Print on Demand Dropshipping DTG USA Review

Printing t-shirts at an upfront cost – Customers are running out of sizes
– Don’t let dead stock get you down
– Inventory tracking, warehousing and picking, packing, shipping

DropShipDTG is the best! T-shirts were something I wanted to avoid printing for a long time. I was so stressed about having to deal with excess stock and the high setup costs of screen printing. They removed all that stress! It’s so easy to get my artwork printed on tees for my customers.

DropShipDTG has made it possible for us to offer more services to our customers as artists. DropShipDTG is our preferred choice for tees. We have used other companies that offer similar products. Even after multiple washes, the quality is excellent.

They ship using our branding. We don’t get any promotion from them to our customers. So that our customers get the same tees, they use the same brand tees that we printed for shows. We can offer girls-cut tees to our customers, without needing to keep stock. We now want to upload tee designs more often!

DropShipDTG offers all-inclusive print on-demand apparel sourcing and printing. It was created by artists for artists. We offer the following fulfillment services in addition to our cutting-edge print quality:

Private Label Branding from A to Z: From packing slips to promotional materials
Our dashboard makes it easy to get the most current status updates and track info for your orders.
Blind Dropshipping to Your Customers
– Very competitive rates when compared to other print on-demand fulfillment services how it works

DropShipDTG is your one-stop solution for apparel printing and fulfillment. It’s super easy! It is so simple that you can explain it in six steps!

Step 1: Sign up!

To sign up, click on the link to continue the process. DropShipDTG can include promotional items in packages that are being shipped to customers. Now is the time to do this. Once your account is activated, we will send you the mailing address.

Step 2: Accept Orders via Your Online Store

After your account has been activated, you are able to start taking orders. Orders for tees and hoodies can be accepted via any of our web stores, such as Big Cartel, Shopify Etsy, Etsy, Store Envy, Etsy, Etsy, Etsy, Etsy, Big Cartel, Etsy, Etsy, Store Envy. You can even download templates that you can use to quickly and easily create professional-quality product images for your online shop. You can access templates from your account dashboard. You don’t have to place orders online. You can also take orders at festivals, conventions or craft shows, and then send them our way to print.

Step 3: DropShipDTG your Order Details and Packing Slips

There are two ways to send orders once you have them.

1. After signing in, manually enter your order details into our web form.

2. You can batch-upload multiple orders by simply entering the order details in our pre-formatted downloadable spreadsheet template and saving it as a.CSV. After signing in, you can upload the.CSV file via your “account homepage” dashboard. This is a great way to save time for clients who receive multiple orders per day.

DropShipDTG ships orders “blind” so you don’t need to modify your existing packing slip. Thank goodness! DropShipDTG will ensure that all packing slip files you send to DropShipDTG include your order number as well as the shipping address of your customer. For packing slips,.JPG or.PDF files are preferred. Three files are required for each order:

  • Here is a link to a packing slip PDF file that you can print out and include with your customer’s order
  • Here’s a link to a mockup of the shirt color and the location where your art will be printed.
  • Here’s a link to your print-ready file

Click here for information on how to send the files to us easily FAQ page You can!

Step 4: DropShipDTG Jumps Into Action!

After you have sent us your order along with the corresponding files, your order status in your “account home”, dashboard will be marked “Accepted”. You can modify all “Accepted Orders” in your Order Queue if your customer has made a mistake when placing an order through your online shop.

Your order status will change to “In Production” once we have the correct blank item. This indicates that your design is being printed and cannot be modified.

After the item has been printed the order status changes from “Ready To Ship” to indicate that the item is now ready for shipping. Once we have handed your customer’s order over to the U.S. Postal Service, the status changes to “Ready To Ship” — the item is ready for folding, packing and shipping! Postal Service will change your order status to “Shipped” and provide the tracking number in your Order Queue. It’s the next best thing to instant gratification

Step 5: DropShipDTG Sends You An Invoice

Did you remember when we said DropShipDTG was free? We meant it!

All orders that were printed, shipped, or received during the week prior to the invoice are invoicing. This gives you a week to spend your money before you have to pay for the items, printing, packing, or shipping fees. DropShipDTG requests that all clients pay their invoices within 24 hours of receipt. This is a fair deal considering that you get to do all the work for virtually nothing. We agree!

Step 6: Customers beam when they see YOUR amazing art on their bodies!

That’s all! This is the entire DropShipDTG process. It’s really easy, right? You creative dynamos, now go and make more art. We’ll take care of everything else.