Shopify and Twitter Feed Integration with Buy Now Button

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You have many reasons to add a Twitter account to your website.

  • Engaging visitors to your website.
  • Gaining new followers on Twitter
  • Social proof for your store

Two main components are required to add a Twitter account to your Shopify store.

Part 1 – Access the embedcode from Twitter.Part 2 – Add code to your website.

A basic knowledge of HTML is necessary. To get assistance, you can always reach out to a Shopify Expert.

Part 1 – Getting the embed code for Twitter

Step 1 – Sign in to Twitter and click on the Settings menu

Step 2 Click Create New in the Widgets Section.

Step 3 Create your widget, and then copy the code

Part 2: Adding the twitter feed to your Shopify store

When adding your Twitter feed, you will have to use your judgment. The following example will show how to add it to the footer. However, you’d need to take different steps to place it elsewhere on your site.

If you need assistance adding the code to the store, contact a Shopify Expert:

Step 1 – Access the Theme Editor of your site

Step 2 : Locate the “theme.liquid.html” file. This is where you will find the Footer of your site.

Step 3 – Locate the section where you want to put your code.

Every theme has a slightly different HTML code, so it is important to know what you are doing.

In this example, we will embed the Twitter embed within theSection, which can be found within the

div. This code is located in the third column.

Best Shopify Twitter Feed APPs

Display Feeds Widget Available Anywhere

You can display your twitter feeds anywhere in the store, according to your preference.

Personalize your Twitter Widget

There are many settings that can be used to change the look and feel of widgets, such as background color, text colour, data link color, etc.

Twitter Sharing Facility

Create a share button that shares information from tweets using the URL.

Twitter Feed App

The Zestard Twitter feed app allows store owners to interact with customers via their stores or websites. It displays the most recent tweets, which can be used to promote products and sales. It is a good idea to include Twitter Feeds on your website. This will show that you aren’t treating your website like a static system, but rather as a community where communication is open.

Twitter Feed: Why should you use it?

  • Notify customers about the availability of new products.
  • You can encourage users to visit your site by informing them about upcoming sales.

Application covers Special Key Areas

  • It is possible to display all three widgets separately or together.
  • You have the option to change background colors and size boxes for widgets.
  • App provides excellent responsive results with reliable programming.

Description of the main features:

Three main widgets are what an application handles. They are listed below.

Timeline settings allow you to set options such as feed name, feed theme, limit, background, and so on.

The settings for the Share Button are specifically designed to set parameters of Twitter Buttons. (Includes button size and predefined share text.

Single Embedded settings allow you to display “Single Feeds” in your widget window. You can use the “Url” option to paste the URL you wish to display in your widget windows.

Benefits of application

  • It is simple to set up the app.
  • You can customize the design of your tweet window to look exactly like your website.
  • Each of the three widgets can be used separately or together.
  • High-quality interface.
  • It is easy to integrate with any shopify theme or custom layouts.
  • You can add it in the header, footer or sidebar of any page.

FAQ Documents

  • For FAQ information, please refer to the Help Section in the app admin section.

Customer Support Services

  • Drop email at “”.
  • App’s admin section offers the option to “Live Chat”.

Twitter Feed by has created Twitter Feed by POWr, an app that helps online store owners to increase their Twitter followers by creating a Twitter feed. This app allows you to create a stunning design for your Twitter feed. You can easily customize the colors, font sizes, borders, and combine multiple images and videos from your Twitter account. You can also choose the frequency at which your Twitter feed updates to inform your customers about new tweets. This will increase customer engagement and encourage them to visit your site. This app is also available in all languages. Get Twitter Feed by POWr now to get your free plan!

Highlights of Features

  • Change the frequency of your Twitter feed updates
  • You can easily customize the colors
  • Fonts
  • Sizes and so forth
  • All 50 POWr Apps are available to you
  • Add images
  • Videos
  • Text and video from one Twitter account
  • Text in any language is supported

Twitter Feed by Elfsight

Twitter Feed, created by Elfsight is an excellent tool that allows Shopify users to add Twitter app or Twitter tweets to their website.

Elfsight Twitter feed for Shopify allows you to create your own post and set hashtag. You can also make a collection of related posts with photos and videos. Twitter testimonials let customers rate your business and look at other’s reviews. Customers can see a complete view of all your tweets. This tool promotes comfort and convenience for users thanks to its two customizable header styles, Default and Compact. Twitter Feed for Spotify allows users to control which elements will be displayed on the website, ensuring privacy. You can also share your tweets on Facebook to connect people and increase the effectiveness of your work.

It’s a great opportunity to try all the highlights with 7-day free trial.

Highlights of Features

  • Attach to your Twitter Feed or an assortment of tweets
  • Display Twitter Testimonials Layout of the Feed
  • Provide flexible gadget header
  • Freedom to show which Twitter features
  • Facebook: Share tweets

Twitter Auto‑Post · Lotus by Beans

Twitter Auto-Post * Lotus was created by Beans to assist e-commerce entrepreneurs in increasing sales and driving more traffic to their stores via the social network Twitter. This app allows you to run effective outreach campaigns on Twitter in order to promote your products, and increase the number of people visiting your store. The information about any new product added to your website will automatically be posted to Twitter. This not only informs your customers but also saves time posting information on Twitter. The message can be customized to grab customers’ attention, drive more traffic and increase engagement. This app is so powerful, why not use it to grow your business!

Highlights of Features

  • Receive weekly notifications about tweets performance
  • Standard custom message
  • Twitter automatically posts product information
  • Fully customizable message
  • Before saving the message, test it

Setting Twitter Card for Shopify

Twitter Cards allow you to attach media experiences and tweets that are linked to your store content to Twitter. Add a short excerpt to your theme to allow visitors to tweet your blog posts and products to have a “card” added to their tweet that will be visible for all their followers.

Create a new Twitter account

This will require a Twitter account. You can skip the previous step if you already have one.

  1. If you don’t have a Twitter account, go to
  2. Complete the form to create an account.
  3. Click To create my account.

Make your snippet

  1. Go to Online ShopTemplates.
  2. Click Actions> to edit the theme.
  3. To view the Snippets content, click the Snippets heading.
  4. Look for a snippet called twitter-cards.liquid. You may have this snippet already in your theme. If your theme does not contain the snippet, you can skip to the Submit website to Twitter section.
  5. Click Create a new snippet under Snippets. Make a snippet with the Twitter-card.
  6. Add the code to your tweet-card.liquid.
  7. Keep your snippet file safe.
  8. You can still go to the Edit HTML/CSS page . Click theme.liquid.
  9. Find the closing tag and add this code right above it:
  10. Save your file

Submit your site to Twitter

Next, verify your store’s URL using the Twitter card validator.

  1. Browse to random product pages in your storefront.
  2. Grab the URL of your product page from your browser addressbar. Select it and then use Ctrl+ C for Windows or CmdC for Mac.
  3. Go to the Twitter Card Validator Page.
  4. Paste your product URL in the card URL box.
  5. Click Preview Card

What to post on twitter for your shopify store?

Shopify Store owners most likely have a Twitter account for their store. It can be tedious, repetitive, and time-consuming for merchants to tweet updates about new products. Automating this can help you save a lot of time and allow you to focus on other important tasks like shipping, sales, or inventory management.

What do you need?

  1. Smart RSS Feed app for Shopify
  2. Any RSS to Twitter service, such as Twitterfeed. It’s free. This article will explain everything about Twitterfeed. The basics of other services are the same.

Step by Step Guide

Step 1: Install Smart RSS Feed app from the Shopify App Store if you don’t have it.

Step 2: Get your collection feed URL. Below is an example collection feed URL

Step 3: Create an Account and Login to Twitterfeed Click “Create a New Feed”.

Step 4: In Advanced Settings, enter the frequency of tweets, structure of tweets, links, and other parameters.

Step 5: Click “Continue To Step 2” to select Twitter from the available services.

Step 6: You must authenticate and permit Twitterfeed to send tweets on behalf of you. Click on the button “Authenticate twitter using Oauth”. After successful authentication, you will be redirected on Twitter to grant the requested permissions. After authentication is successful, you will be redirected to this page.

Step 7: Next, click the “Create Service” button to create Shopify to Twitter. In a few hours, your tweets will start appearing.

The key=all is a list of all products that are available in your store. It will then publish tweets corresponding with all products. You can only publish products from a specific collection if you replace all with the collection handle. For example, For collection frontpage the feed URL would be

Twitter Conversion Tracking Shopify

Simple Conversion Tracking

All your Twitter Ad conversions can be tracked with just one click. Simply add your Pixel ID to track and it will be applied to your store.

Make custom triggers

To track customer actions, create specific events. You can include Page Visit, Purchase, and many other events.

You can refine your ads

Conversions can be correctly attributed. You can refine your Twitter ads by identifying where customers are losing you.

The Cleverest Twitter Pixel

The tool allows merchants to easily install tracking for Twitter ads. Merchants can track the customer’s journey from purchase to checkout by simply adding the conversion tag to their pixel tool.

All your conversion events can be tracked in one click, including:

  • Purchase
  • Site Visit
  • Custom

This allows merchants to fine tune their ads by identifying where they might be losing customers.

How it works

Clever Twitter Pixel allows you to track every customer who comes from your ads during the checkout process. There is no need to configure anything in your Shopify store.

Twitter’s strong hashtag and keyword format makes it a great platform for advertising. Twitter is a great platform to promote Shopify products to trending audiences.

Use Triggers

Tracking specific customer events such as site visit and purchase can become difficult as your business grows. The creation of triggers is a great solution.

Just specify the URL or website element you wish to track, and Clever Twitter Pixel will track all users who interact with your trigger rules cart!

Clever Twitter Pixel prevents your theme from being polluted by messy script installation. Your pixel can be added to or removed from your theme with one toggle.

This pixel tool allows merchants to enhance the customer experience without having to modify the Shopify store theme. Clever Twitter Pixel is the new mass-marketing. Target the right customers and increase your sales with Clever Twitter Pixel.