SharpSpring CRM Pricing and Features Review

Every day, consumers receive marketing messages. This is a known fact. Marketing automation software is used to deliver many of these messages. Sharpspring CRM is a marketing automation software that helps to increase engagement in social media campaigns, website, video, and end email content.

We don’t have to tell you that customers who are engaged with you will be more profitable.

It is therefore crucial to choose the right marketing automation tool.

It’s important that the software you choose supports your overall marketing strategy.

Marketing automation software that is worth its salt can be customized to fit the brand of its customers.

There are many tools like these on the market. But we will be focusing on SharpSpring. This solution is available to both businesses and agencies. This is a relatively new solution, and they describe themselves as “Powerful.” Affordable. For everyone” and “A Complete Marketing & Sales Platform.”

What’s the big deal? Let’s take a look at SharpSpring CRM, its pros and cons, as well as its features and costs.

So who is SharpSpring CRM?

Let’s first take a look at some of the awards. SharpSpring was launched in 2014. It quickly rose to prominence. It was named Tech Company of the Year at the GNV Business Awards 2018 and the 2018 Winner of the ‘When It Works Award’.

TrustRadius has announced that SharpSpring CRM was a top-rated ‘All in One’ marketing tool this year:

“SharpSpring was awarded a Top Rated award in all-in-one marketing. These awards are based solely on customer feedback. SharpSpring’s intuitive forms builder and visual workflow designer are highly praised by reviewers. It also boasts unique features such as the ‘Life of the Lead’ and Visitor ID that give insight into visitor activity.

The company was founded by Rick Carlson, Travis Whitton and is located in Gainesville. Its website emphasizes that the company’s work culture is collaborative and transparent, with a leadership team that is “present, accessible, and working right alongside our employees.”

The company describes itself as follows:

SharpSpring is a marketing agency that helps small and medium-sized companies in over 50 countries. We are committed to helping our customers, real people who want to help grow their businesses, succeed. SharpSpring allows you to see the direct effect of your actions on the company’s growth and direction. It is great to be part of a team that values your contribution and knows your worth.

It’s basically a cloud-based tool that companies can use to automate tasks

  • Email marketing
  • Marketing via social media
  • Mobile marketing
  • Sales tasks
  • Management of relationships
  • Customer service jobs and important

Most importantly, SharpSpring’s CRM is compatible with every CRM. SharpSpring CRM can be integrated with any existing CRM to allow companies to continue using their existing CRM.

SharpSpring is an all-in-one shop for entrepreneurs.

You can automate all of the tasks above, but you also have other options.

  • Keep track of web page visits
  • Monitor the demographics of your audience
  • Track customer engagement

SharpSpring allows you to identify your visitors through their IP address. This allows you to track exactly who is visiting your site, and from where.

SharpSpring CRM Pricing

You have five options.

The number of contacts you have will determine the cost of your plan. $450 per month is the cheapest. You can register unlimited users, get customer support, access to a complete set of features, as well as 1,500 contact.

The $650 per month package is next. This package includes all the above, but you also get 10,000 contact.

It’s $875 per month and you get a dedicated account manager and 20000 contacts . You can also request a custom quote by choosing the Marketing Agency Package and Enterprise Package. These two bundles are best suited for people with millions of connections.

Note: Customers who are interested in arranging a demo can do so via the website. Don’t worry, you can always try before you buy.

SharpSpringCRM Review: Highlights

Let’s go back to the time we mentioned ‘a complete set of features’. What exactly is that?

All these plans come with the following features

  • Marketing automation in full
  • A blog builder
  • Form builder that is dynamic
  • Campaign tracking
  • A landing page editor
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Email triggers based on behavior
  • A CRM
  • Sales automation
  • An anonymous visitor ID

Some of the features that we just mentioned are worth a special mention.

Take, for example.

The Forms and Landing Page Builders

These features can be used when you create an opt in form or landing page.

  • You can also add a “How did you hear about” field.
  • Drag and drop functionality for a built-in form maker
  • To help you create your own landing pages, we have created templates for landing pages
  • Integration with Webex and GoToWebinar. This is a great way to promote your webinars.

It is important to note that all landing pages and opt in forms created on SharpSpring will be optimized for all devices.

Email Marketing Features

  • Templates for email design
  • Sending test emails is possible
  • Tracking email workflows as customers browse/possibly purchase
  • One-to-one emails
  • WYSIWYG editors and HTML editors
  • It is possible to track the behavior of your subscribers via email. This includes whether they open your emails, click on the links within the body, or download your attachments.

General Automation Features

You’ll be interested in SharpSpring automation features.

  • You can track website visits via multiple devices
  • Score Lead
  • Lead nurturing
  • A shopping cart abandoned tool
  • Visual workflow builder

What else?

Blog posts are a great way to promote products or content. You can use one of SharpSpring’s templates to create them. Blog posts can be scheduled and shared via email and social media.

SharSpring offers reporting and analytics features, as we have already stated. Statistics are a must-have for companies.

They must know what they are doing. SharpSpring provides customers with tracking tools that allow them to track the results of their email campaigns, workflows, or other PR campaigns. Google AdWords reports can be customized to track paid search campaigns. This is so handy! !

We want to mention SharpSpring’s “Social Assistant” which allows you track contacts and send email using a Gmail address. SharpSpring can import leads. You can also import leads from LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

Customer Support

SharpSpring has ebooks, webinars and infographics. You can also find blogs, events, research papers, blog posts, and other resources on their website. They’re all easy to find, so don’t be alarmed. There are many self-help files available for technical and everyday questions. These files provide helpful solutions to common customer problems.

However, you can also submit a support ticket through the SharpSpring online help platform. You can also track your progress towards obtaining assistance from this page. The app encourages you, while you wait for help, to view support videos and review help desk articles. You never know what these resources might solve your problem!

Finally, you can access what the company calls “contextual assistance in-app.” This means that sometimes the answers to your questions can be as simple as a few clicks away.

A quick online search shows that the customer support rating is typically between four and five stars.

What are the pros of SharpSpring CRM?

Pricing is transparent. What you see is what your get. There won’t be any unpleasant surprises when you look at your bank statements later. SharpSpring does not require you to sign a long-term contract. You can simply end your relationship with SharpSpring if you do not like their services. All they need is a 30-day notice.

SharpSpring’s monthly-to-month payments won’t cost you a lot. You can even compare it to other companies like HubSpot and Pardot. It is cheaper than many of these competitors.

SharpSpring can be integrated with over 700 third-party services through Zapier. When it comes to connecting with CRM platform, Salesforce, Highrise and Nimble are some of the options.

Perhaps you would like to integrate with an existing email software. There are several options available: Campaign Monitor, Mailchimp and AWeber; ActiveCampaign. Mandrill. ConstantContact. Sendgrid. GetResponse.

Geckoboard and Google Analytics are also popular integrations.

SharpSpring’s email services allow you to send customized messages to your e mail list. This is important because customization is crucial for securing conversions.

SharpSpring CRM allows you to create completely customized opt-in forms. SharpSpring goes one step further. SharpSpring offers the ability to auto-complete details of website visitors if they are regulars. This saves time and could increase your conversion rates.

The workflow builder is very visual and simple to use. SharpSpring’s marketing automation connects with leads through the entire sales process. Potential customers can be targeted with sales messages that relate to their previous searches. SharpSpring can help you nurture your leads in many different ways.

What about the drawbacks to SharpSpring CRM?

According to what we see on various sites, SharpSpring’s main complaint is its inability to be intuitive. This makes it difficult to use for the first time. It becomes easier once you have spent some time getting to know the software.

Higher-ranking users may also request more detailed reporting.

It’s also a relatively new site so it doesn’t offer as many resources for self-help. We would like to see more tutorials. We also couldn’t find any place on its website where it provides SEO tips and keyword suggestions to its clients. This is a poor oversight considering the importance of SEO optimization.

The Technical Stuff

This is not technically correct, but it is worth noting. SharpSpring is available in English and French.

SharpSpring also supports the following devices: iPhones, iPads, Macs, Web-based, Android, Windows and Linux. There’s a good possibility that you already own the hardware required to take advantage of this program.

Are you ready to give SharpSpring CRM an opportunity?

When purchasing software for marketing, there is always a level of trust. SharpSpring is clearly a good value for money. Users report that it’s simple to use.

Although it may be new, it is already a popular choice for agencies and small- to medium-sized companies. It’s inevitable that there will be a race for the top, with many companies competing to get the same airspace. SharpSpring is clearly catching up to some of its rivals.

It is especially convenient that you can pay monthly and give notice only once a month. Any business that wants to invest in software to grow its business and make profits must be clear about its future needs. SharpSpring is no exception to this rule.