Reusable Straws Dropshipping to Sell Worldwide

A sea turtle was found with a straw stuck to his nose by a plastic straw. This viral video brought attention to “Ocean Pollution” caused by plastic wastes. The video raised awareness about plastic wastes and how they are killing sea animals. Due to this, a huge Anti-Single-Use-Plastic-Straw movement was launched, where eco-friendly alternate options to plastic straws were endorsed by celebrities and environmentalists along with the general crowd.

In nature, plastic wastes are not biodegradable. According to ” Ocean Conservancy’s International Coastal Cleanup”,, plastic straws and plastic bags are among the top 10 types of plastic waste that ends up in the ocean. This is why many marine animals die from the effects of plastic straws.

This issue is being addressed by many countries. Seattle, USA was the US’s first state to ban plastic straws. McDonald’s switched from plastic straws to paper last year in all its outlets across the USA and UK. Starbucks announced that it will stop using disposable plastic straws in 2020. This would mean the end of 1 billion straws per year.

Reusable non-plastic straws have many benefits

  • Reusable nonplastic straws have the greatest benefit: they are eco-friendly and can be reused.
  • They are more durable than plastic straws and come in metal, silicon, bamboo and paper. These straws are also available in a variety of styles and colors to suit every person’s needs and personality.
  • Some of these straws are lightweight and foldable, while others can be carried in a bag. Many of them include a brush for cleaning the straw. They are usually more durable than plastic straws and can be washed in dishwashable detergents.

Paper Straw – This is the most practical and economical option. Paper straws can be used as a disposable alternative to plastic straws and are also biodegradable. This type of straw has one drawback: it can become soft if it is immersed in liquid for too long.

Metal Straw – Metal straws are a trendy alternative to plastic straws. Celebrities and environmentalists love it. It is durable and can be reused, so many people prefer it.

Silicon Straw – Silicon straw is well-known for its flexibility. Silicon straws are lightweight and easy to carry, so they’re a great option for those who want to buy a lot of them. They are easy to clean.

Glass Straws – Glass straws offer a simple and clean alternative to plastic straws. Glass straws are less popular than other non-plastic alternatives due to the fact that they can break easily if not handled correctly.

Plastic straws have been shown to be a curse on the oceanic ecosystem. They must be avoided in any way possible to protect our sea creatures. The demand for non-plastic reusable straws is growing rapidly due to this awareness. In 2019, the revenue generated by paper straws due to the ban on plastic straws is estimated to reach $1.6 billion. This is expected to increase at a 13.8% compound annual growth rate.

This Aliexpress listing includes the best reusable straws to use in dropshipping. It features a wide range of silicon, bamboo, stainless steel and glass straws.

Reusable Food Grade Silicone Straw

It is made of food-grade, PP and has been taste tested. Two magnets are embedded in the lid and box body, making it easy to open and close.

Metal straw reusable stainless steel straws

It is lightweight, portable, and easy to use. Three-joint (304)stainless Steel, straw folded to fit in the keychain size of the recycled ABS carrier. The internal pipes of medical-grade food grade silicone are high temperature and low temperature resistant, -30°C 230°C, making them safe for you.

Bamboo Drinking Straws Reusable

Eco-Friendly – Good for the earth and the environment. Contribute to a plastic-free planet. Bamboo is the fastest-growing resource, for those who have a clear conscience.

Glass Perfect Reusable Straw

Glass straws can be used in any way you like. REUSABLE AND ECO-FRIENDLY Good news: Just one person can switch to a Glass Straw and keep 38,000 plastic straws out the environment for good.

These are the best reusable straws that we have hand-picked for dropshipping. These products are highly in demand right now and in the future, so this is a great choice.

Wheat Straw Dropshipping Aliexpress

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