Top 10 Wholesale Kurti Manufacturers in India

This article will provide you with all the information you need and show you how to find top-rated Indian wholesale kurtis suppliers.

Kurtis are in high demand all over the globe and it is important to provide them. Only in India can you find the best wholesale kurtis producers who make high-quality products.

Continue reading to find out the best websites for wholesale kurtis. We also have answers to some frequently asked questions.

Which Cases Should You Purchase From Kurti Manufacturers

Any business’s main goal is to maximize its profits. Outsourcing your products to a trusted supplier will help you maximize your profits. They will also be able to provide products at affordable prices. If your sole purpose is to sell kurtis, you should only purchase from kurtis producers.

Kurti is a great place to buy high-quality products at affordable prices.

How do you find the perfect wholesale kurtis manufacturers for your business ideas?

Your business’ success depends on finding the right wholesale kurti manufacturers. Without reliable sources of in-demand, getting kurti merchandise will be difficult and your business won’t thrive.

You are likely interested in wholesale kurtis suppliers for your business. If you know you want to sell kurtis, it is easier to find a kurti manufacturer. If you’re passionate about selling kurtis here are some tips to help you find wholesale kurtis suppliers for your business.

Understanding Your Industry’s Distribution Channels

It is important to note that an item can be shipped from one manufacturer to another. Different distributors may not serve the same market. Understanding your industry’s distribution channels will enable you to identify the right kurti manufacturer for you online business.

Search Wholesale Kurtis Manufacturers

Begin your search by using basic Google search terms. You will find more information about wholesale Kurtis Manufacturers as you search deeper.

You can conduct Google searches for keywords like “Wholesale Kurtis Manufacturings” and other keywords relevant to your business niche. Go through each result, and then try to find the link or email address for the kurti manufacturer account.

Major B2B Market Places

Wholesale Kurtis manufacturers can be found in B2B markets. Visit the Alibaba website to get started. This is the largest B2B marketplace for wholesale kurtis makers. Buyer Zone, EC Plaza and Global Sources are all possible B2B markets.

Join Industry Forums & Groups

It is important to note that many retailers won’t share information about their suppliers with competitors. Therefore, it will take some networking to locate the best wholesale kurtis manufacturers and suppliers for your business. You will soon be a respected industry insider if you start building positive relationships. Participating in forums and online groups is a great idea. You can also create a LinkedIn profile and begin building connections. You can also subscribe to industry newsletters, and build your professional network.

Subscribe To Your Industry’s Trade Publications

Subscribe to all magazines and newsletters that are relevant to your industry. Each advertiser in the magazines is a kurti maker looking to reach your customers. Subscribe to all blogs, online newsletters, and other information available to you.

Attended Trade Shows

This is one of the most powerful ways to grow your kurti company. These trade shows are for business professionals just like you. It is possible to meet wholesale kurtis suppliers face-to-face, which helps avoid any misinformation or incorrect information that could plague the website. is the most well-known directory for trade shows. Here you can search trade shows by name, city, date, and country.

Which are the Top Kurtis Manufacturers In India?

It seems like a random process to find and select a good date. Right? You can see that each bachelorette has her own ideas about what qualities she wants in a date, and that they don’t have the time to thoroughly research all options.

Wholesale kurtis manufacturers have many options. You don’t have to be with them. It is just as important to choose the right kurti maker as it is choosing the perfect partner for your life.

It is important to find the best kurti maker. This will help you manage the quality of your kurti order and reduce product defects.

If you choose the wrong kurti maker, you could face shipping delays, product return issues, and poor quality. If you choose the right kurti maker, you’ll be able to deliver high quality products that will please your customers.

What makes a good Kurti manufacturer?

Wholesale Kurtis producers who have the following characteristics are an advantage.

Accountability for Kurti Quality Problems

It can sometimes be difficult to admit that you made a mistake. Working with a quality kurti maker who is willing to take responsibility for the other half of any deal can help you make your business more successful. This is why quality control is a key characteristic of a great kurti maker.

A responsible kurti manufacturer will accept responsibility for quality problems and work to correct them as quickly as possible. A kurti maker who isn’t accountable will likely deflect responsibility. This type of kurti maker could make it difficult for you to meet the deadlines and fulfill your client’s kurti needs. A good kurti maker must be accountable.

Easy Communication

Businesses looking to source wholesale kurtis from overseas suppliers may face language barriers. Working with a kurti supplier that is easy to reach out to will be a huge benefit. Effective communication can solve many problems, from product delays to product nonconformities.

Ethical Compliance

Ethical sourcing has been in the news for the past few years. Larger companies have been criticized for their social compliance violations throughout most of their supply chains. Nations have taken steps to ban forced labor from their products.

Many importers are reluctant to work with wholesale kurtis producers who abuse their workers or don’t provide good working conditions for their workers.

You can verify this by partnering with top wholesale kurtis suppliers who comply with social compliance standards

* Kurti products are not made from child or slave labor.

* All kurti products are made in safe and good working conditions.

* Factory shutdowns, natural disasters and labor unrest will not delay your kurti production.

* You will have a positive reputation that protects your business from negative press about unethical sourcing.

Regulatory Compliance

You must ensure that your kurti maker complies with all laws, not only ethical compliance. Failure to comply with regulatory requirements could result in legal consequences for your company.

If you are looking for wholesale kurtis manufacturer, a factory audit and credit check may be helpful. You can avoid working with an illegal kurti producer by checking if the business license is valid.

Clear and Comprehensive Record Keeping

Are you sure that your quality standards and requirements will not change throughout your relationship with your kurti maker? Businesses often adjust AQLs or their quality requirements based upon customer requirements, quality issues known and history with the manufacturer.

Wholesale kurti manufacturers that are the best will constantly update their records and information to make changes as quickly as possible. Your kurta manufacturer should keep these important details updated:

* Product specifications and requirements- This includes color, materials and dimensions.

* Packaging requirements – These may include shipping markings and labels, retail printing files, and shipping markings.

* Quality Standards – These include performance standards, defect classifications and known quality issues.

* Regulatory requirements- This covers any changes in legislation or standards.

How to bargain for better prices

The best way to convince your distributor to lower the price of kurtis, is to have some bargaining leverage. A pulse is not enough to get a discount from your kurti maker. Here are some ways to get better prices.

* You can also mention prices offered by competitors to your manufacturer.

* Consolidate all purchase orders

* Let your manufacturer know that you are willing to introduce them to new markets.

* Inquire about other incentives, besides price reductions.

We have ranked the best Kurtis Manufacturers of India based on the qualities mentioned above.

Top-Rated Kurtis Manufacturers/Markets in India


This wholesale supplier can provide you with wholesale kurtis at a very affordable price for your business. Their products are high quality and they are located in Delhi, India. They sell designer kurtis and salwars, as well as leggings, in the most current fashion styles, and in soft fabrics.

If you are looking for ethnic clothing, kurtis and tailor-made suits to supply your business with, this is the right supplier. You will find beautiful and stylish kurtis at an affordable price. This kurti manufacturer is a great source of kurtis. You will not regret buying from them. You can also buy wholesale ladies kurtis or leggings from them.


This company is one of the most prominent wholesale kurti manufacturers and distributors. They produce the most recent designer kurtis for women, girls, and women, as well as designer tunics and cotton kurtis for women, men, and women.

This manufacturer does not list their prices online and will ask you to email them to get the wholesale kurtis pricing list.

Esika World

This kurti manufacturer is located near Mumbai, India. It would be a great idea to wholesale kurtis from them. You can be sure to make a reasonable profit margin because of their wholesale prices. The company is a well-respected distributor and manufacturer of high quality kurtis in Mumbai. They supply Kurtis to various businesses around the world for special occasions.


This Indian ethnic kurtis manufacturer offers wholesale kurtis supplies to many of the world’s companies. You should not be considered an exception and wholesaling kurtis can be an option for your business. Each kurti has a mark indicating the product price, delivery time, and minimum order quantity.

Wholesale Fabric

One of the most reputable wholesale kurtis suppliers in India is wholesale textile. You will find a wide range of trendy kurtis, as well as other clothing made from high-quality materials. To help you budget, they have clearly marked prices and minimum order quantities. They offer friendly prices and can be reached via Whatsapp, email or phone.


They are located in Kolkata and offer wholesale kurtis with different materials for women for all occasions and seasons. They offer kurtis for work, festivals, casual, ceremonies, wedding parties, and other occasions. They offer chiffon, crepe and cotton materials. You can also wholesale kurtis to your business and receive excellent customer service. They accept Western Union and bank transfer payments. For worldwide shipping, they use FedEx, Aramex couriers, and DHL.


They are located in Kolkata and are one of the most prominent kurtis makers in India. You can find a great selection of ladies kurtis from them, and they offer amazing wholesale deals. Their website has useful information on kurtis.

Why you should try to wholesale from China

China is a world-class factory and manufacturer, as we all know. Everything is available at the lowest possible price.

Chinabrands was established in 2004 and has been a leading dropshipping brand. They also offer professional wholesale support.

They offer a complete drop shipping solution, including product sourcing, publishing, system integration, and shipping. You only need to promote your store.

Chinabrands integrates with all major platforms like Amazon, eBay and Shopify, Shopify. Shopee. Wish. Aliexpress. Cdiscount. Jumia. Priceminister.

You can shop wholesale from over 5000 exclusive manufacturers and get it at a low price. They offer a discount point policy as well as CB points that can be used to offset the cost of your order.

Chinabrands offers SEO-optimized product description templates that you can download and then import to your online shops. This will make it easier for you to create product descriptions. It will also help your store rank higher to drive more traffic and sales.


* Source from over 5000+ verified exclusive manufactures

* 500+ Million Products from 172 Categories

* There are no MOQ limits

* Wholesale price starting at $0.3

* Professional QC team is extremely strict in quality inspection

* CB points offset and heavy discount as payment

* Next-Day Delivery with Global Shipping

* No cost to download/synchronize SEO optimized product listings

* Auto order fulfillment

* Integration seamless with more than 20 platforms

FAQs about Wholesale Kurtis

Which Kurti manufacturer is best in Delhi? is the best kurta maker in Delhi, India. They are well-respected and have been in the business for many years. They are affordable, which will enable you to make reasonable profit after selling kurtis to your business.

What are the Top Kurti Manufacturers In Surat? is the best Kurtis producer in Surat. Their products are available worldwide because they are ethnic manufacturers. Their prices are very attractive and their customer service team is responsive. They are ranked among the top manufacturers due to their attractive kurtis prices as well as the quality of their kurtis.

Which Kurti manufacturer is best in Mumbai? ranks first in Mumbai. They produce high-quality kurta items and ship their products to almost every part of the globe. They accept all forms of payment, which is a major draw for most businesses.