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Coupons can be used to achieve a variety of marketing goals. A coupon code can provide a great incentive for returning and new customers to sign up for your newsletters, refer a friend, share the products on social media or make a purchase.

There are many apps that will make it easy to generate coupon codes if Shopify is used for your online store. These apps are easily installed in Shopify’s App Store.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

We have compiled a list of some of the most used coupon apps for Shopify users, and listed them here.

Original Wheelio pop-ups

Price: $14.92/month

This spin wheel discount tool makes pop-ups more fun and helps you collect valuable leads. You can choose from a slot machine, a spin wheel or a scratchcard to delight your customers instead of making them feel annoyed by intrusive pop-ups.

Check out these reviews:

The application is amazing! It’s been in use for over a year. My email list keeps growing every day. Customer service is responsive. You can leave your eyes shut.

“Love the app. “Love the app. I had some questions during setup and they were all promptly answered. I highly recommend this app !”

AVADA Discount Code Generator

Price – Free

Avada allows you to create unlimited codes for the exact same markdown, instead of having different codes created for each markdown. Avada generates codes for you by simply entering the quantity and the format of the codes.

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Check out these reviews:

“Great app. Very easy to use. It has been a great tool for my clients. Excellent support” (5 stars).

“Did exactly the job we wanted. It was very easy to use and fast. “Five Stars”


Price – Starts at $4.90/month

KartDiscount is here to help you increase your conversion rates and reduce cart abandonments by giving customers the option to add coupon codes to your cart page instead of at checkout.

Customers with codes might be confused and decide not to purchase at the checkout page. Giving customers the option to add them earlier will help increase traffic to your sales funnel.

Check out these Popular Reviews

This app is a great tool to increase conversions. It does two things. (1) It displays the discount applied on the cart page. (2) Customers can combine/stack manual and automatic discounts. The discount combinations can be controlled by store owners. If you allow for timezone delays (they are based India), customer service will generally respond quickly. Customer service was quick to fix a bug I found in the app. One niggle/suggestive for improvement is that notifications to customers (e.g. about minimum order value) are only shown for a short time. It would be great if you could change the display time of notifications .”

“Automatic discounts work amazing and are far superior to Shopify’s automatic discounts. I can decide dynamically which automatic discount should apply. Customers can apply any discount code and remove the automatic discount. You can stack it, so you get one manual discount and one automated em>

The Last Second Coupon

Price $9.99/month (7-day trial free)

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Nearly two-thirds (or more) of your customers will abandon your website without purchasing anything. The Last Second Coupon is a way to increase conversion rates by offering customers who have already left your site discounted products.

You can customize everything, from the templates to cart values and page triggers. Last Second Coupon will generate trackable metrics that you can use to monitor how effective your campaign has been.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Check out these Popular Reviews

“Great, easy and free app that does exactly the job it says. There are no ads or self-promotion watermarks. It generated 92 sales out of 4392 popups, a total amount of $3772 so it definitely works .”

“I love the app because it helps me to get the attention of people who haven’t signed up for a coupon. It still allows me to create an account for customers who use the last-minute coupon. The fact that it remains at the top of the computer so the customer doesn’t forget it is also a plus.

Bulk Coupon Code Generator

Price – Free

Bulk is another app that can generate multiple codes at the same discounted rate, which saves you time and effort.

You can also protect your coupon strategy from being misused by others sharing or reusing the codes.

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Check out these Popular Reviews

“Wow! “Wow! This app is so user-friendly. They were created in less than 30 seconds. It was so easy to create each code !”.

“Exactly what I needed!” Thank you for making it so easy. It was difficult to manually create the codes in bulk !”

Leadslide Coupon Popup

Price – Free with a $5/month Upgrade

Leadslide, a simple exit-intent app, aims to capture shoppers by offering discounts as they exit your store.

This easy-to-use popup creator allows you to customize your popups and see your cart abandonment rates drop.

Check out these reviews:

“10 STARS!! It’s a simple, functional, and beautiful app. I can’t stress enough how much I love it. It could use a few more pop-up options, such as specific page pop ups. This app was the first of at least five I tried before I found it. I recommend that you test it in your store!

“Works like a charm. It’s simple and efficient! It is simple and effective. I have seen many customers buy it because of its exit intent. You can change the colors. Fonts, timing and other options are available. Your store’s needs. When updating your coupon code .”

Exclusive Discounts

Price – Starting at 19.99/month

Exclusive Discounts is an extremely powerful coupon app that can confirm military veterans, first responders and medical workers (among many other categories) in less than 30 seconds.

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Give back to teachers and frontline workers by offering exclusive and secure discounts on products. You can rest assured that the discounts won’t be given out to anyone who hasn’t earned them.

Check out these Popular Reviews

“We added this product to our store today and it was installed in minutes. Literally, it was very simple! I had one question, so I reached out to the customer service team. Within 3 minutes, Rick replied with a very knowledgeable and helpful reply. Being a veteran and owning a store that caters to military personnel, I believe that offering discounts to military personnel is essential. It’s great to find a company that makes it easy to do this. The app’s performance and future developments will be revealed, but I am a big fan. Thanks .”

“App works amazing, I have been with them for a long time without any issues. The customer service is outstanding and the add-on tiers make it a breeze. Thank you VerifyPass!”

Reward Reach

Price – Free Upgrade to 9.97/Month

Reward Reach offers discounts to shoppers for sharing and referring others. This is a smart and effective way for visitors to convert to your products. You can also share your website and reach new customers.

Check out these Popular Reviews

“It works!

Although I was hesitant to add any product information to the page to confuse customers, I am very glad I did. It has helped me to make around 50 sales so far. “I can highly recommend it.”

“This app is amazing. It’s easy to set up, it installs flawlessly and I’m seeing more sales from this app. It was amazing to see the increase in my conversion rate.

Birthday Reminder

Price – Starting at $10/month

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A birthday reminder is a great way for customers to be surprised and delighted, as well as driving repeat business. A notification is displayed at the end of every purchase asking the user for their birthday. This allows you to reach out to them and offer them a special deal on your website.

This app is a great way to connect with customers and make them feel valued on their birthdays.

Check out these Popular Reviews

Although I’ve only used the app for a brief time, I love it so far! It is very easy to use and works as expected. It was also very helpful and quick to respond.

“I would recommend this app to any business that wants to build a stronger relationship with customers. Union Works provided exceptional customer service and Sam and his team were attentive to every detail. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them. This app has greatly increased the number of leads for our company, which is based in Ireland. It is very responsive and easy to use! Highly recommended! “

Shopify multiple discount codes at checkout

Shopify doesn’t allow multiple discounts at checkout. This is why shop owners must opt for third-party apps or induct additional methods.

Official Shopify documentation says that discounts cannot be combined, but only one discount code per order.

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Shopify does not offer stackable discounts at the moment. One discount code per order is allowed. This is something that many people want and I would love to see implemented on the platform. To show that there is interest, I have added your vote to the feature request. Trevor, Shopify Community Moderator

Multiple discounts can be added to a single order. It’s as simple as ‘how’.

We know Shopify needs to address a few issues/ features, but there is no need for us to panic. Shopify offers multiple discounts at checkout.

Are you a professional?

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Weekend Sales: +$1.5 Billion

Peak sales per minute – $870,000

Peak orders per minute – 10,978

(BFCM Shopify statistics 2021).

Consider this: You are dealing with basic problems, especially during the holiday season. How could this affect your sales?

This blog post will discuss workarounds to use Shopify multiple discount codes when you checkout. We will be back shortly.

There are many ways to set multiple discount codes for a single order. However, the third-party app is by far the easiest and most practical.

1 – Use third-party apps

We recommend volume pricing and discounts

This app is great for creating multiple discount codes during checkout. You can see that they offer volume discounts, quantity breaks, tiered pricing, bulk discount, and tiered pricing.

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Their rating on Shopify app store is excellent – 4.9 4.9.

The app also offers a 7-day free trial, which means that if you don’t like it, you can stop using it. The app’s pricing starts at $7.99 per month.


The discount app is compatible with all types of discounts.

Let us list down.

Spend $400 to get 20% off your summer collection

Volume discount/Quantity breaks

Buy X for CA $ (Buy 3 Items from the Summer Collection of $400).

It is helpful in giving discounts and volume discounts.

2-Combine coupon code with gift card

In one order, you can combine a discount code and a gift card. This is something that many Shopify store owners don’t know.

You can only use a gift certificate if it has some value remaining. Only one customer can use it. You must create unique gift cards for each customer. It is tedious but it is possible.

We shared two methods to resolve Shopify multiple discount codes during checkout. However, we recommend the hassle-free and expensive third party app “Volume & discounted pricing”. Monthly app costs will be borne by you.

Wrapping up

Coupon codes are a cost-effective way to generate new leads, recoup customers and create loyalty programs. However, they can often be tedious and disruptive to customers’ experience.

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A coupon strategy that is both time-effective and delightful to customers is the key to a strong strategy. This will help drive sales and keep customers coming back to your site.