Solar Products Dropshipping from Siliconsolar and Spvlights

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Great Things About Solar Products

The majority of solar products that were on the market in the past were considered novelty items. Today, solar energy is very popular in all parts of the world and many people continue to enjoy this flexible method to get renewable energy.

Solar technology products are becoming an integral part of many communities.

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Types of items powered by solar

There are many products that can be driven by solar energy. Take the power panels, which can be used to replace conventional electricity and produce enough power to power many appliances in your home.

There are other technology products that you may need for your daily life. For emergencies, solar-powered lanterns and flashlights have been a significant addition to the array of technology products available. These products are useful for backpackers and hikers who often need light in places where sunlight is not available.

Other important products that are powered by solar are the solar-powered radios. These radios allow you to listen to news headlines and your favorite programs, even if there is no electricity or an organic disaster. The technology can also charge electric batteries that can be used to power important consumer electronics.

Outdoor lighting is another important aspect of solar-powered items. There are many types of solar-powered lanterns, bogus candles and tiki torch options available today. If there is enough sunlight, the products can collect power energy and will glow when the sun sets.

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Other amazing products that are powered by solar are the pool heating system discs. These discs capture sunlight and convert it to heat your pool. Heating your pool to the desired temperature, especially during winter, can increase your power bills. Installing the products is a smart choice if you want to heat your pool while also saving time and money.

Technology products have many advantages

There are many benefits to using solar products. They are nonpolluting: solar-powered items rarely emit harmful wastes or greenhouse gasses into the environment. These technology products make it easy to save energy, especially in remote areas where expansion costs can be prohibitive. Most solar-powered items are easier to maintain and can last for a long time. They are easy to install and provide flexibility and comfort. Most solar products don’t require moving parts, which means that they are easier to maintain.

The power-savings can be a boon for your electricity bills. Many cities will soon be able to use this cheap and clean source of renewable energy. Even though you might think that solar panels are too expensive to put up on your roof, there are many small-scale options that will allow you to reap the benefits of solar products.

Siliconsolar Dropship Program Details:

We are grateful for your interest in becoming an official Silicon Solar Certified Dealer. Silicon Solar manufactures many innovative solar products and is always looking for partners to help expand our distribution. In order to increase the market share for our products in niche markets, we currently work with contractors, wholesalers and military vendors as well as sign companies and retailers.

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About Silicon SolarSilicon Solar is an Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). We have been creating, marketing and manufacturing innovative solar products for more than 15 years. We produce multiple product lines at our U.S. and international facilities, allowing us to provide faster delivery and priority support. Over 100,000 customers have been served by us, from our neighbors to government officials in the United States. Our Silicon Solar Dealer Program offers not only the best-of-the line products at extremely low rates but also the flexibility to purchase what you need to grow your business.

Wholesale and Dropship Program

You are looking for a reliable, affordable supplier of the best solar products available? Silicon Solar makes it simple with its wholesale and dropship programs. Silicon Solar can stock your products and ship them directly to your customers, allowing you to increase your profits and avoid warehouse rental fees.

Requirements and Features for Wholesale/Dropship Programs:

  • Minimum Order: 1,000 US
  • 3-year extended warranty
  • Deep Discounts on Our Most Popular Products

Solar Project Bulk Order Discounts

Are you looking for volume discounts on top-quality solar products? We can help you win your bid and keep your project under budget. Silicon Solar can help make your street lighting, flood lighting, and sign lighting projects more profitable than ever.

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Requirements and Features for Wholesale/Dropship Programs:

  • Minimum Order Volume: 10,000 US
  • Shipments of Containers Direct from Factory
  • Get Volume Discounts on Our Most Popular Products

Which Packaging will your customers receive their orders in?

Our most popular solar products have had their retail packaging perfected for years. Our professional packaging will ensure that every customer receives their order.

Requirements for Dealer Program
Dealers must have a valid tax ID in order to be eligible for any of our programs. If approved, dealers must complete an application and sign our wholesale agreement. To become a Silicon Solar Certified Dealer please complete the Silicon Solar Dealer/Wholesaler Application. You can also fax it to 607 216-9626, or send it by email to

Spvlights Dropshipping Option

Dropshipping with a trusted supplier is a smart idea. Dropshipping allows products to be sent directly from our London warehouse to your customers.

Opening a Dropship Account with SPV Lights has many benefits

Solar lighting is very popular nowadays. Our models are reliable and can be used all year. We also offer a 2-year free warranty which we extend to our customers.

This is our own Service Offered by the Blog Author.

shopify dropshipping store set up

Enjoy a 30% Discount on all prices on our website, including the sale price

You can set up a free account and only pay the product once you place an order

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Delivery to the door of your customer is free

Tracking information sent by email (despatch cut off time 3pm on weekdays).

We are VAT registered in the UK

Where We Began

SPV Lights was founded in 2004, when solar technology was still new. The industry has grown rapidly and the quality and technology of solar-powered lights has improved dramatically. SPV Lights has invested in new technologies and continued to improve its products to ensure that our customers have the best solar powered lighting.

We are the UK’s largest solar light manufacturer and retailer. Our impressive array of solar powered lights is suitable for all types of properties. SPV Lights has the perfect solar-powered outdoor lights for you. We offer decorative lights that make a stunning display and security lights that give you extra peace of mind.

Our Values

SPV Lights has had a set of core values since its inception. These core values are as relevant today as they were when we started:

* We are devoted to solar power – We specialize in solar lights. We are able to offer exceptional value and quality as well as in-depth knowledge about solar powered products.

* Innovation – Our product catalog is constantly updated to offer our customers the most innovative products.

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* Excellent Value – We believe that solar powered lighting should not be expensive and we strive to provide our customers with great value.

* Quality – We are so confident in our products’ quality that we offer a 2-year guarantee on all our products.

* British company – We know what our customers want in terms of quality, after-care support, and service. We are also experts on British weather and all of our products can be used in the UK, no matter how dull or overcast.

* SPV Lights Customer Service – You will always get the best customer service.

Our Product Selection

We have solar-powered lighting for all types of properties, from small apartments to large mansions. You will find the right product for you, whether you are looking for walllights or decorative fairy lights. You will find a wide range of solar-powered lights in our extensive collection:

* Security lights – Extra safety and security for your property

* Fairy lights – Outdoor areas can be given an extra touch of magic with fairy lights

* Garden lights – Create the perfect lighting environment for outdoor displays and entertaining

* Wall lights – Increase brightness where it is most needed

* Decorative lighting – Make a statement using our decorative lighting

* Solar camera – To monitor your property in real time

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Solar Powered Gadgets Dropshipping has the best Dropship Solar Powered Gadgets available right now! You will save money with the affordable price. To see if any of the above search results are suitable for you, visit our website. Each page contains detailed information about the product, including its size and color. You can leave comments on the production page, or contact our online support if you have any questions. We are here to satisfy all your needs with our high quality products and excellent services. has more Dropship Solar Powered Gadgets. We won’t disappoint.