Tips for Adding Affiliate Products to Your Shopify Site

Are you looking for a way to boost your revenue on Shopify? Adding affiliate products to your store might just be the answer! By promoting other companies’ products, you can earn a commission on each sale and expand your product offerings without having to manage inventory.

But how do you get started with adding affiliate products to Shopify? In this post, we’ll share our top tips for finding the right affiliate programs, adding products seamlessly to your store, and promoting them effectively. Let’s dive in!

Why add affiliate products to your Shopify store?

Adding affiliate products to your Shopify store can benefit you in many ways. First and foremost, it allows you to diversify your product offerings without having to invest in inventory or manufacturing costs. Instead, you earn a commission on each sale made through the links provided by the affiliate program.

Moreover, promoting high-quality affiliate products that complement your own brand can help establish trust with potential customers who might be hesitant about buying from a new online store. By offering them reputable products they already know and love, you’re providing added value and increasing their likelihood of making a purchase.

Another advantage of adding affiliate products is that it gives you access to valuable data insights such as customer behavior and purchasing patterns. You’ll also have access to promotional materials like banners and social media posts provided by the affiliates themselves.

Adding affiliate products is an easy way to enhance your revenue stream while expanding your product assortment – all without any additional work required on your end!

How to find affiliate programs to join

When it comes to finding affiliate programs to join, the first step is to identify the products or services that would fit well with your Shopify store’s niche. Start by researching brands within your industry and see if they offer an affiliate program.

You can also use affiliate networks such as ShareASale, Commission Junction, and Rakuten Marketing where you can find a wide variety of programs to choose from. These platforms allow you to browse through different categories and search for specific keywords related to your brand.

Another option is to reach out directly to companies that you believe would be a good fit for your audience and inquire about their affiliate program. Many businesses have an application process on their website where you can apply to become an affiliate partner.

Once you’ve found potential programs, take the time to read through their terms and conditions carefully. Look for commission rates, payment schedules, cookie duration, promotional guidelines, and any other important details that could impact your earnings.

It’s important not just to look at high commission rates but also to consider product quality, the customer service reputation of the company before joining its affiliate program in order to keep up with brand standards while promoting third-party products on our site

How to add affiliate products to your Shopify store

Adding affiliate products to your Shopify store is a great way to increase revenue and offer more options for your customers. Here’s how you can easily add them:

1. Find the product link: Once you’ve joined an affiliate program, find the product link for the item you want to add.

2. Create a new product in Shopify: Go to Products > Add Product and fill out all necessary information including title, description, price, etc.

3. Add affiliate link: Scroll down to the “Variants” section and click on “Add Variant”. In this field, enter the name of the variant (e.g., color) and copy/paste your affiliate link into the “SKU” field.

4. Set up commission rate: You can set up a specific commission rate for each product by going to Settings > Payments > Manage Payment Providers > Edit next to Affiliate Program Provider.

Remember that adding too many affiliate products can clutter your store and turn off potential customers. Be selective with what you choose to add and make sure they align with your brand values. Happy selling!

Promoting your affiliate products on Shopify

Promoting your affiliate products on Shopify is an important step in generating sales and increasing revenue. One effective way to promote your affiliate products is by creating content around them. For example, if you are promoting a fitness product, create blog posts about the benefits of using it or share workout routines that incorporate the product.

Another way to promote your affiliate products is through social media marketing. Share links to the products on your social media channels and use eye-catching visuals and engaging captions to attract potential buyers.

You can also offer special promotions or discounts for customers who purchase through your affiliate link. This can incentivize them to buy while also driving traffic back to your Shopify store.

Partnering with influencers in your niche can also be a powerful promotional tool. Reach out to influencers who have a strong following and ask them to review or feature the product on their platforms.

Make sure that you are utilizing SEO strategies such as including keywords in product descriptions and having clear titles and meta descriptions for each page on your website.


Adding affiliate products to your Shopify store is a great way to increase revenue and expand your product offerings without the need for inventory. By finding the right affiliate programs that align with your brand and audience, you can offer high-quality products that complement your own merchandise.

When adding affiliate products to your store, remember to choose wisely and only promote items that you truly believe in. Be transparent with your customers about the fact that these are affiliate links and always disclose any potential earnings from them.

Don’t forget to actively promote your affiliate products through social media, email marketing campaigns, or other channels. With some effort and strategic planning, incorporating affiliate marketing into your Shopify store can be a profitable venture for both you and the brands you partner with.