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You’re in the right spot if you’re searching for a WordPress hosting provider. We’ll be looking at RAIDBOXES, a less-known European hosting provider. We will explore everything RAIDBOXES offers, including its pricing and pros and cons.

There are many topics to be covered, so let’s get right in!

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RAIDBOXES, a WordPress-specific web hosting provider, is short for RAIDBOXES. RAIDBOXES offers a variety of packages that will suit your needs, regardless of whether you are an agency, freelancer or blogger.

You’ll be able to access your RAIDBOXES Dashboard from anywhere you are.

  • Server-side cache
  • Backups built-in
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • One-click WordPress staging environment: This is useful for testing website changes in a realistic server environment, without putting your site at risk.

RAIDBOXES is a tool that allows you to manage all aspects of your WordPress site. Torben Simon Meier founded RAIDBOXES in Munster, Germany in 2015. He wanted European hosting to be available. In 2016, RAIDBOXES received seed investment from High-Tech-Grunderfonds, then fast forward to 2017, RAIDBOXES first enjoyed fame as the No.1 WordPress hosting expert in Europe.

Raidboxes Features

We’ve now covered RAIDBOXES, so let’s get into the details of what the features are.

High-performance, lightning-fast speeds

Your WordPress websites will perform well, so you can feel confident. RAIDBOXES websites are not shared with other sites like common shared hosting providers. Your WordPress site runs on RAIDBOXES Nginx servers that support PHP7 and HTTP/2 completely independent.

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This is one reason RAIDBOXES hosting is faster than other shared hosting providers. The latter means that you will often have to share resources between approximately 300 websites. This can adversely affect your website’s performance.

RAIDBOXES claims that websites of their customers run up to 80 percent faster, even without any optimization. RAIDBOXES claims that websites are twice as fast if optimized for speed and performance. In some cases, it can even double.

Your website also gets server-provided NGINX cache. You can create fully-cacheable websites right away by enabling this feature. No more need to download caching plugins which could slow down your website or pose a security risk. RAIDBOXES takes care of this. RAIDBOXES compresses your website according the Brotli standards for increased speed.

Your WordPress website can also be accessed from SSD hard drives. This is a great advantage if you have a lot of visitors to your website. They won’t need to wait for long to get to your site. SSD drives can be viewed as a ‘turbo booster’ for WordPress projects.

Green Hosting

RAIDBOXES is the right choice if you are looking for a climate-positive, eco-friendly hosting provider. This company uses only green electricity from hydropower.

How to Manage Your WordPress Sites

RAIDBOXES central dashboard is great for managing multiple WordPress websites simultaneously. You can access all your WordPress projects and manage your website updates from this intuitive dashboard.

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A one-click WordPress installation will also be available to you. Just click the “Create new Box” button in your Dashboard and RAIDBOXES will automatically install a brand new WordPress site. Simple, right?

RAIDBOXES automatically backs your websites every night. You can also create your own backups at any time. RAIDBOXES will automatically update WordPress themes and plugins, making website maintenance easier.

To speed up your website creation, you can also create templates from backups of WordPress sites. You can also grant clients and your colleagues access to your WordPress websites if you work with a team.


Your WordPress websites can be hosted separately from other sites, which not only increases performance but also significantly reduces cybersecurity risks. This includes the risk of malware and hacker attacks. Hackers are also more likely to attack WordPress core because it is default read-only.

A free SSL certificate will be provided to you. This certificate will let website visitors know that your website is secure. RAIDBOXES also states that websites with SSL certificates perform up to 45% quicker.

You don’t need to wait for technical support agents to assist you with installing your SSL certificate. You can instead activate/deactivate a Let’s Encrypt certificate for free from your RAIDBOXES Dashboard.

RAIDBOXES offers an optional malware removal service, which is available at an additional cost to those who are not on the FULLY-MANAGED plan. This will help you if your website is ever attacked by malware.

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Don’t worry if you already own a web domain. Your custom domain(s), can be connected to your RAIDBOXES. It doesn’t matter if your domain is hosted by RAIDBOXES.

Please Note: Domain transfers (DNS) can take up 48 hours. Don’t panic if you don’t see your domain change immediately.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

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You can also purchase and host your web domain using RAIDBOXES.


Let’s now take a look at what RAIDBOXES can cost you. There are many packages available, so get ready to shop! We’ve only covered the basic plans. There are also packages for web designers and agencies.

You can also buy professional mailboxes and web domains. We recommend visiting their website to get a complete overview of RAIDBOXES pricing.

Starter Plan

This package is 15EUR per month after your 14-day free trial ends. This package includes:

  • One WordPress website
  • RAM: 2GB
  • One vCore CPU
  • 5GB SSD (expandable).
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Automated WordPress updates
  • Automated WordPress backups every night
  • SSH + WP–CLI & Git

Automated plugins and theme upgrades are available for an additional 15 EUR per month.

Fully Managed

This plan is 30 EUR per month after your 14-day trial. This plan includes everything in the Starter Package, as well as automatic plugin and theme updates.


This plan is specifically designed for WooCommerce Hosting. It only comes with a 4-day free trial. You’ll pay 50 EUR per month.

  • One WordPress project
  • RAM up to 4GB
  • Two vCores CPU
  • 20GB SSD (expandable).
  • Free SSL Certificate
  • Automated WordPress core updates
  • Automated WordPress backups every night
  • SSH + WP–CLI & Git
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Automated plugins and theme upgrades are available for an additional 15 EUR per month.

Pro XL

This program is only available with a 4-day free trial and was specifically designed for WooCommerce websites. The package is 100 EUR per month. You’ll get all the benefits of the Pro plan plus:

  • 8 GB worth RAM
  • Four vCores CPU
  • 25GB SSD (expandable).

You’ll also get automatic theme and plugin updates for an additional 15 EUR per month.


This package is great for WooCommerce sites with high traffic and costs 150 EUR per month. All the benefits of the Pro and Pro XL plans plus:

  • RAM up to 12 GB
  • Six vCores CPU
  • Expansible SSD of 30 GB

Automated theme and plugin updates are available for an additional 15 EUR per month.

Business XL

You’ll receive everything in the Pro, Pro XL and Business plans for 200EUR per month.

  • RAM up to 16 GB
  • Eight vCores CPU
  • 35 GB SSD (expandable).

You can also unlock automatic theme and plugin updates for an additional 15 EUR per month.

Business XXL

You get the following:

  • RAM with 32 GB
  • 12 vCores CPU
  • 40GB SSD (expandable).

For an additional 15 EUR per month, you can enjoy automatic theme and plugin updates.

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This package is perfect for large organizations that need fast response times and best website performance. RAIDBOXES can provide a customized quotation if you are interested in this package.

RAIDBOXES Customer Support

RAIDBOXES Customer Care team includes both English-speaking and German-speaking WordPress experts. They are available via live chat, email or phone from 8-10 pm each day. Weekends and holidays are also covered. You can also reach the RAIDBOXES Sales Team during weekdays between 10 and 5.

If you prefer self-help, you can also access RAIDBOXES online support center. You can enter your question here to create an article that will hopefully provide the answer.

RAIDBOXES: Pros and Cons

We’ve listed the main benefits and drawbacks of RAIDBOXES to summarize all the information:

The pros:

  • Hosting Raidboxes is extremely secure
  • Customer support at Raidboxes is excellent, according to some reports.
  • Multiple caching will make your website perform at its best thanks to it.
  • Website staging is easy
  • rates RAIDBOXES “very good” with a rating of 4.86 stars out of 5. Raidboxes’ excellent customer service and user-friendly setup are praised by many reviewers.
  • Users enjoy automatic website backups every day
  • You can download the latest PHP versions (7.1 to 7.2, 7.3, 7.3 and 7.4)
  • Get a free SSL Certificate
  • You can get unlimited, free migration
  • Access to many developer tools is included, including web hosting free for website developers and an SSH environment. WP-CLI, Git and other tools are pre-installed. Access to MySQL and SFTP are also available.
  • The dashboard of Raidboxes is extremely intuitive.
  • Raidboxes provides eco-friendly web hosting.
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The Cons

  • RAIDBOXES plans do not include a web domain or mailboxes. You will need to pay an additional fee to get these features.
  • Support is not available 24/7
  • Some plugins can be blocked so make sure you double-check that the apps you are already using are compatible.
  • You cannot access wpconfig.php

Migration of your website to RAIDBOXES

You have many options for migrating your website to RAIDBOXES.

RAIDBOXES can migrate your website to their platform free of charge. This process can take up two working days. You can request RAIDBOXES’ free migration services via your Dashboard by clicking the ‘Transfer website’ button. RAIDBOXES will handle the rest.

You can also download and install a plugin such as All in One WP migration or Migrate Guru. You can also manually migrate your site via FTP.

Are you ready to start using RAIDBOXES now?

We’re done with this RAIDBOXES review. This provider provides fast web hosting, great website performance, and secure server infrastructure. RAIDBOXES’ user interface is extremely intuitive and makes it easy to manage and develop WordPress projects.

You can try RAIDBOXES for free for either a 4- or 14-day trial, depending on which plan. Take RAIDBOXES out for a test drive to see what you think.

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