School Bags Wholesale Suppliers and Manufacturers

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It can be a very profitable business to supply school bags wholesale. Finding the right supplier can prove difficult. We have you covered with a complete list of top wholesale school bag suppliers and a description of some of the most popular school bags that you can stock to make a profit. Let’s begin by taking a look at the 10 best wholesale school bags suppliers.

Wholesale Suppliers of School Bags


Alibaba is a leading wholesale supplier of cheap school bags from China. They have over 59 000 products in the wholesale school bag category. Alibaba is the best wholesale supplier of school bags in China. This shows that you will never be disappointed by your chosen school bag. has a large variety of products. Some of the most common bags that you will find are kids bags, pulley bag, wholesale book bags and school bag panda.

You can find wholesale kids backpacks at as low as $1.5 to $3.8 per bag. Fashion-conscious shoppers will love the wide range of fashionable products available from many school bag manufacturers in China.


Although it might not be well-known, Sandoo is a viable option for bulk school bags online at affordable prices. Sandoo bags supplier offers a large selection of school bags and custom bags that can be customized with your logo.

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Sandoo offers custom bags as well as quality bags such backpacks, book bags and trolley bags. Sandoo is the best choice if you are looking for bulk nylon messenger bags for kids or custom fashion trolley school bags that can hold pencils and come in bulk.


Hktdc is based in Hong Kong and supplies high quality wholesale school bags from trusted wholesalers and manufacturers within the same region. The kids’ school bag category includes 251 products, all of which can be purchased at the lowest prices.

Hktdc also offers high-quality fashion school bags and trolley bags, children’sports bags, school bags for girls, and backpacks at affordable prices. You will be surprised! You can also find 3D cartoon backpacks for children at this site, which may not be possible to find in other stores.


Indiamart is the most important online marketplace for small- and medium-sized Indian businesses. It prides itself on connecting international buyers with the best suppliers in the region. will help you find wholesale suppliers and school bag wholesalers in India.

Indiamart’s best feature is its wide selection of products. This helps small and medium-sized businesses grow by helping to establish their credibility.


Snapdeal, a company based in India, offers a large selection of school bags at affordable prices. offers a great deal: get many discounts on your online shopping.

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You can save up to 89% on school bags by purchasing bulk bags online. With over 1000 options, you will never be disappointed in finding the right school bag for you at a great price.

Bags in Bulk

Bags in Bulk, another top wholesale supplier of school bags, offers a wide range of bags at very affordable prices. This supplier also offers a wide range of backpacks in different colors. guarantees a low price on all bags, which will ensure you have an unforgettable shopping experience.

Bags in Bulk offers high-quality bags that are affordable in messenger bags, school backpacks and drawstring bags. You will get free shipping when you order bulk school bags from this website.

Backpacks USA

Backpacks USA is a great place to buy school backpacks at affordable prices. Backpacks USA offers wholesale backpacks for children as well as donations at the most affordable prices.

These backpacks are made from durable materials that are both high-quality and long-lasting. Here’s the best thing: you can find wholesale backpacks starting at $6 on this website. All wholesale backpacks for kids are eligible for free shipping

Tote Bag Factory

Tote Bag Factory was established in 1997 and has since grown to be one of the most popular sites for cheap wholesale school backpacks. Tote Bag Factory offers many bags including totes, messenger bags and specialty bags.

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There are no minimum orders for bulk purchases from this store. Tote Bag Factory offers a generous return policy in the event that your product is not up to your standards.

Stock Room Wholesale

Wholesale Stock Room is a leading distributor of wholesale school bags at great prices. This is evident from its name. This site is true to its name. They offer a wide range of school bags at affordable prices.

Among others, you will find wholesale backpacks, bulk books bags, and drawstring backpacks on this website. Wholesale Stock Room offers a wide range of school bags that are suitable for all levels of schooling, from elementary to college.

Different types of school bags

What are the different types of school bags that can be purchased in bulk? You might be asking. These are the most popular types of school bags. This will help you to know what you should stock in your store to meet all your customers’ needs.

1. Messenger Bags

Also known as courier bags, messenger bags are also called courier bags. These bags can be worn over the shoulder, and are popular among most people. Messenger bags can be carried over the shoulder and have easy access to their contents. This is their greatest advantage.

2. Backpacks

Backpacks are the most popular type of bag in the world. These bags are convenient because they can be carried anywhere, anytime. These bags can make it difficult to find the contents of the bag while on the move.

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3. Laptop bags

Laptop bags, as their name implies, are great for transporting laptops. They are cushioned and secure the gadget. These bags are not designed to hold bulky items.

4. Clutch Bags

A clutch bag is essentially a small handbag you can carry in one hand. These bags are ideal for students who have very few items to carry. Clutch bags are the best choice for carrying your essentials.

5. Duffel

Duffels are cylindrical bags designed for athletes and students who need to carry multiple types of gear or clothes.

Which country is better for quality school bags? China or India?

China has a wide range of wholesale suppliers of school bags for children aged 1-15 years. These products can be purchased at affordable prices and come with generous shipping policies. For a better experience, you might consider Chinese suppliers.

Bulk School Bags: Where to Buy?

China has a wide range of suppliers from the region, such as Chinabrands and Alibaba. This makes it a formidable competitor to India. We have done our best to find information on the top wholesalers like Chinabrands. However, this is the biggest challenge. There are no worries about bulk school bag purchases from China.

What are the best sites to find wholesale school bags in the UK

1. A&K Hosiery

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A&K Hosiery is a great place to buy wholesale school bags in the UK. This website offers a wide range of wholesale bags, lunch boxes and backpacks, all from reliable UK suppliers at affordable prices.

2. Isbags

You can’t go wrong with Isbags’ wide selection of school bags. This website is a leading supplier of high-quality wholesale backpacks and school bags for kids, fashion, boutique, as well as school bags for laptops and kids at wholesale rates.

3. Cottonprint

Cottonprint is a brand you may have heard of. Cottonprint is a trusted supplier from the UK and offers a variety of bags for children that are affordable as well as a wide range in styles and colors.

Bottom line

It is evident that school bag supply can be lucrative. This article should have helped you to find the right wholesale school bag supplier, and help your business grow. Even better, now you have a better understanding of which school bags you are able to stock and the potential profit. You can also check out Chinabrands during the festive season and take advantage of the many promotions.