Non-API vs API Solution for eBay Dropshipping

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The biggest decision when opening an eBay dropshipping shop is whether to use an API solution or a nonAPI solution. This is due to eBay “flagging seller accounts”, which causes them to drop in search engine results. This results in less traffic to their shops, which means fewer sales.

Dropshippers from all walks of the dropshipping industry are asking the same questions.

Are APIs causing accounts “flagged” by other apps?

Is it possible to use an API without crashing the website?

Is it possible not to be “flagged”?

There are many blogs and videos on the subject, but that’s not the problem. They are just floating around. To this point, there is only speculation. It is time to end all speculation and myths.

This article will explain the basics of API and Non-API. This article will answer all your questions about the differences between the two, as well as explain why seller accounts get “flagged”, so you can choose which one is right for you.

What’s API?

Let’s first get to know what API is and how it works. API allows eBay to connect with third-party platforms.

Every major platform has an API. This includes Amazon, Facebook and Youtube.

The seller APIs are a great way to assist sellers in their selling activities. You can configure your account settings, list inventory on eBay, and assist with customer service.

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Developers have many options when it comes to managing our online business using APIs.

You can programmatically upload products and update prices. Track numbers can be updated.

All your API’s can be viewed on the Account Settings/Site Preferences page (scroll down). You should see something like this.

API allows you to connect with third-party platforms such as AutoDS and eBay. We can communicate directly with eBay using the eBay API. Every major platform has an API. This includes Amazon, Facebook and Youtube.

Differences between API and Non-API

Although API and Non-API versions of the API are nearly identical, there are some notable differences that will help you decide which one is best for you.

Non-API tracking number updates will only be made into AutoDS. They won’t be saved to eBay. The tracking number will have to be manually updated on eBay.

Only the API version is compatible with automated messages to customers and customer support.

Non-API users can now access the AutoDS Finder feature .

AutoDS’ API version allows you to upload products, update prices, track numbers and all other things through an API connection.

The Non-API, on the other hand, means you can interact with eBay like a normal person. As though you were browsing the web from your browser.

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Developers are encouraged to use APIs to access their platforms by all companies. People who claim that APIs will cause harm to your account or any other type of damage should not be trusted. They don’t know anything about information technology or how computers work.

AutoDS offers both the API solution as well as the non-API solution. It’s up to the user to decide which one they prefer.

History of Non-API Solution

Mislead Assumption

It was a mistaken assumption that led to the origin of the “Non-API” concept. The story began in 2018, when eBay removed visibility from all dropshippers. Drop shippers refer to “flagged accounts”

The decrease in visibility led to less store traffic which, in turn, resulted is fewer sales conversions. Dropshippers, as well as sellers who dropship, felt the drop in visibility.

Dropshipping experts believed that eBay’s sudden action was due to the use APIs.

They believed that eBay would punish dropshippers who abuse its dropshipping policy by “flagging their accounts” and that they could scan your API connections to find out if you were dropshipping.

eBay banned a dropshipping API tool and all associated accounts to the API. This was the same month eBay sent the “Seller Practices – Dropshipping” messages.

Many dropshippers have been afraid of API connections to their eBay accounts due to banned eBay seller accounts. Is this theory true? It is now that the facts are known.

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API Manipulation

Because their developers tried to circumvent their API “call limit”, the tool was banned. eBay has set a call limit for API developers that limits the number of API actions an API can perform per day.

Every API must comply with eBay policies and know their call limit – just as eBay sellers must comply with eBay policies and know their selling limits, so developers can request the same for their API about their call limit.

This tool tries to bypass eBay’s limit on calls by turning every eBay seller account into an account for developers so they can upload the API standalone (and not share it with other users who have connected to the same API).

They tried to trick eBay into believing that each API had a limit on calls. Each account was therefore allowed 1500 calls (actions).

This is in addition to security breaches and the failure to protect customers’ data. It was only a matter time before eBay discovered these corrupt methods and banned the API and all its connected users.

These facts were not known by you, nor did thousands of dropshippers. This led to the rise in false “gurus” who sold fake courses to help dropshippers create non-flagged accounts.

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These speculations lead to a non API solution request from dropshipping communities (and yes, that’s what we answered!) ).

AutoDS API is fully compatible with eBay

We are familiar with eBay’s API Developer Policies and have worked closely with them to ensure a smooth and enjoyable work experience.

AutoDS received the first call increase to 1.5M, then to five million, and has been increasing ever since. This all after we have proven to eBay that we can dropship!

You don’t need to be concerned about using our API because it has absolutely zero adverse effect on you account.

AutoDS is compatible with eBay and their rules. We are proud.

False Solutions and Real Solutions

Fake “gurus”, offering false solutions to dropshipping, were on the rise. We have compiled our data to show you the facts.
Let’s pretend for a moment that the conspiracy is true, and non-API accounts get a lot more traffic and don’t get flagged.

An API connection makes it easier to grow and succeed. You can automate your business and not have to manually manage your stores. This slows down the process of expanding.

The Big Numbers Rule remains the best way to expand and grow your business and increase your overall profit. API Connection -> Full Automation -> More Listings, Big Numbers Rule (10k listings), anchor store

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Data shows that API connections still make more sales than non-API connections.

All 35 eBay stores that Lior Pozin (CEO, AutoDS) owns are also running an API

Should I use API or Non-API Solutions?

We now know the differences between these connections, let’s look at the options and see what we recommend.

You probably know that working with a Non API connection does not mean there is a connection between eBay and AutoDS.

All store actions are sent from your computer, not the API. However, they will still be processed on AutoDS’s platform.

Developers are encouraged to use APIs to access their platforms by all companies. People who claim that APIs will cause harm to your account or any other type of damage should not be trusted. They don’t know anything about information technology or how computers work.

AutoDS has both the API and the non-API versions. you can choose which one to use.

We recommend that you keep the API connection open and follow the “Big Numbers Rule”. will take you where you want to be, but it is not enough.

You will need to keep up with your daily tasks, such as uploading new products, answering customers, and taking care of returns/cases. Also, providing a professional and smooth customer experience.

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This is what eBay wants, not your API connection.

If API wasn’t a viable solution, then why would eBay offer this option to us? It offers more functionality, features and automation.

API is encouraged by many large companies, such as eBay. These companies provide documentation, guidelines and support to developers to make it easier.

In Conclusion

You can choose to work with or without an API connection for your store. Both work well and you can choose which one is best for your business.

The API solution is highly recommended as it allows you to automate your business and scale up to great profits. It comes with no additional risk.