Top 5 Online Business Ideas For College Students

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College years are a time when students build the foundation of their entire life’s success. This is a definitive period in life where your creativity and ambitiousness are at their peak, so what better time to start a business? At the very least, you will learn important life lessons and, at most, set yourself up for a lifetime of success and financial well-being.

The Internet has made launching a business cheaper, easier, and faster than ever before. You no longer need a large startup capital or physical infrastructure to get going. Many students who started online businesses simply to make some extra cash on the side ended up making high incomes and switched to their initial side-quest full-time.

Want to join in on the gold rush? Explore our picks for the five best online businesses for students.

   Online writing service

Likely being a student yourself, you are probably well accustomed to online assignment writing services. These tools are highly convenient and widely used by students worldwide. 

Despite being around for years by now, the online writing industry is still flourishing and expanding, as the demand constantly outstrips the supply.  There is more than enough market share left to accommodate new suppliers. If you are a good writer, you can easily launch an essay or research paper writing service online. Popular writing services receive dozens of paper orders a day and make additional money from ad revenues.


An e-commerce store is a digital shop where customers can buy products and services over the internet. An e-commerce store can be created for free and is very easy to set up. You can choose to sell anything from clothes to hand-crafted ornaments.

Once your website is up and running, you will need to shift your focus to online marketing to direct healthy traffic to your platform. Targeted branding is the key to e-commerce. With so many online stores available, with more popping up each day, you will need to pick your target audience and have a unique niche to stand out from the competition.

   Write an Ebook

If writing is important to you, why not cash in on your passion? In the olden days, getting published used to be a real challenge, with many writers who later became household names being rejected countless times. The E-book platform is way less picky and restrictive. You can easily get approved for publishing in mere hours or days from submitting a request and start getting your commission with every download.

   Launch an app

Are you a coding prodigy or a computer whiz? If you have the necessary programming or coding background, you can become an app developer who earns millions of dollars if you have in-depth coding knowledge, practical app development expertise, and a creative idea. Popular IOS and Google Play app developers can make up to a few thousand dollars every day!

   Start a Youtube channel

Viral videos generate enormous sums of money in ad income for well-known YouTubers. It’s completely free to make an account and post films; all you need is a high-quality camera setup and a creative idea.

Although there is a lot of money to be made on the portal, most vloggers find that it takes years of dedication to become famous on Youtube. A large follower base is necessary to acquire paid collaborations with businesses or ad income, which are the greatest ways to make money. Consistent, frequent, and, above all, original material is necessary for growing a subscriber base.

Final thoughts

Launching a business on a digital platform has major benefits. You don’t need heavy investments, employees, or a physical area to operate within. Additionally, the whole world can be your potential customer, as the internet gives you a global reach. Minimal investment means lowered risks, and if your website becomes popular enough, you can even rake in extra cash from advertising deals. The only thing you really need to worry about is coming up with the right idea.

Ashley Carter is a journalist for a student paper and an amateur filmmaker.  She is a natural storyteller with both her words and her films. Thankfully, both her profession and hobby pair quite well with her third passion – traveling.