Shopify Shogun Landing Page Builder Review and Tutorial

Shopify offers a wide range of themes and features that allow you to sell online. This allows you to create a seamless eCommerce experience for buyers and sellers.

Many eCommerce professionals are not impressed with Shopify’s website customization capabilities. While the visual composer offers some useful tools for beginners, Shopify’s platform is not as easy to customize for more advanced merchants. Shopify developers and Shopify experts are usually required for those who need to create code.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Shopify merchants looking to personalize their shop without the assistance of a developer can use the Shogun drag-and-drop page builder and editor.

This app is described as a drag-and-drop tool to create beautiful Shopify pages. It has a five star rating and lots of great reviews. Shogun can be used with all Shopify themes. It also has a page importer that allows you to make edits to pages.

Shogun can be used to create any page marketing on Shopify: FAQ, About Us and Contact pages.

We now have an overview of Shogun’s role for Shopify users. Let’s dive into the app.

It is crucial for E-commerce businesses to design their online shops effectively to increase traffic and sales in this highly competitive market. Shopify is a Content Management System that allows companies to customize and manage their websites. Shopify supports a variety of third-party applications, which can be used to customize E-commerce websites according to user needs. Shogun is a top-rated application on the Shopify App store that companies can use to deliver a better customer experience.

This article will give you a thorough understanding of Shogun and Shopify. This article will also discuss the key features of Shogun Shopify, which help companies create stunning landing pages. Continue reading to learn more about Shogun Shopify

Shopify: Introduction

Shopify, a Cloud-based Software as a Service company, was founded in Ottawa, Canada by Scott Lake, Daniel Weinand and Tobias Lutke. It is the most widely used Content Management System in the world. Shopify is a CMS that focuses exclusively on E-commerce, unlike other CMS such as WordPress and Blogger. Shopify allows users to create online shops to sell their products to a wider audience. Shopify allows users to create, manage, host, optimize, and optimize aesthetic-looking websites in order to grow their retail business.

Shopify provides thousands of pre-built templates to users. The templates can be customized to suit your business niche. Shopify is a multichannel CMS platform, which is mostly used by small and medium-sized businesses. It is cloud-based, so users don’t need to install any hardware at work to use it. Shopify offers many features to meet all your eCommerce needs.

Shopify offers solutions that make it easy to manage all aspects of eCommerce operations, including shipments and payments. Shopify allows users to create and launch Marketing Campaigns, and then sell products on various social media channels including Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest. Shopify offers a free 15-day trial that allows users to test its functionality. Shopify was launched in 2012 and has since introduced many innovative features to the E-commerce market. These innovations have helped customers improve their online visibility as well as boost sales.

Shopify’s Key Features

Shopify has many features that allow users to efficiently carry out their business operations. Here are some of the most notable features offered by Shopify:

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shopify dropshipping store set up

1) Advanced Web Hosting

Shopify provides unlimited traffic to E-commerce websites and comes with unlimited bandwidth. Users don’t need to purchase additional subscriptions to increase their website traffic. Shopify allows users to host unlimited email forwarding addresses. Shopify is a Cloud service that automatically updates to offer the most recent web hosting features to its users.

2) Shopify Analytics

Shopify offers a variety of Analytics tools that provide valuable insights. Shopify provides a single dashboard that displays all metrics. This allows users to better understand and analyze their website’s performance. The Dashboard displays critical data such as total sales, customer traffic, customer demographics, website visits,, and many other metrics. This allows users to make informed strategic decisions that will increase their sales. Shopify provides support for hundreds third-party apps, including Google Analytics. Users can choose to opt for this service to further enhance the platform’s analytical capabilities. Shopify Analytics also provides various reports including Sales, Inventory and Order, as well as Profits.

3) Shopify Dropshipping

Shopify Dropshipping allows users the ability to work with multiple wholesalers and offer third-party products through their E-commerce sites. Dropshipping is a business model that does not require the user to have a warehouse. This is especially beneficial for small businesses as it allows them to sell many products online. While companies must pay wholesale prices to suppliers, they can control and adjust the pricing of products in their online stores. This helps them increase profits.

Shopify Dropshipping customers need to send shipment details and product information to wholesalers. They then pack and ship the products to the desired destinations on behalf of the company. Shopify supports many applications that allow users to connect with wholesalers on a global scale. CJDropshipping is a popular Shopify Dropshipping app. It supports Trendsi and Trendsi as well as AutoDS, D-Sers AliExpress and D-Sers Trendsi.

4) SEO Tools

Search Engine Optimization It is vital that companies focus on increasing their online visibility and presence. Shopify offers many SEO tools to help businesses increase their search engine rankings. Shopify supports many third-party integrations that can be used to optimize users’ websites. Smart SEO, Booster Image and Plugin SEO are some of the most popular apps.

5) Shopify POS

Shopify POS Shopify POS allows companies to sell products to customers through pop-up shops. Shopify POS allows users to accept payments from customers who come in using card readers. All offline purchases are linked directly to the Shopify inventory. This eliminates the need for separate registers for offline and online sales. Shopify POS is also able to launch offline marketing campaigns in physical stores.

Shopify POS currently supports Apple devices such as the iPad and iPhone. Shopify offers the platform in two versions: Shopify POS Lite or Shopify POS Pro. The latter version includes additional features such as better in-store analytics and omnichannel selling.

Introduction to Shogun

Shogun, an app available in the Shopify App Shop, is used to create fast-loading and attractive landing pages for storefronts. Shogun Shopify allows you to create custom-built pages for Shopify eCommerce websites. This will enhance the website’s appearance. On the Shopify App Store, the application has a rating of 4.7. Shogun can be used to create landing pages for Ecommerce websites. Although Shopify teams are completely customizable, Shogun allows users to increase the level of personalization. Shogun Shopify allows users to personalize their websites without the need to hire a developer.

Shogun Shopify makes it easy to Edit and Customize your Shopify themes, or add new pages to existing Shopify themes. Shogun can be used to create FAQs or blog pages for websites. Shogun Shopify is used by many industry-leading DTC companies like Chubbies and MVMT Leesa, FILA and The Ridge to create their landing pages. This allows them to provide a superior customer experience. Shogun offers 24/7 support in six countries, so users can get immediate assistance or solve any product-related question.

Shogun’s Key Features

Shogun has many features that help make it stand out from other platforms. They allow users to easily design landing pages, which can be used to improve the functionality and look of their websites. Here are some of the key features offered by Shogun.

1) Multi-Site Capability

Shogun allows users to publish the same content on multiple sites simultaneously. This helps reduce time spent in cloning products, pages, custom elements, etc. This is a great tool for users who plan to move their websites to a different domain once they are ready to go live.

2) Mobile Friendly

E-commerce companies must ensure that their websites are mobile-friendly. The majority of E-commerce customers shop on their mobiles. You can view all customization options on Shogun Shopify for mobile before publishing. Businesses can view their websites in mobile view before they go live. This is essential for search engine optimization, as Google ranks responsive mobile websites higher than other sites.

3) Shogun Support

Users can quickly get answers to their questions because Shogun has a 24/7 customer service center. All subscription plans include free email support. Shogun offers email support as well as access to FAQs for customers to resolve their problems on their own. To better understand the features and functionality of the platform, users have access to many video tutorials. Video tutorials can be used to cut down training time and improve productivity.

4) Better for Developers

Shogun lets developers create their own code and publish them to websites with Shogun. Developers can create custom elements using HTML, CSS and Liquid codes with the Custom Templating feature.

Split Testing

Shogun Shopify lets users split-test their websites in order to determine the best design options. This feature, also known as A/B Testing, allows users to make data-driven design decisions for their websites. Shogun allows users to test different web designs in order to determine which design is best for them. This makes Shogun Shopify stand apart from its competitors.

6) More Customization Options

Shogun is a new way to customize Shopify. Shogun gives users access to many page elements, including images, videos and blogs. Shogun allows users to personalize their websites with many options.

Shopify Shogun Pricing

To help users better understand Shogun’s platform, Shogun offers a 10 day free trial to allow them to try it out before making a commitment. There are four subscription options available for Shogun starting at $39/month. The 299/month high-end subscription comes with additional features such as Data Collection and Bookable Video Support.

Shogun Page Builder Shopify APP

Full website elements library

Elements include: Video Background, Carousel and Icons. HTML, CSS, Product Quantity, Image, Table, Tabs, Sections and more.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Drag and Drop Layout Control

Exact page design for all page types: Collections Page, Home Page, FAQ Page, FAQ Page, Contact Page and custom Product Pages. Size Charts, About Us, Size Charts and more.

Enterprise Options

You can also access powerful enterprise features like A/B testing, Multi-Store Synchro, Custom Elements, and Dedicated Account Manager.

Create Your Store Your Way

Shogun Page Builder allows you to create stunning and fast-loading storefronts.

Reusability tools for merchants and agencies

Page Builder is simple enough to use even for novices, but powerful enough to be used by experienced design and development teams who need a scalable solution.

  • To save time when migrating or launching a site, you can save any code that you have created in our codeless editor and use it as a snippet.
  • Our lazy loading and image compression tools allow you to get the benefits of a page-builder without slowing down page speed.
  • You can create completely new elements with HTML/Liquid or CSS.
  • You can create without limitations: Create your homepage, product pages, about us page, sales funnels, landing pages, promotion pages, contact pages, blog posts, and many other pages.
  • Launch your store quickly with over 30+ mobile-optimized templates that include the most recent design best practices.

Drag and Drop Elements Library

The Elements Library makes it simple for beginners to create quickly:

  • Structure: Paragraphs and Headings, Sections and Columns. Tabs, Tabs. Accordion, Sidebars. Separators. Tables.
  • Media: Parallax Displays, Image Slideshows and Image Carousels. Overlays, Animations and Video Backgrounds. YouTube, Vimeo. Social Icons. Hover Effects. Google Maps.
  • Conversions: Sales Countdown Timers and Custom Forms.
  • Scalability: Keep your brand consistent by saving style settings.

Products and Collections

Our product editor gives you complete control over your product themes and collections.

  • Stylize Product Titles and Descriptions, Collections Price, Quantity and Discounts, Variants Image and Video Galleries and Sizing Guides
  • Hover Effects and Image Overlays.
  • Optimize Add To Cart Buttons and Related Products Feeds

Marketing Tools Your Brand Needs To Thrive

Content: Make the blog layout you want and save it as an easily reusable template. This will help keep your blog theme consistent and save you time.

SEO: Modify Meta Titles, Descriptions and Alt Text to optimize search engine results for your store.

Email Capture: Use forms in your content to capture leads.

Testing: Optimize your conversions using built-in A/B testing, analytics tools, and page elements that you can test and measure immediately.

24/7 Support

We are proud to offer world-class support, and we’re available 24/7 to help you get


Shogun, an app available in the Shopify App Store, is a great tool that allows for increased customization of Shopify websites. The software is easy to use and can be used by anyone with no technical knowledge. Shogun allows companies to make their websites more mobile-friendly and cleaner. This helps them deliver a better customer experience.

This blog introduced Shogun and Shopify to you along with their key features. The major subscription plans for Shogun Shopify were also discussed. Hevo Data is the best choice if you need to export data from Shopify to your preferred Database/destination.