ShopBase Review Dropshipping and POD Store Builder

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Drop shipping is not something that newbies are likely to be able to grasp. ShopBase is not a simple platform. It’s difficult to find an all-in-1 platform that is perfected in spite of the fact that there are many e-commerce channels competing for market dominance.

One that centrally manages drop shipping and white labels as well as print-on-demand orders.

Our blog is an advocate for e-commerce solutions that not only are savvy, but also allow for cross-border sales transactions. ShopBase seems to be closing the gap on its rivals quickly.

What is ShopBase?

Let’s first take a look at how it all started.

ShopBase was founded in 2008 by the team behind Beeketing. This software helps e-commerce merchants increase their sales and revenue.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

They released several other automation tools, mainly for Shopify’s selling channel. The team was able to achieve break-even much sooner than expected.

The team tried to solve patent issues merchants had to deal with when handling cross-border transactions via e-commerce a decade later.

They set out to create an automated solution that would eliminate these problems.

  • Poor quality products (print-on-demand items, drop-shipped)
  • Longer shipping times
  • Packaging that is not standard

These falloffs can lead to many chargeback claims and poor customer ratings. They also result in low customer retention rates, poor ROI from ads, blocked payments gateways, and marketing accounts.

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Cross-border commerce is still worth considering, despite the high success rate of helping ecommerce merchants to build a high conversion portfolio that can reach up to 80% for their online stores.

ShopBase was created to provide an integrated solution for white labels and POD as well as drop shipping configurations.

ShopBase has these unique features that make it an ideal platform for e-commerce transactions. We’ll be looking at them later in this guide.

  • An amazing online store builder
  • ShopBase migration is free You have a reliable backup solution with the app
  • Capacity to store multiple product variants (up to 1000 variations)
  • Conversion optimization tools
  • Swift product import apps
  • Cart abandonment recovery
  • ShopBase payments (coming soon)
  • Integration of global order fulfillment services

This is just a small sample of what you can expect. Let’s now get to the details.

How the store-builder operates

ShopBase is a cross-border channel that allows users to drop ship, white label, or print on demand products all from one dashboard.

ShopBase can help you rebrand products purchased from your supplier using your logo. It will make it appear like they are shipped directly from your store.

This clever technique gives your products a sophisticated look that builds brand loyalty and instills authority on the market.

ShopBase is most well-known for personalizing print-on-demand items such as:

  • Hoodies
  • T-shirts
  • Sweatshirts
  • Leggings
  • Long sleeves shirts
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The list is not complete.

ShopBase can be tuned to meet the specific needs of different users. It has a packaging solution which seamlessly increases drop shippers’ order fulfillment success rate.

ShopBase, like other leading drop shipping platforms offers a 14 day free trial package to all new users after they sign up. You can create a drop shipping store with its beginner-friendly tools in just 15 minutes.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Let’s dive in to find out how ShopBase can be used.

Prevailing Features

Shopfront Builder

A responsive online presence is the first step in starting drop-shipping and selling print on demand products. To sell niche products, you will need an online store.

This is the reason.

52% website traffic is generated by mobile devices. Drop shippers need mobile-responsive product pages that load quickly. ShopBase takes great care to improve the user experience.

Its online store is mobile-friendly, as you would expect from a top-notch storebuilder. For beginners, the setup process is simple and quick. ShopBase immediately redirects you to your admin dashboard once you are done with this step.

These priorities can be set in an order by the dashboard

Management of orders

This section allows you to sort customer order information so that you don’t miss out on any pending deliveries. The dashboard provides access to the orders’ list. It displays the order status, payment and fulfillment status as well as shipping details.

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It is possible to determine if products are fully fulfilled or not.

To maintain your store’s credibility and reputation, you can resolve any chargeback questions or other relevant inquiries from this point.

Visit the checkout page

ShopBase automates your checkout to give you a circular-knit command over all conversion signals. ShopBase’s checkout pages make it easy to find the right segments to lower your purchasing barriers.

ShopBase offers a wide range of recovery options to help you avoid cart abandonment and prevent sales from being lost. To persuade customers to buy a product, you can schedule emails.

The seller can follow all of the common funnel cracks. ShopBase allows you to identify any windows that might help your store increase its conversion rate.

You can make any customizations that you want for your checkout page. This unique attribute allows drop shippers to optimize checkout pages for increased conversion rates.

ShopBase allows you to easily adjust your shipping rates. To calculate shipping costs, you can use fixed pricing or weight-based pricing.

Built-in payment gateway

ShopBase offers the best payment options, regardless of niche. These channels are flexible and can be used to reach a wide range of potential customers.

The e-commerce store builders accept PayPal and Stripe payments. Merchants can also use debit and credit cards networks like Mastercard and Visa to make transactions.

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Analytics and reports

Without data-driven insights, it is impossible to analyze drop-shipping and print-on-demand store information.

Let’s start by explaining how ShopBase works. Then, let’s learn how to track all visitors’ actions. The dashboard displays real-time information on your sales, orders and traffic. It also shows the average earned revenue.

You can also download a product report. This will show you the top-selling products as well as the ones that aren’t. ShopBase uses a unique ID to connect to Google Analytics in order keep track of all visits.

This tool provides authentic reports that reflect the real-time actions and puts an end to any unsubstantiated assumptions.

  • Performance of your marketing campaigns
  • The total number of products pages visited by your site
  • Conversion rate
  • Rate of bounce

This tool can be integrated with ShopBase so that you can measure customer engagement with your store, and analyze how their actions impact metrics like conversions per session.

Upload Products

You can add products to bulk via a CSV file, or third-party apps such as Dropship Connector.

The backend layout captures product information (size, color, if in stock) and contact details for the vendor. This allows drop shippers to upload their products directly from the inventory page.

You can also choose your fulfillment services. You can track all actions from one place, regardless of whether you are selling print-on demand products or AliExpress drop shipping. It stores the SKU number of the product and alerts the user when it is out-of-stock.

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ShopBase lets you sort your products either manually or automatically as part of product management. Both options allow you to edit the title of a product and its overall condition.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Users can upload their product feeds to sell channels such as Instagram, Google Shopping, and Facebook.

Mobile app

The mobile app allows you to quickly access your dashboard from any device at any time. You can see the performance of all pre-set metrics in one glance.

To fulfill an order, you don’t need to take a lot of steps. Your mobile app syncs every action with your online shop. This includes orders from customers, fulfillment status, as well as the number of products sold.

Web hosting

ShopBase offers unlimited bandwidth for any plan. Your store will have enough space to store data and provide a high performance. The store builder will show you how to set up your online store’s domain. This means that there is no code.

The 256-bit SSL certificate allows drop shipping stores to run smoothly while processing customers’ transactions. This protects payment credentials and secures store data every second.

ShopBase ensures that your online store is always up and running. ShopBase’s 99 percent uptime speed makes it easy to make informed decisions based on real-time updates about sales, orders and customer inquiries.

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Integration of apps

ShopBase offers a unique way to connect to apps that have been optimized for maximum performance. Integrating apps to your store requires little or no coding. These apps are designed to assist store owners in managing their stores.

  • Marketing and automation of products
  • Manufacturing (PODs), shipping and fulfillment
  • Optimization of sales and conversion
  • Customer support
  • Online management of stores

These are the top apps that will help you optimize your online shop.

Print Hub (Print-on-Demand App for ShopBase Stores)

Print Hub is an online tool that allows you to sell print-on demand products. This automated tool makes it easy to achieve your business goals. It’s been used by over 7 million customers, and counting.

Print Hub is in a nutshell.

The order processing starts immediately when a customer places an order in your store. The app automatically generates tracking updates to notify the buyer as well as the drop shipper about the order status.

Print Hub not only processes the order but also prints it and delivers it to the customer. This technically means that the seller doesn’t need to do much. Not even product designs.

The product is easy to produce and meets all your customers’ needs. Print Hub offers a wide range of quality products such as hoodies and t-shirts, tanks tops, rugs and towels. They have everything you need to sell in the POD industry.

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You can integrate the app into your store by simply hitting the “Add App” button.

Boost Upsell

The name of the app speaks volumes about its primary purpose. Boost Upsell allows you to sell cross-sell techniques. You might be curious about the meaning of cross-sell.

Here’s how it works.

You might also want to convince customers to purchase additional items in addition to the product they choose. This is a great way to increase your store’s average order amount.

Customers can easily add several related products to make it easier.

Cross-selling is possible with Boost Upsell in the same way as Amazon. Let’s say a customer adds a notebook to their cart. This tool will then allow you to recommend similar products such as a keyboard cover or laptop bag through a responsive mobile popup window.

Up-selling is another benefit you can get from this tool. The app uses AI technology to make highly-converting offers. Boost Upsell uses historical data from your online store to predict customers’ behavior.

The seller is able to list the most relevant products automatically.

Dropship connector

This tool is the ideal fit for workflow automation, as it assumes that there will be a large number of drop-shippers looking for products.

Dropship Connector helps you to meet all of your dropshipping goals by performing these constructive tasks.

  1. You can import AliExpress products and variants via the app using a Chrome extension
  2. You can fulfill products even if they are bulk or from different suppliers automatically
  3. You can change suppliers without needing to modify your product listings. You can change to a new AliExpress product and still keep your ShopBase dropshipping store information.
  4. You can keep a steady track of your order status in real time
  5. You can offer as many shipping options as you like, depending on the region of your customers
  6. You can auto-update your inventory, and you can make adjustments to your pricing formula
  7. All products and orders can be integrated from drop-shipping platforms.
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The best part about Dropship connector? It’s a free app that is easily accessible by clicking a button.


Every good thing has a price. This is pretty clear. This platform also offers cross-border ecommerce. ShopBase offers a 14-day free trial, as well as a 10% discount for those who pay annually.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

To access the freebie window, you don’t have to give your credit card information. Drop-shippers can bank on each plan.

  • Access to the online storebuilder
  • Unlimited product uploads, sales, bandwidth, and other activities are possible for users.
  • 24/7 customer support
  • AliExpress Drop-shipping App and Support
  • Automatic sync with payment gateways (PayPal, Stripe).
  • Auto-import products via a CSV file
  • Support for Print-on-Demand exclusives
  • A fraud analysis report
  • SSL Certificate Free
  • ShopBase’s cross-sell and up-sell strategies
  • Recovery of abandoned carts

These elements are all part of ShopBase accounts and they go beyond your bare bones expectations. ShopBase payments will also be available. These payments will offer discounted rates on all transactions. The pricing is below.

Basis plan

ShopBase is a great platform for setting up an online store, especially if you have a tight budget.

This plan costs $19 per month. You can create up to five staff accounts. Users can then hand over orders and inventory management to your employees.

ShopBase charges a 2.2% transaction fee for Basic Base customers.

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Plan Standard Base

Store owners who want to scale up quickly without too much effort or high costs will love the Standard Base plan.

ShopBase charges $59 per month to its customers for the standard plan. This plan can store up to 10 employees accounts as part of the deal. The drop shipper pays only 1% transaction fees for every sale.

Pro Base plan

There is no better way to manage your online shop at an enterprise level than this. This plan is for store owners who have high-volume sales and work in a large team.

The Pro Base will cost you $249 per month. Although the price is high, it’s still a small amount when compared to what Magneto and other Saas companies charge for enterprise plans.

This package is designed to scale up your business to the highest possible levels. You can open up to 100 staff accounts, and only 0.5% transaction fees per sale.

Customer support

ShopBase is home to a highly-trained, dedicated support team. You can reach out to ShopBase via live chat, phone, or email if you have any questions.

You will find frequently asked questions in the contact section. These articles will help you understand the basics of this cross-border ecommerce platform. Every new user is assigned an account manager who will help them set up the store, configure it, and scale it to enterprise-level.

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ShopBase is just like other big wig store builders. It has an active community which gives members the opportunity to share their views on drop shipping, POD products and marketing.


  • The layout of the dashboard is very friendly for beginners.
  • You can monitor your store using the mobile app from anywhere you are
  • Plans for sellers at all levels of sales
  • Drop-shippers who want to sell white label and POD products can use this simplified channel across the border.
  • Allows customizations(checkout pages, themes)
  • It also includes e-commerce hosting plans that work.
  • Conversions are optimized in the storefront
  • All apps in the ShopBase app shop are free


  • ShopBase’s marketplace doesn’t have as many apps as you might expect. It is somewhat disappointing that ShopBase has a limited number of apps.
  • ShopBase isn’t very engaging. You might find deep insights from other sources as a beginner.

Final Mark

This review helped you to understand what ShopBase can provide to help you expand your brand’s reach in the ecommerce space.

This is the final roundup.

We want to make it easier for beginners to open their own stores. ShopBase technically is one of those platforms that will help you achieve your milestones in your niche.

ShopBase may be a good option for you if you are looking to save money on startup costs.

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Cross-border channels are a great way to make huge revenue. Nothing is more satisfying in e-commerce that launching your store on an optimized mobile platform.

ShopBase is a great app, despite the fact that it only has a few apps. The performance of ShopBase is robust enough to withstand large volumes of traffic, product uploads and conversion-optimized integrations.

If we have missed something, let us know by commenting. ShopBase will keep you informed about any new developments in the ecommerce market.