Tips For Marketing Your Student Dropshipping Business

Students need money like any other member of our society. No wonder knowledge seekers start working early and combine business with studying. And dropshipping is one of the directions many students take.

It is challenging to master dropshipping fast when you have around three-four hours of work per day. Moreover, there must be constant advertising of the services a student provides. But we have gathered tips that might boost your business representation. So, you will have a loyal and patient client base even when you have to write essay today.

What Is Dropshipping, and Is It Wise for Students to Do It?

Being a dropshipper equals being a mediator between the client and the product provider. The mediator gets a request from the client and receives the payment. After that, a dropshipper contacts the provider to order what the client desires. The provider, in turn, sends the product directly. And the dropshipper benefits from the difference between the wholesaling and retail values of the product.

That might be a wise business start for any student because:

  • You can start with a non-existing budget;
  • You need no storage for goods because the product provider has them. Your only tool is the device (PC, tablet, phone) with an Internet connection;
  • You can work with as many companies as you please. For instance, a busy student may work with one or two product providers. Students may unload their studying with to collaborate with more companies;
  • The shipping matters are the provider’s piece of work. Your job is to confer information, and that is it;
  • You may advertise your services passively because the provider sends goods mentioning your name (or brand).

Overall, dropshipping tends to be trouble-free. Of course, there are potential negatives. For instance, the provider might not currently have the product. The worst scenario is when the customs delay the delivery. If that happens, the student-dropshipper must explain what the problem is.

6 Tips on Marketing Your Dropshipping Services as a Student

1. Create an attractive website with full information

That might take your whole evening, but having an informational island with all details is necessary. Explaining your services is more important than showing your face and character in this case. Students who start dropshipping seek academic help from and focus on their sites. The information to include in your site is:

  • The products you may order for the clients;
  • Prices;
  • Shipping processes;
  • How to contact you (there must be many communication channels! Combine phone and email at least!);
  • Photos of the products you may order for clients (you can take them from the wholesaling website);
  • Ratings for the products;
  • Reviews.

2. Update the website’s blog systematically for SEO optimization

Writing a blog when you are a student is challenging. Moreover, academic papers must be the priority. Still, a blog is necessary for both informational representation and SEO optimization. Here are some ways you can attain having a nice blog:

  • Ask your friends who are good at writing to assist you with that;
  • Find an enthusiast from your college who wants to start a business too — that person might be eager to help you;
  • Order articles from cheap paper writing services (they can write advertising materials often);
  • Write alone, but remember that there must be at least one update per week. Remember that updating your blog once or more every two days is better.

3. Always retarget customers who have bought from you

More than 90% of users scan the website and close the tab after minimum interactions. Yet, 2-5% of Internet wanderers will click the buy button. Research their preferences and prioritize their interests. Remind them of your existence and propose resembling goods they might love.

4. Create aesthetical social media pages about your business

Instagram hashtags can win you many interested buyers. Moreover, you can promote your website for free using social media tools. You do not have to post every day! If you have limited time for work, everyday stories will suffice for starters. So, you may post only when there are essential updates about the products you can provide.

5. One giveaway will not hurt!

Internet buyers love stuff for free with zero effort. So, you may organize a moderate giveaway. Of course, you will have to pay for that product, but remember that wholesale prices are cheap. So, ask Internet shoppers to subscribe and like a post, then choose a winner randomly. We recommend choosing three winners and giving the other two smaller prizes. Bigger chances of snatching a present will motivate people to subscribe and like.

Of course, that is the most standard “contest” you may offer. Still, that does not gorge a lot of resources, and you get more attention to your business.

6. Email marketing will remain an important communication channel

Many entrepreneurs neglect email marketing. Yet, that is one of the easiest and most accessible marketing tools. Moreover, you should systematically remind people about your Internet shop’s convenience. So, ensure that there is email marketing even when you prioritize other adverting tools.

Final Words

Students have all the potential to become business people early. Of course, your business will be small at first. But the small company you create has all chances to become a new eBay. So, be bold and start dropshipping! And remember that business challenges are not problems but your quests for growth. Good luck, and we hope to see that your shop offers the things we want to get!