Screen Printing Dropshipping and Wholesale Services

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What is Screen Printing?

Screen printing refers to the transfer of a stencilled design onto flat surfaces using a mesh screen, ink, and a squeegee. Screen printing is most common on paper and fabric. However, it is possible to screen print onto metal, plastic, wood and glass with special inks. You create a stencil using fine mesh screens. Next, push ink (or paint in the case for artwork or posters) through the stencil to leave an impression on the surface below.

This process is also known as’silk screening’ or’silkscreen printing’. While the actual printing process is fairly similar, the method of creating the stencil can vary depending on the materials. There are many stencilling methods:

  • Use vinyl or masking tape to cover any areas you wish.
  • Use’screenblockers’ like glue or lacquer to paint the stencil onto the mesh.
  • Using a light-sensitive emulsion to create a stencil, which is then developed in a similar way to a photograph (you can read more about this in our step-by-step guide).

Screen printing can be used to create designs that use one or more shades of ink. Multicoloured items require that the colours be applied individually using separate stencils.

Screen printing is used for what?

Screen printing is a popular technique because it can produce vivid colours even on dark fabrics. The paint or ink is also spread on the paper or fabric’s surface, giving the print a pleasant tactile feel.

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This technique is popular because it allows the printers to reproduce a design multiple time. It’s extremely useful to make multiple copies of the same accessory or garment by using the same stencil. Screen printing is a great way to create large quantities of uniforms for work or sports teams.

It’s possible to create complex multi-coloured designs when using professional equipment and an experienced printer. Although the process is more complex than digital printing, it allows for more vibrant colouring than can be achieved with digital printing.

Services for wholesale apparel fulfillment

Thrive Screen Printing provides large volume wholesale apparel fulfillment and product fulfillment services for small and large companies. Screen printed tees and tote bags can be wholesale produced and fulfilled. We can supply large-scale promotions as well as “custom tee shirt printing” and “fulfillment services on demand” items for companies such as Custom Ink or Discovery Channel. We are proud to be one of the most respected apparel fulfillment companies in America.

Apparel DropShip Fulfillment

Are you a drop-ship apparel retailer? Do you need reliable, affordable, and high-quality apparel fulfillment services? You’ve come to the right place if you are searching for high-quality apparel fulfillment and printing fulfillment services. Thrive is a reliable dropship apparel company. You can submit your artwork to our team of experts and we will take it from there. We can fulfill hundreds of thousands of dropship orders directly to consumers. We process over 10,000 orders per week for our largest clients in drop apparel. Are you next? Get in touch with our team to get started today for apparel dropshipping success! Our services include shirt fulfillment, customer service and dropshipping. We also offer Print on Demand.

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Dropshipping Cons:


Dropshipping is open to anyone with an online shop and a supplier. This is in stark contrast to the traditional retail model, which requires initial capital investment, premises, a warehouse and many other moving parts to facilitate order fulfilment. Many markets are saturated with companies selling identical products from the same suppliers.

Low Margins

Dropshipping can limit wholesale prices due to the small number of orders you receive at any given time. This can lead to lower profit margins when combined with high competition. A margin of 10% could be possible, but this will depend on your industry and product(s), marketing costs and location of suppliers and customers.

Long delivery times

Dropshipping is a natural result of how the process works. Shipping times can be longer than if stock was held in the same country where your customers reside. A product manufactured and then dropshipped from China to the US could take much longer to reach the customer, which is in stark contrast to next-day Prime delivery.

Problems with Suppliers

Although it is a time-saver to keep shipping and packaging responsibilities out of your reach, it can cause problems when an order is not as expected. It is up to you, the customer’s contact person, to explain what happened and how you will fix it.

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Differentiating your brand

Dropshipping is selling products made by third parties. It can be difficult to find opportunities to stamp your company’s mark on products. This can make it harder for you to build your brand if that is your goal.

Shipping costs

Shipping can be very inefficient if you have multiple suppliers. If your customer orders two products that are coming from different manufacturers that will increase the cost of shipping on your end. While you would be responsible for shipping costs from dropship suppliers, you could only charge the customer for one shipment.