The Best Dropshipping Listers to Import Products to eBay

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eBay Dropshipping Lister

You might also be interested in an eBay dropshipping lister. Although this type of dropship eBay integration is more difficult to find, it can be useful. It can help you maintain eBay listings and allow you to re-list products quickly once stock arrives.

This program can be used to replenish certain channels by simply clicking a button. You can also save time by automating this process so you can spend your time on other things.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

You might wonder how to set up a Walmart-to-Ebay dropshipping company. There are many dropshipping software programs that will help you protect your seller rating and measure the performance of individual dropshippers.

This hands-off approach allows you to automatically route orders to suppliers, which makes their lives much easier. You can also delegate specific products to dropshippers if you discover that certain dropshippers are more adept with certain types products than others.

These are just a few reasons to choose a reliable eBay dropshipping software program that will help you fulfill orders. You can increase your business, traffic to your site, and overall revenue by using eBay dropshipping software.

It can be difficult to import items from a dropshipping supplier into eBay manually. However, with the right dropshipping lister, this task is made easy by its unique features.
Before you decide on an eBay dropshipping listing, make sure to consider all of the pros and cons.

Dropshipping tools can pose a threat for your online store.
After you have created an eBay store, you will be bombarded with all the eBay policies, procedures, and regulations.
If not, then the rules, incorrect pricing, delayed shipment and poor customer service will all bring down your dropshipping business.

This is when you realize that the best dropshipping listing should have advanced protective and caring features to handle all dropshippers’ challenges.
One of the most highly-recommended Non API dropshipping softwares – KalDrop is well-equipped with features that are designed to address all dropshipping issues.

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How to choose the best dropshipping lister

You need to understand how a dropshipping lister will assist you in your transition from manual dropshipping to dropshipping.
There are many dropshipping tools available on eBay. It can be difficult to decide which one is the best.
You only need to compare the tools and then choose the one that offers the best value.
Many people are confused about whether to choose the free or paid dropshipping listers.

Take a look at the following factors to help you choose the right dropshipping listing tool.


Dropshipping from AliExpress or eBay to other dropshipping platforms is a great way to make a lot of money. However, dropshipping costs are the biggest drain on profits.
How you manage your expenses is key to the success of any business.
Dropshipping software can be expensive, but the majority of them are affordable.
The Montori professional dropshipping plan costs $151.99/month. KalDrop, however, will cost $155.99/Annually.
You can also get a free one-month trial of other tools or a starter plan for as low as $10, which is a great benefit if dropshipping is your first venture.

Incorporated Features

Before you subscribe to any eBay dropshipping listinger, here are some of the things that you should check:
i. VeRo protection feature
ii. Item variation listing feature
iii. Support via live chat
iv. You can choose between single and bulk listing.
v. Product Management feature
It is important to optimize product descriptions and titles.
Some of the most powerful software, such as Fire title, aids in building titles for eBay and finding title keyword.

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Product Management

Online customers are put off by poorly designed stores.
The product management feature allows you to be alerted when an item goes out of stock.
Forbes magazine proves to be trustworthy. “8 out 10 entrepreneurs fail in the first 18 months.”
Inconsistency is a major factor in business failure. This feature can be eliminated.

The User Interface

Dropshipping doesn’t require you to hire an expert.
All the main features of the software should be easily accessible and easy to understand once you have opened it.
Recent research shows that the average eBay dropshipper processes 969 orders per month, while top sellers handle 4,759 orders/month.
Imagine handling all orders with a complicated dropshipping lister.

User Reviews

Software users share their firsthand experiences in reviews.
The best dropshipping site has both negative and positive reviews, just like KalDrop’s extension.
Make sure to take note of the ratings and read the reviews before making a decision.

How to list Aliexpress products on eBay using the KalDrop Extension Tool

We highly recommend KalDrop Dropshipping Lister after reading the reviews and going through all of the features.
This non-api eBay lister can be used to list AliExpress products either in bulk or one-off listings.
Dropshipping on eBay can lead to your account being flagged, suspended or terminated permanently.
Legal issues can arise after you upload items to your shop.
Installing KalDrop software is not an option.


The VeRo items are marked with a red marker. However, the color of the right menu’s right menu will change depending on its status.
To protect you from legal problems, the color change to red. This signals danger.
KalDrop offers the templates to make your online shop stand out from the crowd.
You can communicate with customers by combining the pre-made message templates and live chat customer service features.

If you have downloaded and installed KalDrop, follow these steps to list AliExpress products in your eBay store.

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Step 1: Sign up for your KalDrop Extension

Double-click on the icon to launch Land after installing this software. Sign up
Allow it to initialize for a while, then tap the orange button at the top right to open a drop-down menu.

Step 2: Select the Product Upload Options

Click on “Settings” to adjust your profits, fees, number of items you want to upload and any variations.
Select the best template for your store and then tap to preview it before you use it.

Step 3: Click AliExpress and select the item to upload

Navigate to and search for the items you want to list. Once you have found the item, click the button to open it.
If the KalDrop icon’s green color is displayed, you can continue the uploading process by tapping the upload button.

Your store will be automatically uploaded with the selected item.

Top eBay Listers for Dropshipping


Turbo Lister’s most similar tool is SixBit. One of the most striking similarities is that both applications are desktop-based, so listings can be created offline before being uploaded to eBay. This means that your entire data is stored on your computer so that you don’t have worry about third-party applications only keeping your listings for a limited time.

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SixBit makes it easy for sellers to import listings directly from Turbo Lister CSV files. You can also customize SixBit icons to match the ones in Turbo Lister.

SixBit offers more features than Turbo Lister. SixBit also offers post-sale functions such as tracking orders or emailing customers. You will also find a fully customizable data entry sheet and built-in tools such as a price researcher, picture editor, and a picture editor. SixBit allows you to list your inventory on Amazon.

Who is SixBit most suited for?

SixBit is different from Turbo Lister in one area: price. SixBit offers a 30-day trial for sellers to determine if it is right for them. After that, pricing plans start from $19.99 per month.

Turbo Lister is not for casual sellers, who were attracted by it because it was free. You must be able to generate enough volume to justify paying $19.99 per month. SixBit offers several pricing tiers based on factors like the number of eBay accounts that you wish to link to your SixBit Account.

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shopify dropshipping store set up

Wonder Lister

Wonder Lister, an offline listing tool, allows users to create and modify listings in bulk. This is the main feature that makes Wonder Lister similar to Turbo Lister. Users can also store data on their computer. You can also create listings offline and store them in Wonder Lister. Then upload them to eBay whenever you want.

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Wonder Lister displays listing information in a grid-like format, similar to a spreadsheet. The grid can be customized by users to display the fields that they want, and then these fields will be displayed for each product that needs editing. With just a few clicks, sellers can edit thousands of listings.

Wonder Lister can upload inventory and listings in a CSV format. Ex-Turbo Lister users may upload their inventory or existing listings to Wonder Lister by exporting a CSV file from Turbo Lister.

Wonder Lister offers more than just listing tools. It also provides a variety of post-sale functions. You can use it to create pick lists, track shipment status and generate invoices. You can view a profit and loss report for each sale.

Who is Wonder Lister most suited for?

Wonder Lister is designed for small- to medium-sized sellers with a maximum number of 25,000 listings at any one time. Wonder Lister allows these sellers to list 500 items at $5 per month.

Wonder Lister can be used by cross-border sellers as well, since it allows you to list on any eBay marketplace. The bulk duplicate feature makes this easy. Sellers have the option to create one listing for their product and then duplicate it multiple times before placing it on different eBay sites.

Cross-channel sellers can export a custom CSV file from Wonder Lister. This can be used for import to your inventory to Amazon or your website.

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Ad-Lister makes it easy for sellers to quickly create listings using just two steps. The first page will ask you three questions about the item type. The second page will ask you additional information like a title, description, and images.

The listing creation process is focused on marketing your products. Sellers have the option to share their listings on Facebook and Twitter immediately after they are live on eBay. Cross-promotional advertising can be managed by sellers using keywords to choose the most relevant products, and to create bundles (e.g. a drill and safety gloves).

Drag-and-drop templates allow you to create custom design templates for your listings. You can either create one design to cover all of your listings, or one for each product category. All templates can be used on mobile devices and are compliant with eBay’s active content policy.

The dashboard also shows you an overview of your Ad-Lister accounts. This can be customized by dragging-and-dropping the different functions and also by adding widgets, which provide additional features such as a profit and loss calculator.

Who is Ad-Lister most suited for?

Ad-Lister offers something for sellers of any size. It’s worth a try if you can afford to spend $30 per month. The upload process is simple and there is support available to answer any questions, including free phone support. Ad-Lister is an advertising tool that lists only the most important things.

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Ad-Lister data feeds can be of great benefit to large businesses. They can upload large catalogs to create eBay listings. This is a great way for big retailers to get started selling on eBay.

Growing sellers have the option of choosing from a variety of paid options, which offer 100 to 1,000,000 listings each month.


CrazyLister allows eBay sellers to create custom design templates for their listings using drag-and-drop editing. You don’t have to know any coding or design skills to use CrazyLister. Users can choose from over 200 templates to customize them to their liking.

It is simple to use the editor. Users simply click on pieces of the template to move, resize, or delete them. CrazyLister optimizes the ability to insert images, so your listing loads quickly.

All templates comply with eBay’s active content rules. They are also mobile-optimized. You will have two views when editing your listing. One will display it on a desktop computer and one on a mobile phone. You can make your listing look completely different depending on the way a buyer views it.

Once you’ve created your template, all you need to do is click it and apply it to your existing listings. This is especially helpful for sellers who need to modify their listings in order to conform to eBay’s active content rules. CrazyLister can be used to make them all at once.

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CrazyLister allows you to create and edit live listings immediately. You can also store your completed listings for future reference.

Who is CrazyLister most suited for?

CrazyLister works best for sellers with over 100 active listings. Because sellers who have fewer listings will not be able to apply a template to large numbers of listings in one click, CrazyLister isn’t able to do this.

Prices start at $25 per Month for up to 100 active listings, and one eBay account.


What would you do if your eBay dropshipping listing was deemed to be the best?
Nobody will ever claim that his product is not good.
You should therefore do your research to find the best eBay dropshipping software.