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Perfect Plants is an online nursery which professionally ships mail-order shrubs and trees across the United States. All of our plants are given the best care, from container to shipping box. Dropshipping allows other companies to sell our plants in a way that is mutually beneficial.

Our 40-years of experience in the industry were built around the belief that garden plants should always be available to all plant lovers. This is something we value highly with our vendors.

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Perfect Plants’ packaging has enabled us to reach growers, gardeners, and lovers of plants all over the world. We hope to expand this outreach as we grow our dropship business. We started wholesale supplying plants and dropshipping them from our eCommerce platform.

Drop Shipping: What does it mean?

Drop shipping companies permit other entities to showcase their products on their website or eCommerce store. Dropshipping is an order fulfillment option. The dropship supplier fulfills customers’ orders and keeps the products in stock.

Drop shippers are preferred by online businesses over retail businesses so that the product doesn’t have to leave our nursery. We are experts in selling online, and we need you to help potential customers find our products.

Dropshipping is easy!

Our preferred partnerships include:

  • Corporations
  • Companies that are publicly traded
  • Large eCommerce websites
  • Small businesses that have an annual turnover of $1,000,000 or more
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The DropShipping Business Summary:

  • For a seamless and current integration to your website, we provide product data.
  • We professionally pack and ship orders to customers, so don’t be afraid about packing plants.

What Products can I Ship?

All Perfect Plants products can be packed and shipped. To ensure accurate sales, we update our inventory frequently.

Delayed Shipping Option

Customers who live in areas that experience cold temperatures during the winter and fall can choose to have their shipping delayed at checkout. This delays the shipment until spring when the plants are ready to be planted. If the ground has frozen, we do not recommend that you plant anything. Delivery times can vary depending on where you live in the country.

Dropshipping: Sending Orders

  • Integrate via an EDI connection to integrate larger e-commerce sites. Most orders are processed within 24 hours.

How do I obtain Dropship Product Data

Pricing information for MSRP

All Perfect Plants products are available at MSRP prices. You can increase pricing or offer seasonal discounts and sales as you wish. For your convenience, we can provide a list of dropship wholesale product listings.

Drop Shipping is a great business model.

  • It is easy to add products to any online store or database.
  • Access to high-resolution photos and media at no cost.
  • You can focus on your business priorities and leave shipping to us.
  • There is no inventory counting or product log updating.
  • We guarantee that your products arrive in perfect condition and will cover any damage during shipping.
  • There is no monthly charge
  • Wholesale pricing and shipping discounts available
  • Superior customer service
  • Perfect Plants can help you grow your eCommerce business long-term!
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How do I get paid?

Customers can pay you directly via your website. We negotiate payment terms through our pre-negotiated contract, and then push for an ACH transfer. We remove all risk by getting the full payment from our customers before you purchase products from us.

How do I sign up?

It is easy to sign up. Sign the Perfect Plants Drop Shipping Contract to be eligible. The shipping representative will work with you one-on-one to create your drop shipping arrangement.

Garden Plants Online

It doesn’t matter if you are looking after cottage gardens plants or Capability Brown gardens, each one will require some pruning. You will likely have an idea of how to manage the garden if you are looking after the cottage type. Many inexperienced gardeners will be more like me and have a difficult time pruning. The most common question that gardening professionals are asked is how to prune your shrubs and plants. These suggestions are intended to help gardeners with similar abilities to me.

Many gardeners believe that it is important to prune your plants and shrubs regularly if you want them to thrive. This is a common misconception. Not all plants need to be pruned in the same way. However, those that do require it will benefit from just one pruning per year. Pruning lilacs and forsythia is unnecessary, as many flowering shrubs will thrive if they are allowed to grow naturally. Regular pruning encourages surface branching and can reduce flowering.

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Spring Flowering Shrubs should only be cut after they have bloomed. We spend a lot time looking for garden plants to sell. Then, just as summer ends, we start to chop down our shrubs and garden plants in the hope that they will be beautiful in winter. This is a news flash. News flash. Plants that blossom in early spring grow their flower buds during the previous year, with the buds remaining overwintering in the previous year’s growth. These buds will eventually die next year, so you need to prune them off. You can choose to thin the branches of many of these plants in order to preserve their form.

Pruning summer flowering shrubs should be done in the late winter or early spring. Many summer flowering shrubs will flower from the previous year’s growth. You can prune them in the winter to stimulate new growth, which will result in more flowers. You can cut most fast-growing plants, such as hydrangeas, down to 250-300mm to encourage good growth.

Many people ask questions about pruning hydrangeas. Some flowers will flower on “old wood” like spring flowering shrubs, while others will flower on “new wood” like summer flowering plants. It is important to determine which hydrangeas you have, and to follow the correct rule. The old wood is replaced by the macrophylla or quercifolia, which has large, brightly colored blooms. After flowering, you should prune. Paniculata is a conical white flower that produces new wood. Arborescens like ‘Annabelle, also bloom on new wood. These should be cut back in the winter to create perfect flowers. . 5. Trimming is not like pruning. You will naturally have a few stray branches and shoots throughout the summer. Don’t be afraid to remove them. The plants won’t be damaged if you just chop off the occasional shoot.

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You’ll find that you can relax a bit this summer if you have the information above. Relax with a few friends, fire up the barbecue and enjoy a glass of wine while you relax in your garden. Even the most skilled gardeners will have to deal with the occasional problem in a garden. You don’t have to worry about it. You can order new garden plants online, and then you can relax and wait for their delivery. Visitwe sell garden plants from the best online florists. We have the perfect plants for you, whether you’re looking for plants for your country estate or cottage gardens.