Solution To Make Phone Numbers Clickable on Squarespace

Adding a clickable phone number onto your Squarespace website is an excellent way to make it easier for visitors to contact you, especially mobile users who may not be able to copy and paste numbers directly from websites. CSS makes this task straightforward.

Before adding a phone number to your Squarespace site, carefully consider both risks and benefits. First, personal data like phone numbers can be used for marketing or sales purposes without complying with local laws regarding telemarketing.

Furthermore, your phone numbers could become exposed if your website is compromised, as per GDPR rules regarding consent from EU visitors before collecting personal information; accordingly it is highly advised that a privacy policy be added as this can help shield against hefty fines for noncompliance.

Many businesses prefer for their phone number to be clickable on their websites, making it easier for visitors to contact them while also increasing user experience (UX). This tutorial will demonstrate how to do just that in Squarespace using CSS – with links that open up mobile device phone apps prompting the user to dial or select another VOIP or calling application like Skype Viber etc.

When creating a longer page or sales page, using anchor links may help visitors navigate more efficiently. These clickable links should be highlighted and can be placed anywhere on your page such as header or footer – this allows users to quickly move down to specific parts of the site based on what they need – this can be especially helpful for users not ready to purchase who simply require information they require.

Add anchor links by creating custom HTML code. This can be done either using the Squarespace editor or through plugins like Call Now Button which is designed specifically to automatically make phone numbers clickable links on mobile devices.

To add this code snippet to your page or post, open its editing page or post and use the Visual Editor available from the three-dot menu on the top right. Select and highlight the phone number that should become clickable before entering this code <a href=”tel:”>/a>; please note: do not separate phone numbers by using dashes as this won’t work properly.

Once you’ve implemented the code snippet, save and visit your website with a smartphone to test out the link. A popup window asking users which phone or VOIP program they would like to use indicates that your link is functioning as intended.

Squarespace provides many features for creating websites, yet some features remain. For instance, you cannot create clickable phone numbers without using custom code; however, collecting email addresses on your Squarespace site is possible via multiple methods.

One method is using the JS tool in Squarespace Editor, which enables you to add HTML, CSS and JavaScript directly onto pages within Squarespace. A second alternative would be third-party plugins; both require some understanding of HTML and CSS implementation for optimal results.