Phone Case Wholesale Suppliers from China and the UK

China Wholesale Suppliers of Accessories and Phone Cases

This article will provide details about wholesale phone cases & accessories suppliers in China & UK, as well as some FAQs regarding wholesale phone case business.

You will now be able to identify the 5 Chinese suppliers who wholesale phone cases. China has long been a major market for tablets and phones. This is why we have chosen to focus our attention on China. You can get the best deals. It is easy to shop, wholesale and ship from China. These suppliers will satisfy you to the utmost.

Below is a table listing 5 wholesale suppliers of accessories and phones cases in China.

2. Epathchina

Epathchina is an excellent place to buy wholesale phone cases from China. They are a Chinese-based company and supplier, registered in Hong Kong. They can ship your goods wholesale and offer a low rate of shipping. Your accessories and phone cases can be shipped in 24 hours, unlike other suppliers. All items purchased on epathchina come with a 1-year warranty. This will ensure that you are satisfied. You can shop at epathchina because they are the best wholesale supplier of cell phone accessories.

Yuda Electronics Technology.

Yuda electronics technology co. Limited was established in 2008. It is one of the leading suppliers of accessories and phone cases. Their store stocks a wide range of cases. They are known for their ability to make deals with clients and sell phone cases in bulk at a low price. Your deals with Yuda Electronics technology are secure and safe.

HTDC Marketplace

The Hong Kong Trade Development Center supplies wholesale phone cases in China. They have over 50 years of experience in online trading and offer the lowest wholesale prices for accessories and phone cases. They offer shipping at a reasonable price and can supply almost all types of accessories and phone cases in bulk quantities.

Global sources

Global Source offers wholesalers the opportunity to buy cheap phone cases in China. You will be motivated to shop more with them. There are many benefits, including low shipping costs, easy tracking and high quality products. Visit to start enjoying wholesale prices in China.

Wholesale Suppliers of Phone Accessories and Cases in the UK

If you’re interested in the UK, you can find what you need here. Although there are many suppliers in the UK who offer wholesale phone cases, these are great sets that you can shop from. Here are 5 UK wholesale phone cases.

1. Aulola

Aulola, a UK-based wholesaler, offers a platform for interested wholesalers to shop. They sell wholesale phone cases at a very low price. You will be amazed at how cheap they are. They can ship to the UK and other European countries. Aulola offers fast shipping to any location.

2. Amazon

Amazon is a well-known wholesale supplier of cell phone accessories to many wholesalers. You will love their low prices and shipping to any part of the world. Amazon offers everything you need to bulk-buy phone cases.

3. Clearance Sale

Wholesale Clearance has many options for phone accessories and cases at an affordable price. They have a wide range of accessories and phone cases that are affordable to fit your needs. They will get your order shipped on time. Wholesale Clearance stocks are of high quality.

4. Clearance King

Wholesalers who are looking to buy wholesale phone cases are in the right spot. Clearance King is an online importer that can supply you with wholesale priceps. All the wholesale phone cases available in the UK are here. You can find a wide range of phone cases, chargers and data cables at a low price. 

5. Mr. Mobile

They are experts in tablet accessory distribution and mobile phones. They treat you well and will make sure that you enjoy shopping with them. To reach Mr. Mobile. Mr. Mobile is a great resource for finding wholesale phone cases in the UK.

Some Common Questions About Wholesale Phone Cases

These are some FAQs that may be helpful to you.

Q. Where can I dropship/buy cell phones/iPhones at wholesale prices?

A: Drop shipping an Apple phone can be difficult. Because the cost of shipping an Apple phone is much higher than what you will save by buying it directly, Wholesalers who sell Apple products usually offer a small discount. Dropshipping an iPhone can be more expensive than buying it from a local seller. It is a good idea to check for dropshipping suppliers like Chinabrands so you are aware of any such offers.

Q: Can a distributor sell to both wholesalers and retailers? What is the primary customer for a distributor?

A: The fact that one unit purchased from a distributor can be more expensive than if it is sold directly to a retail customer makes this unwise, if not impossible. Distributors are meant to sell wholesalers to retailers so they can get the product at a discount. Cheap because you can take advantage of the bulk price that is sold to wholesalers.

However, just because a retailer only buys smaller quantities of goods doesn’t mean that he is less important to a distributor. Distributors are important because they need both wholesalers and retailers. Because a wholesaler cannot buy directly from a retailer if the latter does not buy from the wholesaler. Distributors need both a wholesaler and a retailer to be successful.

Q. I’m a wholesaler in electronics. Where can I buy cheap mobile phone covers and electronics in bulk in India?

A. IndiaMart can be a great place to shop. IndiaMart offers wholesalers great deals at unbeatable rates and prices. Go to for more information.

Q. Do I need a license to wholesale phone cases in China?

A: Wholesale phone cases in China are possible without a license. You may not be allowed to import certain goods into certain countries for wholesale. You should consult the relevant regulatory agency for importation to your country. After you have been cleared, you can import wholesale phone cases to China without a license. Find reliable suppliers in China like the ones mentioned in this article. Now you can place your order, track your shipment, and receive it.


These are the top 10 wholesale phone accessories and cases suppliers in China/UK. Five suppliers of wholesale phone accessories and cases were listed in China, and five more in the UK. The addresses, products and locations of each supplier were listed in tables. This article also addressed other pertinent questions regarding wholesale phone cases in China and the UK. You now know where you can ship bulk phone cases from India. Now you are ready to make a move that will bring in profits by collaborating with the listed websites.