T-Pop Print On Demand Review and How to Use?

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The T-Pop print on Demand Shopify app allows you to earn by tying up a supplier in a print on demand business. You can then sell their products by customizing them to your specifications.

Everything in the print on demand market works on a preorder basis. The market has been hyped up in recent years. Many products can be customized and printed on accessories.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

The T-Pop can be used to ship multiple products globally, so it is possible to leverage it without having to be the manufacturer. You just need to design.

After reading the entire review, you’ll be able to see the earning potential of T-pop, how easy it makes it possible for you design a T-shirt, as well as whether or not it is worth it.

What Can You Make With T-Pop Print On Demand?

To show you the earning potential that T-Pop can offer, I’ll be using men’s tee-shirts as an example. Let’s say you want to sell T-shirts. You will get about 12 USD for the white fabric from t-pop.

You can design the t-shirt as you wish. It would be 0 dollars unless you outsource it. You might pay $5-7 per design for a good designer.

The total cost of your t-shirt is therefore approximately $18. A Shopify shop will start selling a men’s T-shirt at $25. This will give you a margin $7/t-shirt.

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Let’s suppose you sell 100 t-shirts per month if you own a medium-sized store and are recognized.

Mathematically speaking, this is $7 x 100 = $700 profit. This is a great side income.

Design your T-Shirt with T-Pop Print on Demand App

The dashboard of T-Pop is here. This screen allows you to create a product, view your order status and learn more about T-Pop’s operation by reading the articles in the tab “Details about shipping and product”.

Tabs aside, it’s very easy to navigate the “set up your account” section. The basics can be filled in by even an 8-year old child. We’re going to create our first product.

Let’s take a look at how to make a tshirt with it.

Step 1 : To create a new product click on “Create Your First Product” located in the middle section of dashboard.

Step 2 You will be taken to a page to upload your design file. Click on “Add a New Design”

Step 3 : A pop-up will ask you to enter the design that you have created so far. You can either learn photoshop, or hire someone who can do it.

Step 4 : As you can see, you have a variety of t-shirts and accessories that you can customize to sell. There are many sizes available for plain t-shirts. Choose the right size for you.

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Step 5 I’m going to select Organic Unisex Sweatshirt. You will need to enable it and then click on “create product”.

Step 6 Boom ..!! Here we are. You are now ready to become a designer. You can play with the details to make it wearable. By the way, I am not a designer. So don’t judge my designing skills.

Step 7 – In the side tab, select the color you want to sell, the product name, the selling price, and the product description.

Pro tip: You don’t want that sizing diagram removed from the product description.

Step 8 Click on “Next.”

Step 9All right, now you’re done. Click on ‘next’ to be redirected the the catalog’. To edit any information about the T-Shirt that you have designed, click on the pencil in the created products’ section.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Step 10 The final result of your custom t-pop print-on-demand t-shirt will look something like this.

T-Pop Print on Demand 


There is another tab that offers important features, aside from designing t-shirts. The t-pop print-on-demand app dashboard will show a box called “Settings.” Click on it to select Branding from the dropdown menu.

You can do these things in this section:

  • Create a logo for you brand
  • Choose a message to send your customer with the t-shirt, or any other accessory you sell.
  • If you want to, include the social media channels in your packing slips
  • Choose the slip color
  • If you wish to add a sticker to your order, be prepared to pay $1.2/shipment
  • After viewing the tutorial, activate the pack-in option
  • When you reach the 100 purchase goal per month, activate inside label printing
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Is Tpop worth it?

Print on demand from t-pop is free. Print on demand is a great way for investors to make money in a shorter time.

As a side hustle, you can open a dropshipping or retail store full-time and also do print on demand.

You can see the potential for growth in print-on-demand. Expand as much as you can. The sky is the limit.

It’s time for you to throttle, open Shopify, install T-pop print at demand, and make some extra cash this year!