Top 10 Wholesale Makeup Products Suppliers from China

As everyone follows the hottest trends and top brands, the beauty industry is on the rise. People love to shop online for beauty products. Wholesaling cosmetics has become very popular over the past decade. This business is very profitable and attractive.

Because of its high quality, affordable prices, and the free shipping, wholesale cosmetic products from China are very popular with customers. The Hong Kong makeup wholesale is worth checking out.

You can buy wholesale makeup from China on a variety of online platforms. I’ll list them below.

How can you wholesale makeup from China?

This section will detail each step to help readers learn how to buy wholesale makeup from China. Write each step and list the common mistakes that exporters make. Give solutions.

Locating Manufacturers

There are many manufacturers in the wholesale makeup palettes China but not all are right for you. Most manufacturers can be found in the provinces of Guangdong and Zhejiang.

These manufacturers can be found in China if you’re interested in beauty and skincare. Skincare, Jars & Packaging. Hair Extensions. Hair Salon tools and equipment. Skincare. Cosmetic bags, Nail Art & Equipment. Jars & Packaging. or allow you to easily locate hundreds of manufacturers and suppliers. These are the things you should consider when choosing a manufacturer.

Specificization within a product category

Respect safety standards

Its registered capital

First Conversation with the Supplier

It is crucial that you start a conversation with suppliers after you have selected them. This will determine the future of your relationship with them.

It is important to act mature, be consistent and make a good impression. You also expect the same from your supplier.

You can find a wide variety of templates online that you can use for business communications.

Slowly and Steadily

It is often said that “slow and steady wins the race” so you should use the same strategy when you buy bulk items. It is a good idea to try out a few samples before you buy anything from the wholesale makeup china marketplace. After selling the samples, get feedback from buyers.

These samples will allow you to get feedback from customers and determine whether you would like to purchase wholesale makeup from China in bulk. Establishing and growing your business slowly and steadily is the key to business growth.

You don’t need to know everything

It is not a good idea to try to learn all about shipping when you import goods from China. Many people have been running successful businesses for years, but know very little about shipping.

Shipping regulations and rules change daily so you don’t have to keep up with everything. Professional companies are available to help you with all aspects of shipping. They will ensure that your products arrive on time.

Voici quelques-unes of the shipping companies you should consider:





Sure Freight

Kerry Express

Both options can be considered for shipment. It can either be by air or sea.

Shipping Tips You Must Know

Play with the Dates

It is important to remember that prices change according to the seasons and the dates. To get the best price, you can play with the dates.

Reduce Weight of Packaging

Shipping companies charge based on the dimensions and weight of your packaging. You should consider removing any extra packaging that can be avoided.

Inspections done

You must make sure that the product is of high quality once you start buying bulk. Contact the inspection company to inspect the product and packaging before you ship.

One inspector can charge $250-300 per day. The inspection is worthwhile as they will go through every item in detail and create a detailed report on any flaws found.

Some of the most well-known companies are:

SGS Group


Asia Inspection

Your Expectations Might Not Be Satisfied

You might not receive the product or the quality you expected in many cases. You might receive samples that are different from the one you ordered.

You should not be afraid to ask the vendor questions about the product. To ensure that the shipment is of high quality, he should be held responsible for any defective products that he has delivered. He should be held responsible for the quality of the shipment if he has damaged the samples.

You should therefore ask your supplier to take photos of the sample he will deliver.

Payment To The Vendors

Most vendors will let you pay by PayPal for your samples. Others insist that payment be made via Wire Transfer or Western Union.

Although PayPal payments are safer, more secure, and easier than Western Union and Wire Transfer, you still need to be open to all options if you’re in the import business.

This will allow you to become familiar with the routing and logistics involved in international wire transfers.

Online Wholesalers of Chinese Makeup

Wholesale Fashion Square

It offers many different kinds of cosmetic products, from skincare to eye makeup. The platform is loved by customers because it offers a single place to find all products.

The platform also allows you to search for cosmetic tools and accessories. Wholesale Fashion Squire is well-known for offering wholesale prices that are significantly lower than other websites selling similar products. Wholesale Fashion Squire is the best choice if you’re just starting a retail business or store.

All Cosmetics Wholesale

All Cosmetics Wholesale is a leading online wholesale marketplace for wholesale makeup palettes from China. You should be interested in purchasing the most popular or well-known brands and products if you’re just starting your retail business.

This website was designed to make it easy for users to find the product they are looking for.

Website offers free shipping for all orders, regardless of size or quantity. It also features popular makeup brands that customers love.


Cosmetic enthusiasts love the plateform, where they can find the best market places in China. More than 30 million products are available, including electronics, beauty, fashion accessories, toys, health, wellness, and more.

DH Gate isn’t just a supplier of cosmetics. You will find a wide range of products at wholesale prices. They provide a secure and pleasant buying experience that ensures customer satisfaction.

There are many convenient features available for this purpose, such as protection plans for buyers and shipment tracking via the express delivery facility.

China’s Top Offline Makeup Wholesale Markets

You can find qualified suppliers in China that operate in the top five cosmetic wholesale markets in China if you’re interested in investing in the lucrative business of cosmetics.

Beauty Exchange Center

The Beauty Exchange Center is situated in close proximity to the Huihuahang handbag market and Guangzhou Railway Station markets. The center of attraction for buyers is still there throughout the year. A wide range of beauty and wellness products will be available at reasonable prices.

You will find many china wholesale makeup suppliers within the three large wholesale buildings of the Guangzhou beauty trade center. You can find virgin hair in the underground floor at building C. These china wholesale makeup suppliers are mostly from Nothern China.

Xingfa Plaza

The Xingfa market specializes in makeup and personal care products. It is located in the city’s center, just a few minutes away from Guangzhou wholesale market. It has nearly 1427 shops, and an area of approximately 90,000.

Cosmetic buyers looking for different types of cosmetic products will find the market a great place to shop. Products include mascaras, eyeliners, eyelashes and perfumes.

Eva International Cosmetic Purchasing Center

The Eva International Cosmetic Purchasing Center can be found in a five-story building that is fully airconditioned. You can save time shopping by finding the China cosmetic suppliers right away from the huge floor directory located at the entrance to the shopping center.

Many China cosmetic shops are specifically located in the L1 or L3 areas. These stores are dedicated to the wholesale cosmetic market. There are many products available, including creams, lipsticks and hair dyes as well as wellness products such as straighteners, lotions for the eye, eye shadows, mascaras, razors, and eye shadows.

Tai’an Plaza

It is located about 100m from the nearest cosmetic wholesale market. This market is older than the rest of Guangzhou. Tai’an Plaza’s cosmetic market stocks a variety of hair equipment and cosmetics.

Shunfa Cosmetics and Hair Products Market

This modern, organized and smaller-scale cosmetic wholesale market is right next to a Xingfa Plaza. A wide range of products is available, including hair straighteners, hair products and hair equipment.


The supplier is key to any wholesale business’ success. If the supplier you choose is reliable and affordable, your business will grow.

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