Organic and Eco-Friendly Bedding Dropshipping Suppliers

Earn a living and help save the earth while we sleep!

It’s easy to get 10% off your first order with our affiliate program. Profits can be made using your social media accounts, without selling or carrying anything. How do you become an affiliate? CLICK HERE TO SIGN UP That’s all! There are no other forms you need to complete.

Get started today with an online green and organic bedding business. You can help the planet and make some extra cash while working from your home.

50% Profits: If you approve the Wholesale Program, you will receive 50% off items shipped to your business. Shipping costs are paid by you.

30% Profits: Drop shipping is where orders are sent directly from your client and you don’t have to store or touch them. Drop-Shipping allows you to save 30% on our MSRP prices. Free shipping within the contiguous USA Shipping is FREE if you’re not within the contiguous USA. Surcharges may apply if there are issues at the destination.

White Lotus Home of NJ also has a very active PRIVATE Label PROGRAM. Since 1981, White Lotus Home of NJ has supplied customers and retailers with high-quality natural bedding products. Many of our products can be purchased at other retailers throughout the USA.

White Lotus Home is a simple, two-fold organization.

(1) To offer products that are not threatening to the environment and its inhabitants
(2) To educate consumers about natural bedding.

White Lotus Home crafts quality products that will last for years. We reduce the amount of waste generated by temporary bedding solutions, and offer our customers peace-of-mind that comes from purchasing a 100% natural and recyclable product.

We are a GOTS Certified and Green America member, as well as an Organic Trade Association member. This allows us to set an example for other people. White Lotus Home’s mattresses, pillows and bedding are made from Organic, Pure, and Natural Ingredients. This gives us more than just a restful night.

We are open for exploring other options. Our website may already have many of the answers to your questions and we encourage you to write to us at with any more questions you may have.

Dropshipping is for whom?

Novice entrepreneur

Dropshipping could be an excellent business model for someone who is just starting out with an online business. It can take time to find the right way to bring traffic to your website and convert it into buyers.

Dropshipping is a low-risk investment model that allows you to optimize traffic.

Validating products and businesses

Dropshipping can be a great option for people who want to test new products or start a business.

It is the cheapest way to sell online because you don’t need to buy inventory upfront. You can use it for both your business and product validation.

You can sell a variety of products, without having to keep inventory

It can be challenging to sell a large range of products using traditional brick-and mortar business models. This is because it requires huge capital investments to buy inventory and store it in a warehouse. Dropshipping allows you to sell thousands or hundreds of products without having to maintain inventory.

Dropshipping isn’t always the best fulfillment option. Dropshipping can be a great option for business owners who are willing to make small investments.

Dropshipping can be integrated with e-commerce businesses by understanding profit margins of businesses and ensuring it makes sense.

Dropshipping can be solved by working closely with suppliers and integrating them into the order fulfillment software. See how we can help you ensure a hassle-free fulfillment.