Shimoku Review, Features, Pricing, Pros, and Cons

When ecommerce entrepreneurs and business owners are overwhelmed by the task of growing their businesses while retaining customers, they often turn to AI (Artificial Intelligence), to simplify difficult tasks such as eMarketing.

Ecommerce platforms such as Shopify, WooCommerce and PrestaShop allow entrepreneurs to automate certain processes and gain reliable data to forecast sales or manage stock.

Shimoku is a new solution that aims at exactly that. We’re going to review Shimoku in this blog post. This will give you an idea of whether it is the right platform.

Let’s get started!

What’s Shimoku?

The Barcelona-based company believes AI can help “create an improved world for everyone and everything.”The website describes itself as “the premier integrated ecommerce managed platform (GMP),” which includes a variety of AI-powered features.

It is used by Milanuncios, Coverfy and The Vap Club. Shimoku was founded in 2020. This machine-learning app gives businesses and eMarketers information on customer churn and purchase forecasting. It also predicts stock coverage, individual products sales, and kW demand planning. Shimoku connects ecommerce platforms to business CRM solutions in order to provide an automated service that will “boost you performance through advanced predictive analysis.”

We can see from its LinkedIn page that it has held several crowdfunding events. The company raised 175,000EUR in its most recent crowdfunding event, which was three months ago.


Shimoku’s Pedictive Analytics can be used by business owners and marketers to gain a better understanding of customer behavior, sales figures, and forecasts.

This is useful for making stock-focused, customer-focused predictions. These figures can be shared with the entire business using tools such as Google Drive, Slack or Dropbox.

Shimoku claims that one does not need to be a data scientist in order to use the platform. It’s actually designed for marketers with limited or no technical knowledge. This platform will help them use customer, sales and stock data to increase their revenue.

This is why Shimoku’s features have been divided into two distinct areas.

  1. Product
  2. Engagement

Let’s look at each one individually.

The Product Suite

Shimoku’s Product Suite provides the information you need to control and manage stock, so you avoid over-stocking. Machine learning algorithms can be used to forecast sales and plan product demand.

This data allows businesses to adjust their prices if they anticipate high stock production. If there is excess stock, you can reduce costs and move it to higher positions on your ecommerce website.

This information will also allow you to track the sales trends of specific products. These trends can be used to predict the sales of each product in the coming weeks and months. It is also possible to see which products will sell well or poorly. This will allow you to reduce warehouse costs by knowing exactly what products you plan to sell.

The AI at Shimoku analyzes product demand patterns to create demand profiles. Its predictive algorithms assess stock and analyze sales volumes and frequency. They also factor in emerging trends in products sold at different businesses.

You can access sales forecasts for each product on your ecommerce website. This data will help you to improve the customer experience and increase your revenue. This data can be used to launch hyper-targeted marketing campaigns that direct prospects to the products they are most interested in.

The Engagement Suite

Unsurprisingly, the Engagement Suite’s features focus on customer retention and engagement. Shimoku has three methods to achieve this goal:

  1. Make a prediction about your next purchase
  2. Predict Recommendations & Upsell Opportunities
  3. Predict customer churn

Shimoku uses machine learning technology to predict what a customer will buy. Using the app, eMarketers can target customers with products they might be interested in. This data allows you to target customers with specific needs, such as those at high risk of churn. You can send them emails, discounted offers and alerts about new products, etc.

The AI of Shimoku can predict exactly what your customers will purchase and how much they’ll spend. This data allows eMarketers target consumers who are likely to buy. You can also target customers less likely to purchase to increase spending. You’ll enjoy greater customer satisfaction and retention if you use data to fuel your online marketing strategies.

You can also use Engagement Suite features to monitor customer behavior on your website. Based on the frequency of purchases and their financial importance, you can also predict which customers will be most likely to return.

To increase conversion rates, you can offer high-risk customers discounts and personalized offers at the right moment. Low-risk churns, on the other hand, require less retention marketing campaigns. This information will help you to better allocate your marketing budget in order to reap the greatest benefits. With Shimoku’s predictive analysis software, this hyper-personalized approach allows ecommerce store owners and managers to provide a better customer experience.

Shimoku Pricing

Each of the four pricing plans includes a 30-day trial. These are:

  • Single Suite Plan – $99 per month
  • Single Suite Plan: $99 per month
  • Combine Product Plan and Double Engagement: $149 per Month

These plans are for businesses that have at least 5,000 monthly orders. You will have access to standard customer service, report sharing and connectivity with all data sources.

  • Enterprise Tailored Plan At the time of writing, there were no prices available for this package. This program is for companies that generate more than 5,000 monthly orders. Golden Customer Support is available to you and allows you to share information via tailored shared channels.

Shimoku Integrations

Shimoku recognizes the biggest problem that ecommerce businesses face when using machine learning apps. It is integrating and connecting machines to their existing tech stack.

This is where Shimoku shines. With ease, users can integrate any data source, visualization tool, or integration. Woocommerce and Shopify are just a few of the native integrations.


Businesses want to be sure that their data is safe and secure, as this is all about data analytics. We were able to take a quick look at their Privacy Policy, even though there isn’t much information about security.

Potential clients will find information about Shimoku’s data protection mechanisms. Data is encrypted where necessary and kept at the “required security level”.

Shimoku’s Pros and Cons

Let’s first take a look at Shimoku’s core pros and con’s before we close this review.

The pros:

  • It is a solid ecommerce growth platform
  • It can be integrated with many tools such as Shopify and PrestaShop.
  • You get a generous 30-day trial for free
  • It’s brand new so you can be part of something exciting from the start.
  • Shimoku allows you to place a large number of orders each month

The Cons

  • It’s not cheap
  • This product is still very new. If you aren’t comfortable taking on risk, you might want to wait for customer reviews.
  • It is difficult to find detailed information about the platform’s operation online.

Our Verdict

Shimoku has just been launched over a year ago. It’s still a new entity and has a small online presence. We would like to see more customer testimonials and more resources, such as How-To guides and How-To guides, on topics such customer engagement and the pros and cons for discounted offers.

This tool looks great at first glance. This is a great tool for ecommerce companies looking to increase stock control, forecast sales and retain customers. Shimoku gives you all the tools that you need to manage these tasks without breaking a sweat.