10 Quick Tips and Tricks to Succeed in Dropshipping

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10 Drop Shipping Tips and Tricks

For new online store owners who are getting into the eCommerce game, Dropshipping is one of the most robust business models. This is because it is easy to start dropship shops, low cost, highly automated and lower risk.

Google Trends shows that the quest interest points in dropshipping have grown to 89 over the last few years and with it the growth of dropshipping firms like Doba and Dropship Direct.

Not to mention dropshipping apps such as Orbelo that require the dropshipping process to be more simplified, or Painful, which enables you to dropship specific self-designed items? It is no wonder you want the dropshipping motion to get in.

But before opening your first store, what do you need to know? Before jumping into the dropshipping game, we’ve put together ten dropshipping tips that any new entrepreneur should know.

Always Go Niche

Think back to Amazon’s beginning. Amazon originated in the very narrow niche of downloadable books, adding as their name expanded to their store and with it their niche, which now encompasses anything and everything, as we know.

The point is they were selling in a small niche when they began.

If you are only opening a big store to test the waters before you pick your niche, the trick to success is to limit your scope. Getting a dropshipping store that is too general would not allow you to quickly hone in on your potential shopper audience or make brand creation feasible, the secret to site trust.

You’ll want to see where your interests are, study business trends, and learn about your target shopper to choose the best niche. Then, to see if you will fit in, you would want to evaluate and determine the demand, the competition and the market.

Choose the Right Supplier

In the end, the products you chose to represent your brand directly, and it is, therefore, necessary to be picky with your products. In selecting the right supplier, there are two steps:

Step 1: Supplier Audit

Here to ensure their reputation and consistency, you can search all the specifics of vendors, the variety of goods they offer and their ratings.

Step 2: Narrow Down Your List

By comparing the product costs, warranties, and if they have epacket operation, you can do this.

Pro Tip: Quickly Get Rid of Bad Suppliers

If a lousy supplier happens to fall between the cracks after all the testing, do not delay replacing them. There are lots of other vendors that offer similar goods and are reliable.

Put Effort into Your Website

Yeah, it’s real, you can cut corners and costs with dropshipping, but that doesn’t mean you should be doing the same with your website. Customer service goes a long way to creating morale. So make sure that you put thought and care into your home page, that your shop is well optimized for the customer and SEO. Your product descriptions are substantial and error-free, that your product images are of high quality and that your delivery and return policies are transparent.

Take a look for inspiration in your niche at competitive, popular online retailers, consult eCommerce-friendly Facebook groups for fantastic advice, and of course, make sure your shop is optimized for conversions.

Adding confidence badges to your web and checkout will go a long way to strengthening your brand’s impression and creating the trust you need to make those sales as a younger entrepreneur.

Add A Phone Number To Your Store

The first advice for dropshipping is to add a phone number to your header, footer, email, and page about us.

Talking to vendors and clients is one of the most significant worries people have about launching a business. But you shouldn’t be nervous, because people are offering to lend you money by calling in.

You may shudder at the thought of spending all day answering the phone as a full-time employee or student. Yet people would not call too much, and getting a contact number creates trust in the prospective clients.

Typically, anytime they do call, it’s to put an order. They would call to say, “I just wanted to see if you are legit before I ordered.”

Return All Calls

You might not be available on your website every hour specified, so make sure you return every missed call and voicemail ASAP.

They’re going to find someone else to order from if you don’t answer the calls.

It would help if you went outside while you’re at work. Call back after your breaks while you’re at school.

Again most of them call you to give you money, so it’s worth your time to call them back.

My advice is to use Grasshopper on your smartphone and use their app. That way, without handing out your personal mobile phone, you will have a 1-800 number that consumers can dial.

But the important thing is not to dread talking to strangers, and it’s going to make more money for you.

How to Handle Returns

Return handling is a complication of customer care that can occur with dropshipping and can have a significant effect on overall customer loyalty. You have a few other logistics to work out here as a dropshipper, such as when buyers return products to you or the seller. The benefits of collecting returns on your own are that it would allow you to have superior customer service. Logistics in receiving, preserving and then reselling returned goods are the negatives.

Suppliers that make returns go straight to them, ensuring that you do not need to store space because it removes away the ‘job’ from it. Getting returns submitted to a third party, however, may have the following risks:

  • If the items and packaging are not in perfect condition, they will refuse returns.
  • They will charge fees for restocking.
  • They may have detailed return orders that are not easy to grasp for your clients.

Be a Marketing Expert

The primary benefit of dropshipping is that a great deal of time is freed up. The time that can be used to increase your marketing game and become a master of leveraging advertisements to push traffic to your store. For optimal effectiveness, the marketing platforms on which you want to study include:

  • Google AdWords
  • Facebook and Instagram Ads
  • Pinterest Ads

You should not only be working on advertisements; each aspect of the advertising funnel is a publicity tool that could be overlooked. In your marketing plan, stuff like using your checkout to upsell or your validation emails to evoke brand faith both have a position.

Offer A Free Bonus Gift

By providing bonus gifts with each piece, if you follow the Drop Ship Lifestyle model and sell high ticket items, you can afford to maximize conversions.

If you dropship and export inexpensive goods from China, so you will not be able to do this.

You’ll have pricing plans that set a minimum advertised price when you’re going big for the right vendors (MAP).

That means you can’t undercut rivals to that price to defeat them. But by delivering better than your rivals, you can persuade customers to buy from you.

You have to ask yourself what is cheap and what the client likes or needs and why they can buy regardless. These are usually smaller attachments when you buy a new handset, including a phone cover.

For example, you could have an ankle leash or board wax if you’re selling paddleboards. That way, they’ll see the same price as they shop for the board and equate you and your opponent. Yet they’ll get something better from you.

Ask Suppliers For Reviews

When you’re brand new with no feedback or product reviews, sales would be hard to get.

People like to know what former clients had to say about their organization and goods, and that’s where social data comes in. You’ll get lower conversions overall without positive ratings and testimonials.

The best way to get quality feedback is by calling for them from the vendors. Don’t reach out to any of the vendors; concentrate on reaching out to vendors for the best-selling items.

“People want to hear what previous customers have to say about your business and products, that’s where social proof comes in Without good reviews and testimonials, you’ll have lower conversions overall.”

A database of these should already be open to the suppliers on their website or their distributor portal. They should be able to supply you with facts to place on the pages of your product.

The best thing is that this won’t be achieved by any of your rivals, meaning you’ll get an extra advantage on them.

Provide More Payment Options

You may still be doing this, but if you are not, most payment options should be offered.

You can have some payment options here:

  • Shopify Payments (U.S. Based) 
  • Stripe Atlas (Outside of U.S.) 
  • PayPal
  • Amazon Payments
  • Apple Pay

Paypal has sometimes placed a lock on my money, but people are fond of using it. I have not had a problem with them in recent years.

The general rule is to offer as many payment options to your customers as you can. It will be monitored in the same location, and it will all go to your bank account. All transfers will also be from Shopify.

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