Advantages of Using a Squarespace Website for Art Students

Utilizing Squarespace templates for your art website allows you to build an engaging experience for visitors while simultaneously taking advantage of an ecommerce feature to sell artwork online.

These templates look stunning with their modern, minimalist design. Page designs can be edited globally to provide a consistent design throughout your site.

Easy to Update

Squarespace provides numerous options for building an artist website, with templates tailored specifically to showcase creative work. In addition, some templates come equipped with key features to help artists reach wider audiences – for instance some provide scheduling and online booking tools while others feature ecommerce capabilities (Squarespace recently acquired Tock), or member areas to charge users accessing course videos or content.

Though this platform boasts a favorable overall feature score, additional tools may be helpful for people wanting to expand their businesses. For instance, nofollow links necessary for affiliate marketing cannot easily be created on it; though workarounds exist; it should not be seen as a dealbreaker.

Easy to Maintain

All Squarespace plans allow users to create pages; however, unlike competing products that allow full customization of CSS and HTML on all plans, Squarespace limits the level of personalization possible with its templates.

Squarespace’s page layout and design tools are user-friendly and provide many options. Squarespace excels in image manipulation with features that include cropping, resizing and stretching capabilities as well as page styles which can be edited globally to achieve a uniform design across pages.

Additionally, this platform enables you to easily create a mobile version of your website using Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP), providing SEO benefits and preferential treatment in search results. Furthermore, GDPR compliance documentation such as privacy policies and terms of service documents are simple to add.

Easy to Add Content

Squarespace makes adding new pages and blog posts easy, with its site editor formatting content to fit phones, tablets and desktops automatically so you can see exactly how your website appears across devices at a glance.

Squarespace makes adding images to your website effortless by automatically creating seven versions of each image to ensure it displays perfectly on any screen size or device.

Upload high-resolution images that your visitors can easily download for free, or use Squarespace’s eCommerce solution to sell artwork online – complete with shopping cart, checkout process and no transaction fees – easily add shipping options and gift cards, making your store an attractive option for artists wanting to make it easy for their customers to purchase their work.

Easy to Add Videos

Are You Looking to Advance Your Film-making, Video Editing or TikTok Skills? An Online Portfolio Can be the Perfect Launchpad

Squarespace stands out as an excellent website builder due to its gallery features, blog tools and ecommerce capabilities – although some competitors might offer cheaper website builders. One major downside with Squarespace may be its slightly more costly pricing structure.

But for artists committed to their craft, we believe Squarespace is worth every extra expense. Their ease-of-use score in our tests ranked joint first overall with top customer support rankings.

Easy to Add Contact Forms

Artists need an online portfolio to display their work to a larger audience and Squarespace offers templates designed specifically for them.

This platform offers a variety of dynamic effects to make your images truly engaging, including ripple and film grain effects. Furthermore, you can select a focal point for each image so that no matter which device a visitor uses to access your website, they’re guaranteed to see their favorite parts of each photo displayed prominently.

One drawback of Squarespace’s SEO tools is their lack of user-friendliness compared to Wix’s, though they provide guidance for optimizing your site for search engines. Furthermore, although adding a shop is possible with Squarespace websites, this feature isn’t as comprehensive as WooCommerce would offer.

Easy to Add Social Media Links

No matter if your creativity lies in drawing, painting, graphic design, podcasting or music-making; creating an online presence is vital for getting your name out there. Squarespace provides all of the visual tools required to showcase your work effectively.

Squarespace templates are all beautiful, responsive designs that look fantastic on both desktops and mobile devices. Plus, Squarespace gives you several ways to display images – sliders, grids and carousels are among many – and allows you to set a focal point so that no matter the device the viewer uses to access your website, only important parts will always be shown prominently.

Social Media Links allows you to quickly add links to your Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok accounts in the footer of your site for users to quickly follow you.

Easy to Add a Blog

Squarespace makes creating a blog simple with its fluid engine content editor, making it effortless to place various elements on a page by simply dragging and dropping them into place.

Squarespace makes customizing your design very straightforward, particularly on one of its higher-tier plans. While you won’t have access to all templates like other competing products do, Squarespace still provides considerable control over its appearance.

Tieka utilizes an elegant Squarespace photography template for her online portfolio, where her photographs showcase stunning landscapes and portraits of people in natural settings. Her website also hosts a blog where she posts details about her travel excursions as well as personal topics.