Methods to Discover the Version of Squarespace You Have

Squarespace provides numerous features that can assist business owners in creating an outstanding website, including tracking and updating its version. One key benefit is being able to track changes as you build.

Even though it might seem intimidating, finding out which version of Squarespace you’re using shouldn’t be a difficult process. Simply login into your website and click ‘Help’ for assistance.

Check Your Site Settings

Squarespace provides multiple versions of their website platform software. Each version offers different features and benefits that could impact SEO rankings as well as how easily new pages or elements can be added to your website. Knowing which version you use is key for SEO rankings as well as adding pages quickly.

There are various ways you can check which version of Squarespace you have. One method is by logging into your dashboard and looking at the top of your screen – here you should see your name with its version number next to it. Another approach would be visiting another website with similar templates as yours and clicking on its small blue plus sign to add sections (this opens a window showing all possible sections such as lists, galleries and forms) then opening that particular page – you should see your version there too!

Once you’ve added a section to your page, you can move it by grabbing and holding on its little blue plus sign, then dragging it higher or lower on your page. Additionally, editing contents may be accomplished simply by clicking directly onto it; and ordering can be altered by dragging them around to their new positions on the page.

Finally, to change your design you can access Styles and Fonts. From here you can select an entire font pack for roll out across your entire website as well as change its default font size.

One of the primary differences between Squarespace 7.0 and 7.1 is their design system, as all templates utilize it. This means there will no longer be layouts, page elements or designs exclusive to a certain template (like in 7.0) so more customization options exist when changing designs – great news for anyone who enjoys making tweaks! Looking for an easy, fast and free way of finding out what version of Squarespace you have? Try this approach.

Compare the Feature Sets

Squarespace is an all-round website builder with reliable templates and ecommerce capabilities, longstanding as a reliable site building platform but recently upgraded with some key new features to compete against platforms like Wix.

7.1 features the capability of adding a shop section to any website with ease, displaying all products clearly. Furthermore, this new feature gives businesses that wish to provide online shopping an amazing shopping experience – it will especially appeal to small businesses looking for online presence.

Another new feature to add a blog is the capability of incorporating one into your site, giving your business the platform for creating engaging content that increases search engine visibility while simultaneously encouraging interaction from visitors and making it more inviting for all.

Squarespace 7.1 makes it easier than ever before to share and promote your website on social media, providing multiple methods to do this such as allowing visitors to easily share your posts via Facebook and Twitter, or adding social media buttons so they can quickly share them with their followers and friends.

7.1 also features some additional business features, including creating a member area or booking appointments directly with you. Selecting a template with these features will make your site more appealing to visitors and increase chances of converting visitors into paying customers.

Squarespace doesn’t boast as extensive a feature set as other platforms do, but they still do a decent job at keeping things updated and improving them with each release. Furthermore, their users don’t have too much freedom in editing their websites either.

Check Your Template

Squarespace provides you with many templates from which to choose, which are organized into families and each has its own name. Unfortunately, however, it’s sometimes hard to know which template you are currently using; this can make following certain guides more challenging as certain templates might not apply to you. An easy way to check is searching “templateVersion” in your HTML code of your website; one of the results will indicate which version it is currently.

If you are using an older template, chances are it’s likely Squarespace version 7. Introduced in 2020, this redesign changed their user-interface significantly in order to make designing websites simpler for their customers – and it appears to have worked!

Another way of determining which version of Squarespace you are currently using is by reviewing your account billing information. This option can be helpful for people who manage multiple websites on one account, as it reveals which website is in use.

Find Out Your Squarespace Version (Using Template IDs) Another method of discovering which version of Squarespace you’re using involves using your template ID to identify it quickly and efficiently. To locate it, right-click any page of your website and choose “View Source,” before pasting that template ID into Squarespace’s search box to see which template version matches up with it.

Knowing which version of Squarespace you’re using can be immensely helpful in many ways. Understanding which features are available to you and contacting Squarespace support when necessary are two such advantages. If you’re currently running an older version, upgrading to 7.1 may provide new features while optimizing your site further – plus its mobile-friendly templates will increase both traffic and Google search engine rankings!