4 Best One Page Templates For Squarespace

Squarespace templates that highlight creative works put them front-and-center. From photographers, designers and artists alike, these designs ensure your creative efforts shine bright.

Crosby’s parallax scrolling adds depth and movement to any website, making it ideal for nonprofit organizations or community groups looking to raise awareness for their cause.


Squarespace templates are an invaluable asset to small businesses, photographers, designers, and bloggers. Each template is developed specifically with certain industries or themes in mind to ensure an elegant website experience for the visitor. Plus they boast bold layouts with clean designs which make a huge impression upon first view! Let’s take a look at a few popular templates from Squarespace version 7.1 below.

Roseti is an elegant template perfect for artists and designers. Featuring an eye-catching image gallery that is sure to leave an impression with visitors, as well as space for bio/contact info – Roseti also includes a modern fade-in animation as you scroll down the page, adding another feature for visitors’ interest.

Noll is another fantastic template designed specifically to appeal to creative professionals. With its modern and minimal design, Noll boasts a bold photo header and clean serif fonts to set you apart from competitors, plus pages dedicated to testimonials, galleries, client work – making this template the ideal option for creative entrepreneurs and freelancers.

Klipsan is an excellent option if you’re looking to create a website for your fitness business, boasting an eye-catching bold style with plenty of room for classes and events. Plus, customers can easily book appointments through its “Schedule” page!

Aviator is an eye-catching minimalist template perfect for music or inspirational events, featuring an eye-catching block view section to display upcoming events, as well as an eye-catching blog template. Additionally, Aviator would make an excellent choice for restaurants who need an appealing design that will draw customers in.


No matter the content you want to share with online audiences, its design must communicate your desired message effectively. That’s why Squarespace provides an assortment of templates tailored specifically to industry and theme needs to meet them.

Hart is an attractive and engaging template perfect for bloggers looking to create an alluring online experience. Utilizing parallax scrolling effect to give a sense of depth on their site, which keeps visitors engaged with your content and interested. Plus, with its simple yet clean layout, this theme also makes highlighting blog posts easy for your audience members and shares alike!

If your creative business relying on images is looking for the ideal template to showcase their portfolio, the Wise template may be the answer. With its minimal style, its elegant look showcases your work in its best light while offering customizable headers and full-bleed photo galleries for viewers to easily peruse your work.

Hart is designed with modern aesthetics in mind and comes pre-enabled for Squarespace’s premium Member Areas feature, making it easy to add gated content (such as virtual classes, newsletters, 1:1s or vlogs ) which will either be free for members to access or paid-for by subscribers.

Are You Searching For an Effective Wellness Business Website Template? June is here! This template is tailored specifically towards health-focused businesses such as coaches or shops offering wellness products and boasts a photo-heavy layout, full width image slider, social media integration and an engaging blog page – everything a successful wellness website needs!


Squarespace provides many templates from which users can choose when creating a new website, with each one offering specific demo content and features that may be more pertinent for specific businesses or styles. To help users narrow their options further, Squarespace also has template families; groups of templates that share similar design features and styles that make selecting templates simpler than selecting individual ones individually. Template families provide an effective starting point for many businesses when looking for the ideal website template solution.

Brine is one of Squarespace’s best templates, perfect for online marketers looking to promote their products online. With just three pages: Shop, Blog and About as well as an integrated contact form that helps potential customers get in touch, Brine provides everything necessary for successful promotion of products online.

Grove is another highly popular Squarespace template, making it ideal for any kind of blog. Its sleek and simple design helps your posts to stand out and draw in readers, while the lazy loading feature can reduce chances of your readers becoming distracted by extraneous images or text.

York is another great option for anyone looking to build a website to showcase their work, perfect for designers, photographers or anyone working with visual media. Its minimalist design puts pictures at center stage and provides additional information when someone hovers over them – perfect for making sure their site makes an impactful and professional impression!


The Tremont template is an excellent choice for creatives looking to showcase their work in an attractive manner. Its luxury-inspired design gives an instantaneous sense of quality, while also offering space for blogging and galleries – ideal for photographers or any creative looking to stand out among competition.

Squarespace provides many templates, but selecting the ideal one for your business is of the utmost importance. When making this decision, consider which features and style you require as well as any personal preferences for appearance and structure that arises when searching through these choices. Single page and multi page versions exist along with template families which contain several templates with similar underlying structures.

As an entrepreneur, you can find templates tailored specifically to the type of business you run. Templates exist specifically to cater to food and beverage businesses while others help market products online. The Tremont template is great for restaurants and cafes – its hero image fills up most of its homepage so customers can see exactly what food and beverages are offered!

E-commerce website templates are another type of template designed specifically for businesses that sell physical goods. These sites allow customers to navigate quickly and easily while being mobile-friendly.

Lakshi is an elegant yet minimal template that’s ideal for unpacking services quickly and clearly, featuring plenty of text spaces that’ll keep visitors engaged with your site. Plus, it comes pre-enabled for Squarespace’s Member Areas feature so that you can create gated content such as webinars, workshops, podcasts, vlogs or 1:1s that can be shared with your community!

Bryant Hill

Your business website should serve as an effective marketing tool, conveying the right message about your brand in an attractive, user-friendly format. Many businesses rely on Squarespace templates as these sites have been carefully designed with aesthetics and user experience in mind.

These templates are extremely flexible and suitable for a range of industries – retail, real estate and professional services alike. You can adapt these templates to meet the unique needs of your business using features and tools such as custom code or third-party plugins to tailor them further.

Bryant Hill is one of the most popular Squarespace templates for businesses, suitable for many industries and with its minimalist design featuring soothing colors and full-screen images, responsive functionality for desktops, tablets, and smartphones and an integrated calendar allowing customers to book appointments with you.

The template offers a blog section, supporting various forms of content including text, links and video. Additionally, this template comes equipped with a landing page and sign-up form for email newsletters; and comes pre-enabled for Squarespace’s premium Member Areas feature which enables you to create gated areas accessible only by your members.

This template is ideal for photographers seeking to make an immediate statement with their images. The minimalist design has a luxurious appearance that will impress visitors to your site. Additionally, this template works seamlessly with Squarespace Image Map plugin which enables visitors to see an interactive map showing where you are located on your page.