Shopify Shipping Policy Template and Examples

Online retailers are constantly on the lookout for ways to increase their order volumes. This powerful metric can translate into more profits. What many people forget is that trust is the key to all of this.

These are the Shopify shipping policy templates.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

When I refer to shopping policy, it means the shipping details that potential customers have access to either as a downloadable document, or as a webpage, while they browse your Shopify store. This policy is usually detailed and includes all the information your prospects require about shipping.

A Shopify shipping policy is a good eCommerce practice. This is especially important if you want customers to trust your website. It helps to manage customer expectations and eliminates any doubts.

It’s a guarantee to your customers who are ready to buy that they will make the right purchase from you.

Most store owners find it difficult to choose the right template because shipping policies can vary widely. We’ll discuss all the important considerations that you need to consider when creating a shipping policy page in your online store. A collection of Shopify shipping policy templates has been included along with a tutorial to help you get started.

Let’s get started!

I. Why You Need A Shipping Policy Page

If you are wondering what all the fuss is about shipping policies, here’s a list of top reasons to have one for your online store.

01. It provides details about your shipping process to customers

When online shoppers want to find out more about shipping information, they often search for shipping policies. Before placing an order, online shoppers will need to be able to find out about shipping costs, shipping options, payment methods and delivery times. This document can answer most commonly asked questions about shipping and prevent unnecessary complaints.

02. It makes your online store trustworthy and legit

A clear and simple shipping policy communicates to potential buyers that your store is legitimate, reliable, transparent, and trustworthy. This is the first requirement for trust. This helps you create a plan for potential buyers before they make a purchase. Transparency about delivery times and shipping schedules can help you convert 47% more online customers to repeat buyers.

03. It highlights other important store policies and protects your business

Shipping policy pages not only provide shipping information to your customers, but also outline important store policies regarding returns, damages, and international dealings. Recent data from retail marketing shows that 60% of online shoppers check to see if there is a return policy. This ensures that stores will make more profit if they include reverse logistics in their shipping policy.

04. It improves customer loyalty

Now it is clear that new customers will be more likely to click the “Order” button if you have a detailed shipping policy statement. You might not know that Shopify’s shipping policy page can be updated and your shipping process improved. This will increase customer loyalty. This is a key factor in determining if your customer will return to you again.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

II. Shipping Policy Page: Quintessential Elements

Your shipping policy must be clear and concise, it is obvious. Your policy should answer all of your most pressing questions about shipping. This will make it easier for potential customers to follow the instructions. These are some of the most important elements to include on your shipping policy page:

  • Shipping conditions
  • Shipping costs, shipping methods, and processing time
  • Shipping restrictions
  • Delivery time estimates
  • Refunds and returns

Keep in mind that transparency is key to your document. Here’s a summary of the sections you should include:

01. Shipping Conditions

Shipping is not always easy. This is especially true if you need to handle a lost package, or any other delivery exception. Although it might seem difficult to keep clients happy during these situations, it is possible with your shipping policy. You just need to give them clear instructions on how to report missing or damaged goods. Include active contact information for quick follow ups.

02. Shipping costs, methods, and processing times

Shipping costs are important to know, regardless of whether you ship locally or internationally. This is often the most important thing customers look for when reviewing shipping policies. This element, along with details about shipping options and processing times, will give your customers an idea of the price they can expect to pay at check out. This information can be presented in tabulated format for greater usability. It will be easy for potential buyers to compare shipping options and find the most affordable. This will allow them to easily identify the best option that suits their needs. For more value, consider adding an estimated delivery time slot to each shipping method.

03. Shipping restrictions

Shipping capacity can vary between online shops. The policy page should include a brief summary of any shipping restrictions. This will increase your credibility with potential customers. Customers can self-evaluate their geographical area by including a list with shipping destinations in their policy.

04. Returns and refunds

Online shoppers want to know more about your refund and returns policy before they make a purchase. It’s easier for online store owners to include this information in their shipping policy, as it is the first thing customers search for when they are ready to buy. It makes it easier to provide customers with the information they need to return or exchange items. The main elements of this section include the return processing timelines and the refund qualification criteria. This information is ideal as it guarantees customers value and provides peace of mind, even before placing an order.

International Shipping

You must provide information about international shipping if you are serving customers around the globe. This section includes information about the freight partners that will handle foreign shipments, custom duties, import duties, as well as who will be paying any additional shipping fees.

III. How To Add Shipping Policy On Shopify

Step 1: Log In

Shopify can be accessed from any browser. You will need to log in using your registered email address and password.

Step 2: Open Legal

After logging in, open Settings (at bottom left), then click Legal (at bottom right) to go to the Settings page.

Step 3: Make your legal policies

You can either directly enter your store policies on the Legal page or use a template to create them. To make your online shop stand out, customize and personalize the template copy. You can also use the additional formatting tools on this page to create your policies in any way you like.

Step 4: Review your policies and save them

It is a good idea to go over your policies again after creating them. This will ensure that they remain consistent and flawless. It is important to review your shipping policy in order to find and correct any potential misunderstandings. Once everything is in order, click “Save” to automatically add the policies to your store checkouts.


These are customizable drafts that can be used to create shipping policies for Shopify stores. These templates are great for those who just started out with Shopify or have yet to set up their eCommerce site.

01. Toy Theme Shipping Policy Template

This template is based on the toy Shopify theme and includes details about refunds and returns. This template provides details about refunds and returns, including the cost of returning goods, their validity, and the validity of any return. This summarizes the policy and includes very brief shipping information, including details about who will pay shipping costs and when you can expect an exchange.

Takeaway Point

  • This template is one of the most effective for emphasizing specific policy sections, such as refunds.

02. Template for Vibrant Theme Shipping Policy

This policy template was adapted from the vibrant Shopify theme. It includes quick shipping and returns policy highlights. This template is concise but provides enough information to inform customers about shipping restrictions, shipping times, shipping costs, return instructions, and estimated delivery times.

Takeaway Point

  • This Shopify shipping template works well for online shops that sell only one product type in a particular region.

03. Template for Pantry Theme Shipping Policy

The template for pantry Shopify shipping policies is concise and clear. It is located at the footer of the homepage and includes the shipping destination and eligible shipping hours.

Takeaway Point

  • If you are currently shipping only within your locality or town, this template is a great option.

04. Template for Fashion Theme Shipping Policy

A link to the return policy is included in the footer of the fashion template, which falls under the minimal eCommerce website templates category in Shopify themes. If a customer wishes to return a package, the template will open to a detailed shipping policy page. It provides instructions, eligibility and processing times.

Takeaway Point

  • This elegant policy template is meant to keep your focus on your products.

05. Snowboards theme Shipping Policy Template

The snowboards template under the venture Shopify website template contains three important policy link links in the support section. This section contains the main store policies, including privacy policy and returns policy. Each policy contains detailed information regarding shipping procedures and times.

Takeaway Point

  • This shipping policy sample is ideal for large product catalogues. It provides detailed shipping information to its target markets.

V. 05 Best Shopify Shipping Policy Example Page

Here are five examples of the best shipping policies pages from top Shopify online stores.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

01. Shipping Policy page for MFMG

Makeup For Melanin girls (MFMG) is a cosmetics company that focuses on inclusivity for girls with darker skin tones. The MFMG shipping policies page provides information about shipping times, shipping costs, returns, payment information, and processing.

02. Get Free Shipping on All Orders

The Package Free eCommerce store is an eco-friendly eCommerce company that sells packaging-free beauty and household products. The Shopify shipping policy page provides a great example of how to use the Q&A format when creating your legal policy page. The footer section contains information about their shipping policy. It usually answers questions regarding free shipping, international shipping details, package handling and estimated delivery times.

03. Hiut Denim Shipping Policy Page

Hiut Denim, an online store based in the U.K. that ships jeans all over the globe, is also known as Hiut Denim. The shipping information page of the Hiut Denim is easy to find, follow, and understand. This page covers the most important elements: shipping options, delivery times, processing periods and returns.

04. Terre Bleu Shipping Policy Page

Terre Bleu, an eCommerce shop based in Ontario, sells only lavender-infused products. Customers can find all the information they need about their shipping and returns policies including shipping restrictions, processing times, and instructions to return a purchase.

05. Bailly Shipping Policy Page

Bailly, another eCommerce beauty brand, mainly ships vegan natural oil perfumes to North America. This is one of the most important shipping details that they have clearly listed on their refund page. The policy also includes important information such as order processing times, tracking details and a return guide. You can find more information about shipping times and free shipping in their FAQ section.