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You’ve been running an online business for a long time, but something has changed. Perhaps you’re ready to seek greener pastures or embark on a new business venture? Maybe the time commitment is too much for you to handle?

However, selling your online business and earning some cash to fund your next adventure could be beneficial.

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Yes, everything sounds fantastic. How do you go about doing this, though? Who might be interested in purchasing your company? And how do you determine the value of your blog, website, or ecommerce store?

This is where Flippa enters the picture. Flippa is an online marketplace for business sales. Buyers and sellers can meet and bargain here.

We’ll look at its services in detail in this review.

What’s Flippa?

Flippa is a valuation tool, a marketplace, and an assessment service for online businesses, as we’ve just mentioned. It bills itself as the “number one marketplace to buy and sell”:

  • Affiliate sites
  • Blogs
  • Ecommerce stores (including Shopify and Amazon FBA stores.)
  • SaaS businesses
  • Apps
  • Digital Services

Buyers can browse online businesses for sale across various categories on the company’s website and make bids or offers to purchase ownership of those sites.

Flippa promotes high-level businesses with significant monthly net profits and beginner websites that can be purchased for less than $2,500.

Flippa’s marketplace currently has over 3000 websites, apps, and businesses up for sale, with over 300,000 potential buyers.

Selling on Flippa

Use Flippa’s free business valuation tool on their website if you’re looking to sell your company. With this information in hand, you may decide whether to market your company on your own or through a broker. It simply takes 15 minutes to list your asset for sale on Flippa, and you’ll be matched with possible buyers right away.

How Does the Valuation work?

It’s as simple as going to Flippa’s website and starting a conversation with their valuation bot. Flippa has access to the world’s largest marketplace for buying and selling online businesses and the most historical sales data. As a result, the value you receive indicates the price your item might fetch.

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But how can Flippa figure out how much a company is worth?

It does so by taking into account five key factors:


If a company is more than two years old, it is regarded as less risky. Specifically, they’re easier to evaluate as previous monetization tendencies emerge. With 90 per cent of eCommerce businesses dying within the first 120 days, it’s understandable that age would be a factor.

Financial Achievements

Like all other digital assets, eCommerce enterprises are judged on their financial performance. Their sales rates and net earnings, in particular. When it comes to discussing price, buyers will also take this into account.

Repeat Orders

Sites with a large database of regular readers, users, and buyers are worth more than ad-driven or attract one-time transactions. In other words, if you’re selling a dedicated audience with your business, this says a lot about how valuable it is.

Growth Trends

Growth trends can help anticipate how well a company will perform in the future based on its current growth and stability. The most highly respected sites are stable and can demonstrate predictable growth.

This, however, can be a difficult factor to quantify. Small business success spikes, for example, are notoriously difficult to maintain. For businesses of that sort, buyers will look at the average.

Ecommerce enterprises seeing a drop in growth may be penalized from a valuation standpoint.

Sales Multiples Comparison

Market expectations are based on previous Flippa sales. For example, in November 2020, eCommerce enterprises with $100,000 in revenue will sell for an average of 2.3x Annual Net Profit.

Find a Broker

After you’ve finished your business valuation, let Flippa locate a broker to take the hassle out of selling. Sellers who don’t have much time or don’t know where to begin should use this method.

An experienced broker understands how to market your business in the best possible light, which is critical for maximizing your expected sales price.

Flippa works with 45 brokers worldwide who specialize in different businesses and price ranges. Work with brokers in Lithuania, Singapore, Austria, Sweden, Australia, the United Kingdom, Thailand, and the United States.

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Flippa’s Pricing

There are a few fees involved with selling on Flippa. The most notable of these are the listing and success fees.

The following are the listing costs, which are set in stone:

  • The cost of listing a starter or template website is $15.
  • Domains can be listed for as little as $10.
  • Apps for iOS and Android can be listed for $15 each.
  • Websites or internet enterprises that are profitable might be listed for $49.

When you sell your firm, the success fee is computed as a percentage of the sale price:

  • There is a 10% fee if you command up to $50,000.
  • Up to $100,000, the rate drops to 7.5 per cent.
  • The success fee is merely 5% if over $100,000.
  • The success fee is 15% of the final sales price if you sell through one of Flippa’s partnered brokers.
  • If you’re selling a site worth more than $2 million, contact Flippa about their VIP programme.

Additional Services

You can improve your listing by using Flippa’s premium services. A one-time charge, for example, allows you to reach more buyers with a boost. Premium boosts range in price from $65 to $295. For $99, you may make your listing private, and for $29, you can get a listing optimization analysis.

Buying with Flippa

Flippa also has a finder tool for buyers to assist them in finding qualifying businesses. To better understand these businesses, you can obtain a complete report. With this knowledge, you’ll be able to make an informed decision about your purchase.

Flippa Due Diligence – Verification and Assessment

If you order a study, Flippa will examine the potential business over several years and provide insight into various issues that may raise warning lights.

Flippa can provide you with the following information:

  • Analyse the seller
  • Financial evaluation
  • Sources of traffic
  • Analysis of sales and marketing

These assessments also look at the talents needed to operate the firm, any legal past it may have, and how big of a time commitment the company may take from the buyer.

The Red Flag Report costs $1,000 and is recommended for companies with a market worth of up to $30,000. This report contains a one-year study and an 11–14-page report that identifies high-level dangers and opportunities.

The Standard Report costs $1,500 and comes with a two-year analysis period and a 21–25-page report. This is ideal for companies worth $30,000 to $200,000. This research delves deeper into the dangers and opportunities and provides specific financial and traffic data.

The seller’s data is also compared to source papers, which includes validating certain sales and cost-related transactions. The asking price should also be compared to similar businesses’ costs.

The Enhanced Report costs $2,000 and includes 26-25-page report analyses three years. This is suggested for firms worth more than $200,000. The enhanced report goes into further detail than the standard report by giving an industry overview and key trends. It also compares the asking price to comparable firms using relevant ratios such as monetization efficiency and RPM.

Flippa Finder – Identify Your First Investment

You might not know where to begin if you’re a first-time buyer looking to buy a thriving online business. Flippa’s Finder Service comes in handy here. This concierge service provides new purchasers with one-on-one consultations to examine their experience and requirements for the purchase.

The one-hour session includes an initial batch of listings for your review. These will be tailored to your requirements and outline each deal’s benefits and drawbacks. You’ll get a follow-up review once you’ve found something to buy.

Flippa’s advisers will next assist you in analysing the transaction and considering your options to make the best decision possible.

A set fee of $50 is charged for the Finder Service, plus a 2.5 per cent acquisition fee is charged on any successful purchase.

Last Thoughts

Flippa has the potential to alter your life by helping you make money from a business you no longer want to manage or by introducing you to a lucrative investment opportunity.

It’s a large market with numerous safeguards that allow both sellers and buyers to proceed confidently. Flippa is one of the top online marketplaces to acquire or sell a business since it guarantees to surpass any platform or broker on success fees.

Why not look around their marketplace and see if something sparks your interest? Alternatively, if you own an online store, blog, app, or website, visit their website for a free market estimate of your company.

We believe that this alone qualifies Flippa as a valuable and interesting resource for both enterprises and entrepreneurs!