Explore the 7 Top Squarespace Templates for Artists

No matter your product – music, original paintings, etc – having a Squarespace website is an invaluable way to gain followers and grow your business. Here are 5 templates designed specifically to do just that!

Bedford and Montauk templates provide artists with clean, simple websites. Both templates offer multiple gallery layouts and blog posts to highlight your work.


As a musician, your website needs to represent the distinctive sound and style of your music, while providing essential functionality that allows fans to stream your latest album, watch videos of live performances, purchase your music online – without needing a web developer or third-party services for assistance. Squarespace makes all this possible easily without additional costs involved in hiring one or third-party services.

This artist template is ideal for musicians looking to let their music speak for itself. Featuring a prominent “listen now” button on the homepage, visitors can instantly listen to your tunes. Although minimalist in appearance, this template includes headers like music, tour and store in small contrasting font to provide all necessary information without detracting from your main image.

Although this artist template could use more copywriting, it stands head and shoulders above most Squarespace templates for artists. It clearly states what an artist does (and where) on its home page before showcasing her work in an easily navigable masonry gallery. Furthermore, it features a blog with individual write-up pages for every artwork; making this an excellent solution for art studios or galleries looking to tell their stories through images.

Montauk is an ideal minimalist option for musicians who prefer modern aesthetics, featuring an album, events, and mix landing page with grid columns that allows users to list albums, events and mixes; in addition it comes equipped with a blog featuring social media links display capability as well as multiple gallery layouts fully customizable to make creating the website you envision simple or complex!


Are You an Artist or Photographer Needing a Portfolio Website? Squarespace’s templates put your work front-and-center while giving plenty of room to show it off. There are even templates designed specifically for creatives like Utica which presents images in gallery-style layout and Clay which doesn’t crowd your images with text.

The template is straightforward yet customizable; adding your own colors, fonts and other details to make your site truly personal is easy and will look fantastic across both desktops and mobile devices. Furthermore, this website is responsive ensuring it will look fantastic regardless of screen size!

One of the great things about Squarespace templates is their user-friendly blog pages, enabling you to keep your audience updated about recent projects or upcoming events while potentially attracting more clients.

Squarespace’s Merchandise template makes it simple for musicians to sell merchandise and CDs online. Featuring a full-screen homepage which can showcase photos from your band or just one, as well as “merch,” “press,” and tour pages to promote them and reach a wider audience, this template makes selling merchandise online simple for musicians.


If you want a website for selling art, Squarespace is an ideal platform. With it’s professional portfolio-creation feature and wide reach capability, this tool allows users to showcase new shows or exhibitions without the need for programming knowledge.

Squarespace provides several minimalistic website templates that could meet your needs, including Bedford (which offers multiple gallery layouts, blog content and social media integration), Montauk (with more of an “open” design) and Montauk II. Each of these designs allows for customization using colors and fonts of your choosing – perfect if you want an online portfolio!

A great artist website should clearly communicate what the artist does. This allows viewers to assess whether their artwork piques their interest, as well as inform them whether the artist is looking for work or looking to sell their art.

This artist website features an eye-catching yet simplistic design. Its title stands out, while the description provides a brief overview of their work. Furthermore, there is an effective call-to-action that connects them directly to their visitors.

Aria is another amazing Squarespace template designed to meet the needs of artists: this sleek and modern template was made for musicians and bands who want to showcase their music and promote an event, featuring full-screen images on its homepage and links leading to their music, press, and tour sections. Furthermore, this template is fully responsive, making navigation simple across any device.


When choosing a template, be sure to select one with all of the features necessary for your business. For example, restaurants may need an online reservation booking system and wedding websites should include RSVP forms. Check our Squarespace templates library to see which designs offer the perfect combination of features to fit your business.

The Kester Squarespace template is the ideal solution for artists who need a straightforward website to showcase their art. Featuring two highlighted works of art on the home page with vibrant colors to draw visitors’ eyes, as well as blog and social media links, this template provides everything needed to begin online selling of artworks. Perfect for new artists just starting their portfolio!

Bedford template offers another great option for artists. It boasts a clean design with an eye-catching parallax scrolling effect to showcase your artwork to its best advantage, while remaining fully responsive so visitors can access their site from any device.

Utica is an ideal option for architects or visual artists, boasting a minimalist design with an eye-catching header image to attract your target audience. Plus, its customization capabilities enable you to add in your own color schemes and logo.

Craig Classon

Craig Classon template is an elegant, minimalist solution for artists looking to showcase their work in an elegant manner. Featuring a grid-style homepage that allows users to showcase art of various sizes, and a blog page where news or updates about your art business may be posted, Montauk template offers another good option; featuring several gallery layouts with full customization of fonts and colors to best represent their brand.

Squarespace provides templates designed specifically to suit artists of every medium – painters, illustrators, photographers or otherwise – whether they be painters, illustrators, photographers or any other genre of artistry. When choosing your template it should meet your specific needs; some popular ones for artists include Montclaire Flatiron Wells templates with vast photo galleries for showing off art.

Kearny is an ideal template for artists who want to showcase their work professionally online. This template features an elegant single-photo landing page with an email button; making this template suitable for up-and-coming artists who need an online presence before their business becomes fully operational.