Sezzle Review Buy Now Pay Later (BNPL) APP

Online businesses know how important it is to provide the best payment options for customers at checkout. If your customers are not from the same country as Stripe, you might only offer Sripe as a payment option.

This means that potential conversions will be lost when customers reach checkout. Merchants need a buy-now, pay-later app such as Sezzle. You can offer additional payment options to your customers through the Sezzle app. This payment method allows your customers to pay a percentage off the total price of your product through a Sezzle loan. Once they receive their product, they can then repay the remaining amount in installments.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

This means that customers are able to pay for products they want, so you won’t lose out on sales. This will result in a rise in your business’s turnover.

However, how easy can you set up and integrate Sezzle? What are the pros and cons of Sezzle? What are its main features?

This and many other topics will be covered in our Sezzle review. It will help you determine if Sezzle is the right payment solution for eCommerce.

Let’s get started.

What is Sezzle?

Sezzle, an eCommerce buy-now-pay-later solution, allows customers to pay for products in four installments over six weeks at 0% interest. Sezzle allows customers to purchase products even if they can’t afford or don’t want them. This can often lead to bigger purchases.

If a customer is unable to pay their installments on time, they may be subject to penalties such as late fees. Sezzle assumes all credit risk, while the merchant receiving full payment immediately receives it.

What is the Work of Sezzle?

A unique approval system is used to approve a customer’s order through This allows them to determine the payment plan that they are able offer. It will usually be 25% of the order total. This is also known as the downpayment or the first installment. The remainder amount is split into three additional installments, each with a due date of 2 weeks. The customer does not have to pay any upfront, interest or hidden fees. If the installments are not paid on time, the customer is only responsible for interest fees.

After the customer places an order, Sezzle immediately pays the eCommerce merchants in full for the order. The merchant will be able to process the order in the same way that the customer paid with a credit card.

It is easy to complete the checkout process. The customer simply needs to shop online at an online store that accepts Sezzle as a payment method. Once they have finished shopping, Sezzle will help them through the rest of the checkout process.

Sezzle doesn’t charge interest. They only ask for fees if a customer pays late or requests to change the date of their payments. Sezzle also runs a credit check on all customers and says that it doesn’t adversely affect their credit score.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Get Started with Shoppers Sezzle

Sezzle requires that customers meet a few requirements before they are able to shop with the payment solution. These are the requirements:

  • The minimum age for a shopper is 18 years.
  • They should have a number that can receive text messages.
  • Customer should have an email address.
  • Sezzle requires that all shoppers have a readily accessible non-prepaid payment method. This can be a debit or credit card, bank account, or credit card for shoppers in Canada or the United States.

Sezzle allows customers to use the buy-now-pay-later option for checking credit even if they have had credit problems in the past. Sezzle will not evaluate your customer’s FICO score.

After signing up and being approved, customers can shop at the over 34,000 stores that offer Sezzle. Then, they can choose Sezzle when placing an order.

How to Get Started for Merchants

Once you have signed up for a Sezzle Account and it has been approved, an email will be sent with your login details to enable you to set up the account.

Next, log in to your Sezzle account. Click on “Setup Checklist” and you will see instructions to integrate Sezzle into your eCommerce shop. As some of the other steps depend on the completion of the first, it is best to start with the first. Customers can use Sezzle on their website if they complete the first two steps.

If you have any issues, you can also find documentation at The Sezzle documentation allows you to select the e-commerce platform you want to use for your business. You can also get information about the platform and troubleshooting steps.

Important to note that different e-commerce platforms have their own setup steps. To ensure it’s done correctly, you should carefully follow the setup checklist.


Sezzle is packed with amazing features. Let’s take a look in this Sezzle review.

Buy Now, Pay Later

This is the main feature of the Sezzle payment system. Sezzle lets customers purchase products with a 25% down payment. Sezzle will then loan the balance. Sezzle allows you to register as a business to access the service. Customers can log in to their Sezzle accounts to use the service. You can also integrate Sezzle to your website, so that customers who visit your site to pay overtime can use Sezzle instead of using a credit card or PayPal.

Four installment payments (Interest-Free).

Sezzle allows customers to divide the product’s price into four equal installments. These installments can be paid off in six weeks. The customer will receive 0% interest if they pay all the installments in the time allowed. Late payments can result in penalty fees

Large Product Selection

Customers can use the Sezzle app to access a wide range of offers, including footwear, clothing, jewelry and more. Customers can select a product from any of the Sezzle-registered businesses and the merchant will take payment.

Register for Sezzle to become a merchant and you will be featured as a store in a specific category on the homepage. Based on product quality, popularity, and offers, the stores are selected. You can also find featured stores that sell general products. Sezzle users browsing the site can convert to leads and sales.

Payment Rescheduling

Customers can reschedule payments with Sezzle if they are unable repay the payment. This doesn’t affect your ability to receive full payment for your product as merchant, but it does provide an incentive for customers. Customers can only schedule three reschedules per order. The fee for each subsequent reschedule is in addition to the initial one.

No credit damage

Your customers can apply for a loan through Sezzle with a soft credit check, without having to affect their credit score. You can also get approval immediately with the app. But, not all shoppers will be eligible for all purchases. Other than the Sezzle review requirements, eligibility depends on the customer’s Sezzle history and previous orders.

Sezzle can report a shopper’s payment history to credit bureaus. Shoppers can sign up to “Sezzle Up” to request reporting. This is because a history with on-time payments can help the shopper build a strong credit profile. This is a way to convince your customers to use the payment option.

Fees for Rescheduled or Failed Payments

Sezzle allows customers to correct their payment within 48 hours if they fail to pay. The solution fee is $10 if the customer misses the deadline. The customer will also have to pay $5 to reschedule after the original one.

The Sezzle Pros and Cons

Each solution comes with its own set of great features and less-so-good ones. We will review Sezzle and discuss the pros and cons.


  • There is no hard credit check
  • Simple and clear payment plans
  • Purchases are exempted from interest if they are repaid on time.
  • Sezzle has an API edition that works with many eCommerce platforms.
  • It is a great incentive to encourage customers to buy.
  • Sezzle handles all aspects of fraud, chargebacks and repayments.
  • Because of its payment flexibility, Sezzle is great at increasing sales.


  • For first-time buyers, lower limits
  • For refunds, the shopper should contact the merchant.
  • For rescheduled repayments or failure to repay, shoppers will be charged fees

Merchant Fees

Transaction fees are charged to merchants who sell ecommerce products regardless of which bank or service they use. PayPal, for example, charges merchants a transaction fee of 3.5%.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Sezzle charges transaction fees slightly more than that with a standard payment processing fee of 6% and 30 cents per transaction. Sezzle offers volume discounts to larger retailers.

Sezzle charges transaction fees that are more than the 3.5% average transaction cost. However, they handle all customer payments and pay you immediately in full. You don’t have to pay anything for signing up or setting up your store. Once you sign up on the Sezzle website, you will be assigned a rate to your store.

This fee is usually based on the type of products you sell, and how long your business has been in operation. Sezzle automatically collects transaction fees so that you don’t need to worry about monthly payments.

It’s easy to use

Sezzle can be easily integrated to many popular eCommerce platforms such as WooCommerce and Opencart. Shopify Sezzle also provides a public API for non-platform users.

Sezzle is currently only available for online e-commerce businesses. It cannot be integrated into traditional point-of-sale systems. Sezzle states that customers can buy online and pick up their products in-store.

Sezzle provides quality documentation regarding the API and how everything should work if you’re an e-commerce company that plans to offer Sezzle as a payment option. The customer can then go about their business as usual once the API is in place.

Customer Support

Sezzle integrates easily into an online store, particularly if you use eCommerce platforms. However, it provides adequate support. Sezzle offers a complete merchant support section on its website. The merchant sections include detailed walkthrough guides that give step-by-step guidance on how to integrate the service with the most popular e-commerce tools.

If you need specific assistance, you can also send a request to Sezzle’s support team. You can also use the pop-up chat to get help. Sezzle’s support is excellent and very comprehensive.


Sezzle allows retailers and e-commerce businesses to attract shoppers for conversion. Sezzle is a new strategy for merchants to increase conversions. It has simple features and appealing terms. If you are looking for new ways to draw customers to your eCommerce store you might consider encouraging them to place larger orders. Then, Sezzle will take care of all the risk.

This buy now, pay later app is unique among others reviewed in this Sezzle review because you get paid in full for your product and not in small batches. Customers can also pay in installments. Sezzle stands out among the many other payment options.