Sellerbooster Dropshipping Program Review and Features

Dropshipping is a popular option in ecommerce, but dropshippers often face slow shipping times, high prices, poor returns policies, and other issues. SellerBooster aims to change that. This SellerBooster review will discuss how this innovative dropshipping platform lets you sell name-brand products without having to worry about poor delivery times or confusing product descriptions.

SellerBooster Review: The Best Features

Multi-channel Product Uploads

The service is compatible with,,, Jet, Bonanza and Wish.

You can upload your product in one click to your store

A button will appear to upload the product to your site after you have found the product you wish to sell. In this case, my Shopify store is linked to SellerBooster. To upload it to Shopify, click the Upload to Shopify button. Then, I can go to Shopify and view it as one my products. It is easy to do and works for all other marketplaces such as Amazon, eBay, Walmart, and many more.

Currently, sellers can use bulk-upload to upload their products to every marketplace other than Shopify and Bonanza.

Pre-Written Product Listings

Dropshipping has another problem: product descriptions are often pulled directly from the manufacturer. They are often cluttered, poorly written or simply don’t make sense.

SellerBooster does an excellent job of creating well-written product descriptions. These descriptions can be spiced up for your branding, but they are great for starting and giving your customers all the information they need.

SellerBooster provides excellent product images and feature graphics on some products. The following page contains images that show how the backpack can be used, its size, and how it will help your back.

Automated Order Imports

SellerBooster receives orders from customers. The order details are then sent to SellerBooster directly for processing. You don’t need to send any order details. Dropshipping is made easy as possible by this automated process. To begin dropshipping, you only need to pay the SellerBoost wholesale cost. Technically, there is a wholesale fee that must be paid after an order has been placed. However, since the sale was made, this money will cover it (and hopefully, you made a profit).

Auto-syncing Marketplaces

The SellerBooster platform has a strong advantage in that it automatically syncs your listings to popular marketplaces such as Amazon, Walmart, Jet, and Jet. You don’t have to worry about creating new product listings for each marketplace. This not only saves time but also allows you to keep your product listings the same across all eCommerce sites and marketplaces.

Dropshippers: Fast Shipping

Dropshipping can be a nightmare. Products take weeks to arrive at customers. You can’t often provide shipping details so customers are left waiting to receive their product.

SellerBooster has warehouses and shipping centres in Los Angeles, Denver and Newark, New Jersey. SellerBooster is a partner with FedEx and UPS as well as quality brands to sell the products.

This means you don’t have to wait for a Chinese manufacturer to pack and ship your products. Every product that you sell comes with a variety of shipping options. Many of these are fast and free. Let’s take, for example, a tent that can hold two people. I want my customers to have several shipping options.

SellerBooster’s product page informs me that I can get free economy shipping and that my product will be delivered in 2-9 business days. For those who wish to have their product delivered faster, there are several shipping options available.

SellerBooster Review (and How to Make Money)

SellerBooster doesn’t require you to pay any signup or monthly fees. The website does not even provide any information about the service. It is completely free. Sign up for SellerBooster and link to your marketplace or website. Then upload products to the marketplace or website. If you have a Shopify site, the only fees that you will have to pay are credit card transaction fees as well as Shopify’s monthly rates.

SellerBooster lists a wholesale price for each product. This is how you make money. This price is found under Your Price. The recommended List Price and the expected profit after selling the item are shown. You have the ability to adjust that List Price to any price you wish, so you can increase your profit or decrease it.

Return requests

Dropshipping has another problem. Customers may want to return the product. Dropshipping can be difficult because some suppliers won’t accept responsibility. You’ll have to accept the item back, and you will lose money.

SellerBooster uses a different approach to selling, and has a Return Request tab built into the dashboard. Simply search for the order you wish to return and then create a request. You can send the item back to the customer and get a refund without having to touch it or take any loss.

SellerBooster: Who should it be used?

SellerBooster is a great tool for dropshippers who need to be familiar with a few things.

  • Slow shipping speeds
  • Products of low quality
  • Returns are difficult
  • Junky product descriptions.

Dropshipping is something I recommend, and I highly recommend SellerBooster. You might have difficulty competing with some products if you do some price comparisons to Amazon. You can make this a huge money-maker if you do your research and find reasonably priced products.