Oberlo Pricing Plan and Monthly Cost Is it Free?

You’re in luck if you are interested in starting your own ecommerce business.

It’s much easier than ever to create and manage a digital store. There are many ecommerce websites to choose from, including Magneto, Shopify, and WordPress. Additionally, there are numerous plugins and apps that can help you find the best sales model.

Dropshipping is one of the most popular sales strategies for newbies in the ecommerce sector. Dropshipping is a great way to start your business, unlike other options.

You only need an ecommerce website, a trusted merchant, and the right app to start your dropshipping business. Oberlo is a leading app for dropshippers.

This is everything you need about the cost to get started at Oberlo.

What is Oberlo?

Let’s start with the basics before we get into the Oberlo pricing options.

Oberlo was launched by a group of friends in 2015. A wide range of powerful features made the application very popular. It quickly became the most popular dropshipping app in Shopify’s marketplace.

Oberlo makes it easy to find the right products online through trusted merchants. Oberlo will allow you to access a wide range of products from t-shirts to electronics and swimwear. Oberlo can help you achieve anything, no matter what your interests are in fashion, beauty, digital devices, toys, or even beauty.

Oberlo will add the items to your Shopify store once you have selected them. Oberlo is only with Shopify. This means that you will need a pricing strategy to include the cost of building a website using Shopify.

Your supplier will ship your product directly to you when one of your listed products has been purchased. Instead, you can concentrate on growing your business and increasing sales.

Oberlo Dropshipping: The Benefits

Oberlo makes it easy for business owners to quickly set up their store and dropshipping strategy.

In the beginning, users were able only import products from Shopify to sell to merchants. This was not a problem as AliExpress is a leading merchant environment for dropshipping businesses. AliExpress became the only option for many brands over time.

Oberlo quickly updated its sales options to better suit dropshipping business owners. Oberlo discovered that customers were looking for products from China and began to implement two types of suppliers in its system: Verified Suppliers, and Oberlo Suppliers.

Standard Oberlo suppliers are those companies that have been thoroughly vetted before being allowed to join Oberlo’s marketplace. These suppliers can be found all over the globe. Some suppliers offer faster shipping times than AliExpress. Others are more similar. It all depends on which merchant you choose and where you ship to.

Oberlo Verified suppliers are alternatively the best-performing merchants who have been hand-picked and approved by the Oberlo team to be the best dropshipping options.

The free plan to understand Oberlo Pricing

We now know the basics of Oberlo and how it can be beneficial for businesses in today’s modern landscape. Let’s look at what it costs to start using this application.

Oberlo is different from other dropshipping solutions on the digital market because of one thing. provides a 100% free forever option.

Oberlo offers a free 30-day trial and a demo account that give customers a glimpse of the premium apps for Shopify. This allows customers to continue to use their free service as long as they need. The Starter plan can be used for as long or as many orders as you wish. These features include:

  • Support up to 500 products
  • Unlimited Monthly Orders
  • Oberlo Chrome extension
  • Automated product pricing
  • Statistical data for products
  • Updates to inventory
  • List of imports
  • Sales reports
  • Oder number syncing

Understanding Oberlo Pricing

or. If you want the full Oberlo experience then you will need to upgrade to the Basic or the Propackage. Oberlo’s dropshipping plans come with more functionality and features. The higher you pay, the better.

The Basic plan is available at $29.90 per Month. It includes everything you’d expect from Oberlo with some crucial extras.

The Basic plan will allow you to manage as many as 10,000 products in your Shopify store instead of 500. You also have access to an array of incredible extra features such as:

  • Bulk Orders to Accelerate Your Business Growth
  • Variant mapping with multiple suppliers
  • Tracking orders in real-time
  • Support for affiliate programs
  • Order fulfillment monitoring
  • Captcha solver for bulk orders

Understanding Oberlo Pricing

The Pro plan is the most expensive Oberlo pricing option. It costs $79.90 per monthly. This might seem like a steep price to pay for Spotify add-ons, but it is actually a very reasonable price when you consider all of the features you will get.

You get all the benefits of the Basic plan by Oberlo. But there are also a variety of additional benefits, such as a limit of 30,000 products for your Shopify store. This is three times more than what you would get with the Basic plan. You’ll also be able to access multiple staff accounts so that different people can manage your company from their individual profiles.

You won’t automatically be upgraded to the next plan if your Basic or Free plan plan limits are exceeded. While you can still receive orders, the auto-fulfillment option won’t work. This means that customers will need to be shipped products by hand. Update your plan to import additional products and fulfill orders automatically.

Oberlo Pricing: Other Costs

Many people will find the Starter plan provided by Oberlo sufficient to start a dropshipping business. Support for 500 products is sufficient if you are just starting your business. You won’t need additional features such as multiple staff accounts.

While you are deciding which Oberlo pricing plan you want, it is important to consider the costs associated with building your dropshipping site. Oberlo also offers dropshipping courses, which you can take if needed.

These courses are not required, but they may be helpful for beginners.

Oberlo will only work on Shopify. Oberlo will cost you more than the cost of your Shopify site. There are three Shopify plans:

  • Shopify Essential: The cheapest option available from Shopify. $29/month gives you 2 staff accounts, unlimited product assistance, an online shop and blog, a SSL certificate and 24/7 support. You can also use discount codes, manually create orders, and recover abandoned carts.
  • Shopify This is Shopify’s standard plan. It includes everything from the basic plan as well as 5 staff accounts and professional reports. Standard Shopify can be purchased for $79/month.
  • Advanced Shopify This is the most expensive Shopify service and comes with 15 staff accounts and all the features you’d expect from the standard Shopify package. $299/month Access to an advanced report-builder is also available.

Is there any additional fees for Oberlo?

Oberlo is an easy-to-use application in the Shopify app store. This simple tool allows you to browse popular dropshipping products and quickly access options that will allow you to sell the products to your customers. Oberlo can send you product suggestions and trending product updates straight to your email.

You can also use the ePacket option on Oberlo to reduce shipping costs and find the lowest shipping rates for your customers. To get Shopify’s same shipping rates, you will need to upgrade the Advanced Shopify Plan.

Oberlo is the only option that could cost you extra if you decide to dropship. Experts can create Oberlo-enabled Shopify websites for you, saving you the hassle of creating your own website. It’s also worth considering the following:

  • Hosting fees
  • Marketing prices
  • Shopify themes design costs
  • Premium app expenses
  • Domain name fees

Oberlo Pricing Conclusion

Oberlo makes it easy to start a business. To build a brand and establish a reputation, you don’t need to sell products on Amazon or eBay. You can also sign up for affiliate marketing strategies. You can make a name for yourself online by offering a variety of products that appeal to your customers.

Oberlo is a great way to get started in ecommerce. Small businesses can start to establish a brand name without having to pay anything for Shopify extensions. Your Shopify account, domain name and hosting are all you need to start your business.

You’ll still be able to dropship even if your Basic plan is upgraded from Oberlo.

Oberlo is a great tool for anyone looking to grow their Shopify business. It is definitely worth trying it.

You only need a credit card, a website and you can build a brand quickly. Oberlo provides everything entrepreneurs need to learn about dropshipping.