay for or qualify for the event. Advanced members have greater access rights.


Members are $ 39 per month and ordinary accounts are free to use.

Alternatives to FindNiche or NicheScraper

There are many winning dropshipping niches platforms. I will only mention a few that I find most useful.


It provides advice and selection services to dropshipping groups. Ecomhunt provides knowledge services through blogs and online tutorials. Ecomhunt is a paid product. However, the membership fee for Ecomhunt is lower.

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Companies can use Pexda to find the latest products and send inquiries about Facebook ads copy. Pexda also has its own member distribution system. Members can receive a proportion of the sales income from each member they invite. Subscription costs for paid services are quite high.