Pexda vs Dropship Spy Which is Best and Why?

Pexda vs Dropship Spy:

When I started looking to launch an e-commerce site, a few months ago, I was struggling to find the right products. I searched for the right products for hours in vain. I had no idea which product would sell and which wouldn’t. This is when I realized the power of e-commerce research tools. The problem was that there were so many options. After looking through many options, I narrowed down a handful of useful tools that are worth my time. These tools are Dropship Spy and Pexda. It is not feasible for every e-commerce marketplace to use both Dropship?Spy and Pexda. To help you decide which tool is best, I’m going to compare Dropship Spy vs. Pexda.

To help you choose the best one, I will compare them using different parameters.

Product hunting

It is obvious that the first thing you should do when using an e-commerce product is to make sure the? The first and most important function that is required to find the right products. The tools we have mentioned, Dropship spy and Pexda, allow you to find products that are being used by other marketers. Both tools are equivalent in this sense.

Pexda’s additional feature is a big advantage. This feature allows you to identify products that have the potential for virality or are on the verge of going viral. This allows you to be ahead of your competitors and take advantage of emerging trends. This alone could help increase your business by thousands. Dropship spy doesn’t have this capability. Dropship spy is not able to do this.

Pexda is an excellent e-commerce tool that allows you to search for products quickly and efficiently.

Get Intelligence from Ads

These tools allow you to see details about Facebook ads that have been in place for a long time. It is essential to organize your ads in order to make this work.

Pexda allows you to arrange your ads according to various features such as newest first, most ordered first, likes and dislikes first, etc. It gives you such options to organize your advertisements. It is an easy task for me as I was able organize the ads according to this metric. You can also search for specific products using the search function.

Dropship spy, on the other hand allows you to view ads according to product category. You can search for the product name. Drop ship spy has filters that can be used to filter highly competitive niches.

In this respect, Pexda also has an advantage over Dropship spy.

Get insights into audience and demographics

If you have the ability to understand the demographics of your audience, then you can only create a successful marketing campaign.

Pexda also gives you insight into the target audience of current Facebook advertisers. This will help you to identify the best audience for your advertisement. This also allows you to find out about the suppliers of your product. You get all the data you need to run the campaign via Pexda.

Dropship spy is a tool that helps you choose the best targeting options to run your ads. This tool will allow you to quickly start your campaign. Dropship spy provides information about the suppliers of the product.

Both are in this respect more or less alike.

Use it quickly and easily

Both tools have a minimalistic interface. It is also quite easy to learn. The tool is easy to use and can be used in no time. There is no clear winner in terms of ease-of-use.

Chrome extension:

Pexda is the clear winner here. Pexda offers a chrome extension that you can download to your Chrome browser. You can choose the filters you prefer. You will then be able find ads that meet your filters. This will allow you to search the ads in real-time. This means that you won’t have to wait long to find ads that are working for others. There is no need to do any work. Facebook is just as easy to use as normal.

Dropship spy does not have a chrome extension. To use the tool, you will need to stay on their dashboard.


Pexda offers both email and Facebook support. Dropship spy, on the other hand offers chat support and Facebook support. Both tools offer two support channels. They are very responsive during working hours which means that you can get your questions answered quickly.


You are aware that Dropship spy is superior to Pexda in a few key features. Let us now look at the pricing for other tools.

Pexda offers a 14-day trial starting at $ 1.95 and coupons up to half off. Pexda can help you save money when you start your business. After the 14-day trial, the basic plan of Pexda is $ 14.95 per monthly. The coupons can be used to get a discount on this package. Pexda is a simple to use tool that combines the above features with additional features such as the ability to search for viral products and the chrome extension for searching for the best Facebook ads.

Dropship spy does not offer coupons. Dropship spy does not offer a trial for the basic package. If you wish to try the premium package, you must choose the premium package. The basic package costs $ 15 per month. Dropship spy offers very few options if you are just interested in trying it.

Final Verdict

Pexda is the winner!

Pexda is the best choice if you want to outsmart your competitors and keep your e-commerce store on top. Pexda has many advantages over Dropship Spy, including a chrome extension that allows you to easily organize successful ads, have discount coupons for starting at a lower price, and the ability to search for viral products. Pexda is the best choice for you if you are looking to start an e-commerce company. Pexda will help you kick-start your ecommerce business with a bang. Get more information about Pexda coupons