6+ Best Squarespace Theme Templates For Journalists

Writing is all about building relationships, so creating an engaging online portfolio is vital for attracting clients and readers. Squarespace offers plenty of templates to make creating such an experience seamless and straightforward.

Compassionate Counseling takes an innovative approach to their website by using color and shape to create an experience that aligns with their branding. They offer great content in the form of blogs and a FAQ page, too!

Your Social Team

Writers seeking to showcase their writing can benefit from this Squarespace template. Featuring an eye-catching full-width banner image and CTA buttons that direct visitors directly to your writings or portfolio, its sleek design helps rank higher in search engine results while providing an exceptional user experience.

This template has been recognized as one of the top templates to build a website for writers, which speaks volumes about its versatility and usability. Featuring sleek modern design with a blog that allows organic traffic growth as well as insight and discussions across topics. Furthermore, the template includes contact forms so potential clients can reach out.

If you are a freelance journalist looking to showcase their work online, this Squarespace template may be ideal. Featuring a gallery for easy display, blog to drive more organic traffic and an online store where visitors can buy your books; plus its intuitive user experience makes this an excellent option for beginners.

If you are planning a conference or event, having a website can expand its reach and draw more attendees. Bedford template is a popular option among community and non-profit templates; it can also be tailored for writing services and similar businesses. With its eye-catching banner image on its homepage and CTA buttons encouraging action by visitors, Bedford also features many layout pages and content blocks that enable customization of your site.

Boho Social

This lively and cheerful Squarespace template is an excellent option for digital marketing writers seeking to demonstrate their creative expertise. It comes equipped with a customizable blog page where you can post engaging blogs about your industry or share personal thoughts; plus an online store and contact form make reaching out easy for clients.

This template is ideal for writing and copywriting professionals. The modern layout emphasizes typography over visual elements, making your content easier for visitors to scan. There is a section dedicated to past projects as well as a portfolio where visitors can showcase your work. Designed for conversions with pop-up contact forms and newsletter signup blocks – making this an effective conversion platform.

Finding the ideal template is crucial when building your writer or author website, helping to set you apart from competitors while reaching out to readers or viewers. Furthermore, having a clear understanding of what goals your site aims to meet will aid its development and success.

Rally is a simple and straightforward theme perfect for writing and blogging. Featuring beautiful banner images to display text and images in an eye-catching manner, along with responsive navigation experience and optimized for search engines with rich, logically structured content and callout text, Rally ensures higher rankings on Google searches.

Cadere is an elegant and professional template, suitable for finance writers, authors, or bloggers looking to establish themselves online. It features an adaptable layout that can showcase books, events, speaking engagements and booking pages for consultations – not forgetting its email newsletter signup block which helps grow subscriber lists!


Due to lack of dedicated writer templates on Squarespace, DIY users typically select designs from Blogs & Podcasts or Personal & CV templates in the template gallery. While this approach works for some authors, finding something which truly meets their needs can sometimes prove challenging.

To find a suitable template, it is wise to research multiple templates and compare their layouts, features, fonts, and font sizes before selecting one that best meets your visual aesthetic – this is particularly helpful when creating websites dedicated to restaurants or weddings whose visual styles vary considerably; in these instances the template’s layout, fonts, colours and features play an essential part in how their site appears.

Suhama is an excellent website template designed for writers looking to build an intuitive site. The simple layout highlights your work while emphasizing typography; additionally, this design includes both a portfolio section and bio section to connect with potential clients.

Stanton is an excellent choice for writers looking to build a website that’s both simple and striking. With bold images on its homepage that will draw in visitors while its clean layout and large text size keep them engaged, its home page includes an area to promote your most recent book while project pages allow you to showcase it with full-width, high-resolution images as well as client logos – making this template an excellent way to showcase both work and creativity!


When selecting a template, your goal should be to showcase your best work while engaging your target audience. With Squarespace’s wide array of customizable templates that fit any personality or brand perfectly – providing functionality, ease of use, support services, and affordable prices – finding one will never have been simpler!

Squarespace 7.1 brings many templates with similar design elements, yet that should not discourage you. Finding the ideal Squarespace template should not just be about aesthetics but rather about organisation, structure, and metadata – we advise prioritising these features when shopping.

No matter who or what kind of writer you are – be it an author, blogger, copywriter, journalist – we have just the template for you! Browse our selection of Squarespace templates specifically tailored for writers to find one that’s exactly right.

With Rover, you can create an eye-catching portfolio that will set you apart and grow your readership. Its responsive, clean design features high contrast navigation with bright and colourful elements sure to capture readers’ interest.

Harris is an ideal option for photographers seeking an authentic Microsoft-y experience and communicating their professionalism. Lange is another superb photography template which features vertical scrolling to highlight images without distraction, plus space for photographers’ notes and credits to give each photo its own personal feel.

Hayden could be your ideal template if SEO is top of mind. With its abundance of content on both the home page and contents pages, Hayden stands out among Google searchers while engaging visitors through its high-quality magazine aesthetic and clickable phone number on its home page.


For websites with strong brands and styles, choosing a template that reflects both will help make them stand out from their peers. Squarespace templates come in an assortment of styles and colors so there is sure to be one perfect for you.

The Flourish template is an ideal option for journalists looking to establish an online portfolio of past work. Featuring a photo grid on its home page and plenty of whitespace to keep viewers’ eyes moving, as well as full responsiveness and an integrated blog section for sharing news and updates with readers, this template features everything needed to build an engaging personal website with an online portfolio of past works.

This template is perfect for writers looking to prioritize SEO. Featuring a clean, modern design that’s easily read on both desktop and mobile devices, as well as editorial layout that highlights content intuitively for visitors, this highly-ranked template ranks highly with Google and will allow them to do just that.

Native template is an ideal option for writers interested in starting their own blog, featuring a scrolling layout designed to promote storytelling and customizable features such as images and video.

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