Solution to Fix Squarespace Instagram Feed Not Updating

If you use an Instagram block on your Squarespace website, you may have experienced times when it stops updating with and displaying recent posts from Instagram. This could happen if your Instagram account becomes disconnected from your website, or there’s been an interface change between these programs.

Good news – this problem can easily be fixed with just a few quick steps!

Clear Cache

If you use an Instagram feed block on your Squarespace website, it’s important to be aware that sometimes it stops updating automatically. This issue often arises when Instagram changes their API (the interface Squarespace uses to gather posts). Luckily, however, this can easily be fixed!

Clear your cache by navigating to Settings > Advanced and clicking “Clear Cache.” Once done, visit your website to see if Instagram feed updates have resumed.

Reauthenticate Your Instagram Account Another option would be to reauthenticate your Instagram account, which can be accomplished easily by accessing your account settings and clicking “Instagram.” When asked for login details, enter them correctly so your feed should resume updating as usual.

Your Instagram feed could also stop updating if the wrong Instagram account has been connected with Squarespace, so to rectify this easily go into your settings and click ‘Connected Accounts’ before selecting the account from which your feed should resume updating.

If you are experiencing problems with your Squarespace Instagram feed, it may be worthwhile contacting customer support for assistance. They can quickly resolve the issue and get your feed up and running as soon as possible.

Instagram feed blocks on Squarespace websites provide a simple and effective way to display photos without creating gallery pages. But after using these blocks for some time, you might notice they no longer update – this may occur due to changes to Instagram’s API or password changes on your end.

This blog post will show you how to fix your Squarespace Instagram feed not updating in four steps!

Instagram feeds on Squarespace websites provide businesses with an effective way to display their social media content, but occasionally these blocks stop functioning properly and this can be frustrating for both users and business owners. Luckily, it is an easy fix that can be completed in minutes.


Squarespace’s Instagram integration enables you to easily display a gallery view of your latest Instagram posts on your website, drawing attention and keeping followers engaged with your brand. However, occasionally your feed stops pulling in new posts; this usually occurs after changing passwords or Squarespace updates its API (the interface connecting Squarespace with your account). However, this issue can easily be solved!

First, ensure your account is linked with your website by visiting and navigating directly to the page where your Instagram block resides. You should see a green icon with your username next to it if it’s unlinked; click it if not and follow any prompts for log in again if needed – once connected your Instagram feed should start populating on your website!

If your Instagram feed still isn’t updating, try clearing your cache and resetting data on Squarespace site by visiting page with Instagram block and editing it before selecting Connected Accounts > Reset Data > Select correct account under Connected Accounts to reset data if applicable; and also refreshing website in different browsers until issue resolved.

If after following all these steps and your Instagram feed still isn’t updating, it may be time to contact Squarespace support for additional help. Their support team is quick and helpful; hopefully your feed will start updating again shortly otherwise continue searching for ways to resolve it – good luck! If you have any further queries or issues feel free to leave us a comment below; we would love to hear from you! Also don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletter so you stay up-to-date with the latest Squarespace tips and tricks – thank you!

Reset Data

Squarespace makes embedding Instagram feeds into websites quick and simple, all you need to do is click on the three-dot menu at the top right corner of any post, select “Share,” then “Embed Code,” copy/paste that code into any page with an Instagram Block on it, and paste that into it! When someone visits your site, their Instagram post will load and be visible as intended!

Problem is, Instagram blocks may stop working unexpectedly from time to time due to changes made by Instagram with regards to their API (interface used by Squarespace to access posts). There are some simple steps you can take in order to rectify this.

To clear away data, navigate back into your account settings and click Connected Accounts, before selecting Instagram in order to reauthenticate it. Although an error message stating “unauthorized” may pop-up during this process, it’s still essential that you continue.

Once you reauthenticate your account, you may experience delays before your new posts appear on Squarespace website. While this can be frustrating if Instagram blocks were keeping your site current and relevant, don’t despair; this issue won’t persist long. Instead, there are a few steps you can try before calling Squarespace support for assistance.

Alternatively, if after performing all these steps your Squarespace Instagram Feed Still Doesn’t Update, contact Squarespace support as soon as possible for help in solving the issue and getting it up and running again! In the meantime, refreshing or clearing cache may also work to restore posts from Squarespace Instagram Feed to Instagram posts on Squarespace IG account. Thank you for reading!


If your Instagram feed isn’t updating on Squarespace, this could indicate a problem with either your account or its connection with Instagram. Thankfully, this is usually an easy issue to remedy by clearing cache, reauthenticating, and reseting data – usually within minutes!

Installing an Instagram Block on any page on your website allows you to quickly add a gallery view of photos to any page, or even use it as part of an Instagram-themed landing page, in order to attract attention to your social media presence. With an Instagram Block you have full control over how many pictures are displayed; whether in grid form or slideshow mode; as well as options such as round corners and dark backgrounds for customization.

One reason your Instagram feed may not be updating may be related to not being signed in on Squarespace website through the same device used for Instagram login, such as changing password or having two different applications interacting differently. To fix this, log out of Instagram on your device before signing back in via Squarespace website – this should re-connect both accounts and update your feed accordingly.

Problems with the Instagram API may also lead to your Instagram feed not working properly, and can occur if your password or app update have changed, though typically this issue resolves itself within days or so. If it continues, reset your access token on Instagram or reach out to Squarespace directly for assistance.

Once your Instagram feed has been linked back up to your Squarespace website, you can experiment with its display options for blocks. You can set them to scroll left or right, fast or slow; and whether or not to include bios. With enough experimentation, you may just discover your perfect style!