Shopify Theme Detector and Chrome Extension Review

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What Shopify Theme that the Store Using?

Shopify Theme Detector – Are you searching? This is the right place. You may have wondered what Shopify themes were used to create Shopify stores or sites. You are not the only one. There are thousands of online merchants trying to identify site themes using a limited number of websites systems. Shopify Theme Detector is no different. Simply enter the URL of any Shopify website you see and you’ll be shown how to identify which Shopify theme it is. Before you use Shopify, it might interest you to read a comprehensive review.

Shopify is available in a variety of themes that can be installed easily by e-Commerce shops. Shopify has many themes to choose from so you may find Shopify-powered shops with appealing designs that you like.

What is a Shopify theme exactly?

Shopify themes are templates that design how your online store will look. Different themes may have different layouts or styles that offer visitors a different experience. The theme can make your store look great and convey feelings that will persuade potential customers to buy.

Shopify should look modern and energetic if you sell high-tech products. You will want to sell spa products with a relaxing and luxurious appearance. Your brand’s theme is an important part.

You can install any theme you want, regardless of the price plan, if you have a Shopify account. You can customize the theme using the theme editor. You can also edit the source code of the theme if there isn’t a setting or change you want. Shopify’s theme can be modified or switched without affecting any other areas of your store. This is why it is worth trying different themes for your store to see which one suits you best.

Forbes states that a good user experience can increase your store’s conversion rates by 400%. Don’t be afraid to spend some time searching for the perfect look.

Let’s now see where Shopify themes can be purchased for your store.

Shopify themes available from where?

The official Shopify Theme Store is your first stop. The marketplace has a variety of themes you can add to your store, both free and paid. Shopify creates the free themes, while third-party companies develop the paid themes. Shopify also offers amazing support for free themes.

Click “Search” to find themes with specific features. Here are some examples of search terms you could use:

  • Filtering of products
  • Similar products
  • Search engine optimization
  • Video
  • FAQ page
  • Instagram feed
  • Wide layout
  • Buy Quick
  • Sticky navigation

To browse the theme collections by industry or collection, you can also use the drop-down menus at the top of the bar. You can filter further by selecting a specific purpose, layout, style, or other criteria. You don’t have to limit your search to one industry. You can experiment until you find the right look for you store.

Themeforest is another place where you can purchase Shopify themes. The Shopify Theme Store’s paid options are usually cheaper than the free ones, but they do not offer the same level support. It is important to understand the type of support that is offered before you choose a theme. You shouldn’t have to do much customization. However, if you make extensive changes to the theme to improve its loading speed and layout, you should know who your developer is.

Shopify themes are easy to find.

It is easy to spot a great online store and wonder what theme they use. It’s like noticing a successful person wearing their outfit. You wonder if you look the same. You can only find out by trying.

These are the reasons why you might want to find a Shopify theme.

Select the best theme for you

You can easily get lost among the almost 100 themes available on Shopify Theme Store, and many more on other websites. It’s easy to lose yourself in them all. Look at the success stories of other stores. These can be inspiration for your website design, or they could just inspire you.

Monitor competitors

You can get an idea of how different people represent their companies by looking at the themes of other companies in the same industry. This can be a great opportunity and a lesson. Your theme can be either a standard design or stand out from others. You will adapt faster if you see a trend or change in the industry website design.

Budget adjustments

You would also know the cost of your favorite theme if you knew its price. A theme is often associated to the start phase of your business. You can adjust the budget accordingly. You can learn how to adjust your budget by comparing the performance of other stores with the same amount. This will also help you save time and effort.

What is a Shopify theme detector?

Themes are the mainstay of Shopify’s stores. The themes give the site a structure and overall look. It is difficult to identify the Shopify themes used on a site. A Shopify theme detector will let you know which theme is being used. The detector uses technology to give you results about:

  • Shopify is used or not
  • The theme’s name
  • Screenshot of the theme
  • Theme price
  • Screenshot from scanned store
  • Plugin or App List

How do I find out which Shopify theme is being used by a website?

Shopify is quickly becoming the top choice for entrepreneurs who want to sell online. Shopify has been so popular that many people have questions. One of the most frequently asked questions is “Which store theme is it using?” . Shopify store owners have the ability to be very creative with their website design and attract a lot more attention thanks to its easy configuration and user-friendly interface. Designing can result in higher sales.

If you want to find out which Shopify theme your store uses, then you have come to the right place. This article will discuss Shopify theme detections and how to examine a store’s themes. These solutions are simple to follow and don’t require any specialization. Let’s get started!.

Method 1: Check the page source to find out.

Chrome allows you to go to Shopify-powered stores in the question and source, or press CTRL+U.

You can then find the code by pressing Ctrl+f . To find the code listing the theme’s name, search shopify.theme. Line 50 shows the Shopify theme name, which is “Empire”.

Sometimes, the Shopify theme you choose might not be available. You will find something similar in all cases of custom and unique themes.

This is why the name KKW beauty - New is used. However, you do not have this theme in your Shopify theme shop. It is possible that the themes you are using are not available for download on your online store.

Another way to see which themes are being used in Shopify stores is by looking at the ID in their page source. If Shopify generates your store’s theme, you can clearly see the number. For instance, it will appear like “theme_store_id”:838. Shopify does not create the themes you use if you see “null” instead.

You can then google the number with the keyword “shopify theme”, and you’ll be taken to the page for the Shopify theme. If you search for “Shopify theme 775”, it will display that the theme is called District, which means that it is available to purchase on your theme store.

To view page source in another browser,

  • How to locate the Shopify Theme for Edge: Ctrl+ u
  • How to locate the Shopify Theme on Firefox: Ctrl+ u
  • How to locate the Shopify Theme Safari: Cmd+ Opt + u

After you have opened a source code page within those browsers you can follow the same steps as listed under the Chrome to discover the Shopify Theme your store uses.

You can also download the Shopify theme detecting Chrome extension. This extension can tell you which theme is being used in your shop. If the theme is available in Shopify’s theme store, it will also give you a link so you can go and check it out yourself.

You don’t have to worry if you find the procedure for checking the theme store too complicated. Different apps will support you.

Method 2: Use the Shop Theme Detector

Shopify Theme Detector Extension is the first app on this list. Shopify Theme Detector Extension is developed by and has been used by nearly 4,000 users. This app works with any device. It was built using MegaMenu 2017-v2. Installing Shopify Theme Detector will also be very easy. Once you have found your favourite website, you just need to click on the Shopify detector icon to get an answer in seconds. Shopify Theme Detector Extension will help you build your dream website.

Method 3: Install the Chrome extension

You can find the theme that a store uses with Chrome extensions. It takes just one click. It is possible to find the name of the theme, top-selling products, plugins, and apps used by competitors, as well as where they get their traffic.

Installing a Chrome extension is easy. Go to the Chrome Web Shop, search for the name, and then download the extension. After the extension is installed, go to the store where you want to inspect it and click the extension. The tool can include a link that will take you to the Shopify page even if the title of the theme doesn’t contain its original name.

These Chrome extensions are available for free.

  • Shopify Inspector – This tool is used by more than 20,000 people and can display the theme’s name as well as apps, new products, bestsellers, traffic monthly, and social links for a store’s website.
  • Shopify App/Theme Detective by – An extension to open source code developed by that allows you to see which theme and apps Shopify stores are using (if not fully custom).
  • Shopify Theme Locator: Developed by the website in the previous section, this tool allows you to see the theme name and link for installation in one click.

Method 4: Use developer tools to find out

Although this method requires some technical knowledge, you don’t have to visit or install any other website. The easiest and fastest way to find out which Shopify theme a store uses is by using the Chrome DevTools.

Use the Console first. Developers often include the version number of their theme in the main JavaScript files and display it in the console. This is a good place to start.

Click anywhere on the page to right-click and choose “Inspect”. The browser window will now have a sidebar window. To see if the theme’s name appears in a message, click on the “Console Tab”.

Second, you can search for the Elements. You can search the page elements for the name of the theme if the Console returns no results. Continue the process using the inspector tools and click on Elements. To open a search box, use CTRL + F and type the words “Shopify.theme” in the search box.

All search results will be highlighted in yellow. Locate the Shopify.theme instance that has the “name” in curly brackets. This will give you the name and URL of the Shopify theme the inspecting store uses.

Third, you can see the Page Source. Right-click anywhere on the page and select “View Page Source”. A new tab will then open with all of the codings for the website. You can also search for Shopify.theme using the Ctrl+F option. This is the larger version of the first. This should give you the exact same result as the Shopify theme name.

Last words

You have it! These are two quick ways to use Shopify’s theme detectors. This is your first business venture, so spend some time looking through all the themes you love and then choose the one that best suits your brand.

You can leave any questions or concerns in the comments section below. I’ll get back to your email address. As always, I wish you all the best on your eCommerce journey.