Guide to Customizing Squarespace Gallery Block CSS

Squarespace makes gallery blocks an effective way of showcasing multiple images at once in one cohesive layout, offering options such as slideshow reels and grids for this feature.

At times, using a grid gallery block may result in photos being too closely spaced together and can make them appear crowded. With this super simple CSS snippet you’ll be able to rectify this!

Gallery Page Template

Gallery blocks provide an ideal way to display photos and videos on your Squarespace site, from slideshows and carousels to grid layouts and embedded into pages using Gallery Page templates. Gallery styles may also be altered using CSS (a code language that allows for alteration without altering content directly).

Your version of Squarespace offers various Gallery Page templates, found within its Pages panel in your dashboard, to showcase media in a more organized fashion. However, they have certain restrictions; one limitation being they only accept up to 250 pieces of media (images or videos) at once; they have their own design/structure that may differ from your site; additionally you are limited to using one Gallery Page per site at one time but may embed multiple Gallery Blocks elsewhere on pages within that website.

Gallery Pages have some inherent limitations, so there are a few other considerations when using them. For instance, many Gallery Page templates are focused on visual portfolios rather than in-depth written descriptions; examples such as Momentum, Beaumont and Elliot offer such options and are great choices for artists or studios that wish to display their work in a masonry format; however they don’t allow users to link back individually written profiles for every piece of media displayed on them.

For an in-depth description of your work, it may be best to create a separate page and link it back to your Gallery Block. That way, you can provide as much or as little detail as desired and still display it cohesively.


Image carousels or content sliders are an easy way to increase visual interest and engagement on a Squarespace site, offering visitors a visual treat and increasing engagement. Squarespace provides several tools for creating such content, including Gallery Blocks such as Carousel Block and Gallery Slideshow Block; each offers their own set of capabilities and customization options while still creating scrollable galleries.

Photographers often utilize carousels as an effective way of showcasing their work. It’s important to keep in mind, however, that this option forces images close together in an arrangement which may cause them to appear crowded and confusing; this can especially prove troublesome when your images require high resolution photos in order for viewers to clearly view each individual photo.

For your convenience, we’ve prepared this helpful guide on how to use CSS to center the last image in a Squarespace carousel or slideshow reel. All it takes to make this happen is copy-pasting this code into Squarespace’s Custom CSS Editor – copy/paste as follows into Squarespace Custom CSS Editor and all will be set!

Gallery blocks are one of Squarespace’s most versatile tools, enabling you to easily create image galleries or entire gallery pages using them. Utilizing CSS you can further customize these blocks to match your aesthetic and needs – this guide will teach you various methods that will allow you to build custom image galleries quickly.

Have you ever been curious as to how designers create that small border around images in a Squarespace collage block? Watch Beatriz from Thirty Eight Visuals demonstrate one line of CSS which does just that!

Adding Text

Using a Gallery Block to display images is an ideal way to help visitors comprehend exactly what each one represents. Plus, adding text overlays gives you the power to convey a specific message or emphasize an element within each photo.

Create a Gallery Block with text overlays quickly and effortlessly in Squarespace for an eye-catching addition to your website. To get started, create a new page and add the Gallery Block; once in place, enter any desired text for display over each image in the gallery.

Once you’ve entered text, save and view your page to see how your Gallery Block with text overlays will look. If there are any problems or need further assistance from Squarespace support.

Squarespace provides several versatile block types, but the Gallery Block stands out as one of the most effective solutions. You can upload multiple photos or videos and use its carousel option to display content slides. Furthermore, this block can feature title or description options so your viewers know exactly what to expect when clicking through your gallery block.

An effective way to showcase your products or services with a gallery block carousel is keeping the number of images within its carousel to an absolute minimum; any more can lead to your target audience becoming disinterested and leaving immediately.

If you plan to use a Gallery Block with carousels, be sure to test out its slideshow prior to publishing your site. This will ensure smooth transitions between images and no errors in its code.

Use the CSS Editor to change the appearance of your Gallery Block for greater control over its appearance, which can make a dramatic impactful statement about how your website appears to users. If you want to center the final row of images within your Grid Gallery Block by changing its justify-content value in code.

Trouble Getting the Gallery Block to Show Up

Gallery blocks are an effective way to present photos, videos and other visual content on a website. Easy to create and customize to meet the design requirements, they allow for captions, titles and descriptions on each image – but there are a few considerations you should keep in mind before adding one on.

The Gallery Block allows you to quickly display images in an engaging slideshow or carousel slideshow format, making for an engaging viewing experience for your target audience. Text can also be added directly onto images and videos for more personalized interactions. However, if your images don’t seem to appear correctly on your page here are some tips which may assist:

To avoid scrolling through an endless page of images, you can choose a grid layout option for your Gallery Block. This will provide more space for you to display them while making navigation simpler. To implement it, click on the “+” icon when creating your Gallery Block and then choose this layout option when choosing its properties.

Add a contact form to enhance the visitor experience on your Squarespace website, helping avoid spam and grow your email list, track customer feedback, and keep customers satisfied. Squarespace provides built-in Contact Block functionality as well as third-party solutions like HoneyBook and Dubsado which provide contact forms.

Utilizing Page Sections can be an excellent way to add a custom layout to any Squarespace template. They can be added to any type of page on your website and have numerous customizable settings; such as changing their height, content width and background images/videos as well as choosing custom colors for their sections.

Page Sections can help you create a unique layout for your Gallery Grid block, which may come in handy if you have multiple grids on one page or want to add title text hover effects for individual gallery blocks. Simply add this code below into your custom CSS.