Unable to Make Sales in Dropshipping? Here are the Reasons

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Dropshipping: Reasons

Dropshipping is a great way to increase sales, whether you are a big retailer or a new store.

Here are some of the top reasons dropshipping is so popular with entrepreneurs and businesses.

  • Dropshipping is easy to start: It has lower costs than other business models. It is also very affordable and doesn’t require a large investment. Dropshipping is easy with reliable companies such as World Wide Brands or full-featured website builders that offer dropshipping, such as Shopify.
  • Dropshipping allows you to expand your product range without the need to purchase inventory. This makes it easier to scale up as your business grows. Customers will buy more products if they have a better selection. Dropshipping allows you to try out new products without the need for a large physical investment.
  • Keep your brand integrity: Most dropship suppliers include your branding materials such as boxes, inserts and packaging slips. This makes it seem like the package came directly from your store. You can spread your inventory worldwide by working with suppliers. This means that you have more shipping options and customers receive their packages faster. Customers will shop more with you if they feel their packages arrived quickly from you.
  • Dropshipping: It’s an easy way for you to create and expand your online marketplace. Dropshippers are one of the main reasons Amazon can offer such a wide range of products. You can build your own marketplace by building your business and establishing more relationships with suppliers.
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Dropshipping has many benefits, but there are also some drawbacks.

Dropshipping problems that are most prevalent include low margins, high competition, poor inventory management, supplier errors, low margins, hidden fees and excessive competition. Poor communication is often the root cause of problems like supplier errors and inventory issues.

It is essential to maintain open communication with all involved parties and ensure that you fully understand all fees associated with doing business.

Dropshipping is best done by using reliable suppliers.


First, you must commit to start a dropshipping company. Next, choose a business idea.

Once you have chosen your niche, it is important to conduct competitive research to find out who your competitors are in the same area.

The next step is to select a supplier. It is important to choose a reliable and trustworthy supplier, as we have already mentioned. It can save you a lot of headaches by researching suppliers and selecting those with a great reputation.

These are the two most popular ways to find suppliers for your dropshipping shop:

  1. Through a supplier database such as AlibabaAliExpress.
  2. Use an integrated supplier directory in the backend of your store, such as Oberlo and SaleHoo.

Dropshipping offers a flexible business model that allows budding entrepreneurs to open their own store and provides an easy way for established businesses to expand their product range.

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Dropshipping is a low-risk, high-profit business that can be done well. However, it’s not easy to become profitable.

It is important to research before you launch a dropshipping company.

Research your competitors and what your business is about. To ensure that you are able to find reliable suppliers, do some research on the manufacturers and suppliers you will be working with.

Communication is essential, no matter with whom you choose to work.

You can prevent many problems from happening by focusing on reliable suppliers and maintaining open communication.

You had a great product and launched your ecommerce store. Now you just needed to wait for the sales to begin rolling in. They didn’t. But… they didn’t.

It can be difficult to pinpoint the reason for low sales in your store, especially if it is new. It’s almost like learning how to drive and suddenly your car won’t start. Your car may have broken for multiple reasons.

You are fortunate to be in the right spot. Let’s look at the problem and determine what needs to be fixed in order for your store get sales.

Bad design is your problem

Your first impression is important, especially when it comes to your Shopify store. You want your storefront to grab the attention of customers and encourage them to look around.

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Design mistakes are not just about making bad aesthetic choices. Design mistakes are not about making bad aesthetic choices. It is about what your design elements serve. Each element should be designed to attract visitors and convert them into customers.

Speed or design were not taken into consideration, or both.

It is difficult to balance loading speed and great design. One is better than the other. Customers will be turned off by a beautiful design that takes too long to load. Customers won’t trust websites that load quickly but have a confusing, cluttered, or outdated design.

Your store will lose customers if you are too rigid in one direction. Consumers who shop online expect a seamless experience.

Imagine this: After eating at a restaurant, a man was walking through town when he noticed a beautiful window display. It turned out that it was a guitar shop. The guitars were stunning from the outside, and there was a large window. Although the man had no plans to purchase a guitar, the store’s door was open and the staff were able to answer his questions about specific models. He eventually bought a guitar.

Imagine if the layout of the store was different. The amazing guitars were still visible through the large window. However, the doors were now closed. He was still curious but he decided to not go inside because the doors were closed.

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Your chances of someone buying from your online store are greatly increased if you remove as many barriers as possible.

Notice also that the large window was a key feature of our story. Without it, the man wouldn’t have seen the guitar shop. Display and design are key to grabbing people’s attention.

Either you don’t have enough media or have low quality media

Having media in your store is the best way to allow buyers to interact with your products. Sometimes, pictures are sufficient. The more your buyers have the opportunity to see your product in person, the more likely they are to buy.

Shopify has recently announced native 3D support and video support at their annual partner conference, Shopify Unified 2019. Be creative and make use of all the tools available to you.

Interactive and engaging media like video and 3D renderings can encourage customers to spend more time in your store, which can increase their likelihood of buying something. It could also help you improve your SEO stats. You can kill two birds with one stone.

There aren’t clear calls to actions

CTAs (calls to action) are a vital part of the store’s design. It is a way to direct your buyer in the right direction, and to tell them what next steps are without taking away their control.

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Customers don’t like being told what to do. They prefer suggestions. This little push can be very powerful in controlling visitors’ behavior.

Marketing strategy is not necessary

To make sales, marketing is essential. Lack of a marketing budget is one of the main reasons for sales failure. This doesn’t mean that you need a budget for money only, but also one for time. You should expect to spend a lot of time marketing your product in order to make sales.

Marketing is subject to the law of diminishing return. However, before you reach that point, you should focus more on marketing.

Email marketing is not something you should be using

Although email marketing is the simplest type of marketing, it is one of the most powerful in terms of ROI as well as reaching new audiences.

It has many other benefits as well, including:

  • Being intimate is more. Emails can be a more intimate way to communicate.
  • Personalization. You can send different emails to different segments of your customers depending on their individual needs.
  • It is a lasting reminder of your presence. Most people don’t clean out their inboxes often. Your email address will be remembered as long as it hasn’t already been deleted.

Here’s a link that will take you to a video about Email Marketing.
Electric Eye Email Marketing Youtube Videos

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There is not enough content

According to an old saying, “The more that you give, you will receive.” This principle is the basis of content Marketing or Inbound Marketing .

It’s all about creating useful content that answers your target audience’s questions and draws them to your store. They will most likely give back to your store if they find value in your content. This is an interesting mindset to have for your store. We recommend that you read it more as it will transform the way you manage your marketing campaigns.

You might need to market your products better… or have different products

The market is saturated. There are many products that look the same, so it can be difficult to distinguish your products from all of them. Marketing is the best way to differentiate yourself from your competition.

You can also offer a completely different product. Your sales are directly affected by what you’re selling and how it is sold.

Or worse, you may have the wrong target audience.

It is not enough to stock one product and expect people to buy it. You need to find your niche. You can target older people or younger generations if you sell outdoor gear. This will help you to know what products to sell. Stocking wrong products could result if you don’t know your target audience well enough.

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For instance, while millennials may be notoriously thrifty, they will gladly fork over a lot of money for durable gear. Senior citizens aren’t afraid to spend big on established brands. A senior wouldn’t purchase a Coleman because it’s a Coleman.

A senior won’t buy a brand they don’t know, even if the brand is great, but a millennial would, if that brand was eco-conscious.

If you are selling the best fishing rods in the world and targeting software engineers with the funds to buy them, you would tailor your product descriptions and photos to appeal to that software engineer.

If you are targeting a fishing expert as your target audience for the fishing rod, you would use jargon to describe it. would look for it. If you use this jargon, they will trust you as an expert.

It is important to identify your target audience when you plan your store. Your product, branding, and marketing campaigns should all be based on your target audience.

To create a unique customer base, you should also explore overlapping niches. Like working moms. This means that there are already three target audiences in the same niche: working moms, employed moms and mothers themselves. This allows you to expand your reach without alienating your core audience.

You’ll have more loyal customers if you can appeal to more people than your niche.

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There are too many choices

In a free market, consumers need options. laws are in place to prevent monopolies. All consumers should have equal access to choices.

Too many options can make a buyer feel overwhelmed. This can be detrimental to your store as it will not allow buyers to browse through your extensive collection but instead they will leave your store undecided.

To give your customers more choices without making it difficult for them to make decisions, you can create a three-tier product or service system. This includes the basic/teaser product as well as the recommended and premium/halo products. This system offers many benefits.

  • People on a tight budget will love the basic/teaser product.

This could also appeal to people who are just looking to experience what you have to offer and plan to return for more if they are satisfied.

  • Your main product should be the recommended product. It is the product that you think will sell most. This product is the one that you will advertise as offering the most bang for your buck.
  • Premium products are designed to increase the perceived value of the product. This product is the most expensive, but has the most features.

The features are not essential and consumers can still enjoy the best product recommendation experience.

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This is a great option for those who are looking for the highest quality products they can get.

personalizations are another way to offer more options. They will buy more if they can customize the product to suit their needs and wants. They feel unique and exclusive.

Cross-sell and upsell are not allowed

Cross-selling and upselling are great ways to make the most of every customer. Most buyers won’t use it or like it. If you approach the issue properly, customers will feel more satisfied and happier because they received more value. In turn, this could lead to more sales.

Amazon is a great example of this technique. Scroll down to a product page and you’ll see ” Most commonly bought together” as well as ” What additional items have customers purchased after viewing this item?

This is cross-selling and upselling in one. This is also a great example of data being used to their advantage.

Your leads will abandon the cart, and you don’t do anything.

This is the worst part about running an ecommerce store. The buyers have stopped checking out and they are not making payment.

According to Moosend’s survey, 69% of buyers abandon carts. This is a significant number of lost sales. This could be due many reasons, but the majority of it is due to the checkout experience.

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These are some suggestions for changes to your checkout that will help you avoid abandoning carts.

  • Be open about the costs. Buyers don’t like being surprised by additional costs at checkout.
  • As much as possible, remove any hindrances. The buyer pays at the checkout. Although it might seem tempting to offer more to buyers, this can lead to the buyer being turned off.
  • Different payment options and security should be offered. Buyers should have several payment options and be able to see that the facility is safe.

Even with these modifications, buyers may still have the tendency of abandoning their shopping cart. You can only remind them by email. Shopify offers several automated apps for recovering abandoned carts:

Abandoned Cart Recovery By Marsello

Cart Recovery Email from Care Cart

Abandoned cart email recovery byChated.io

Your product descriptions are confusing

Buyers want to understand what they are purchasing. Buyers can get confused about the products you sell. It is possible for your description to be too vague, too complicated, and customers will leave your store.

If they click on your product they must know all the details in five seconds.

All they need to buy the product should be clear at a glance. This includes simple, but easily understood details and bullet points that describe the features. Scrolling is the best way to get more information.

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It is a two-punch that increases the likelihood of a customer buying as quickly as possible.

You can also be playful in your product descriptions. This could be appealing to a wider audience but only if humor is already part your brand’s tone and core values.

People don’t trust your abilities yet

Every sale is an act involving trust. The buyer first trusts you will provide a value equal or greater than what they are paying. You also trust that the payment will be legitimate. A sale would not occur if one of these trusts was missing.

They haven’t seen you anywhere

Trust building is all about being there for your customers. The majority of people are already active on social media. Make a splash and be visible on social media. They will trust you more if they know you well. You can give them content that they can share with their circle.

Social media is about being visible and trying to be noticed. Your niche audience should be attracted to what you post. This is an essential step in building brand awareness.

You should at least have a social media page where customers can leave feedback and reviews and where leads can view what you are up to.

Your customers don’t get perks

You can also show your customers that you are open to giving them perks when they shop at your store. This is another way to build trust. This shows your customers that you value them first.

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Promotions, Rewards, Freebies, and Loyalty Programs should be highlighted in your store. This builds customer trust and gives customers incentives to buy more to receive more rewards.

These Shopify apps offer benefits to customers that will help you to increase sales.

Smile: Rewards and Loyalty from Smile.io

Referrals, Loyalty and Rewards by Swell (a Yotpo Company).

Bold Loyalty points & Rewards

There is no conversion rate optimization plan

It might not be just individual parts, but the entire system. All of the components that we mentioned earlier are powered by conversion. Your sales are powered by the battery. This could be why your store isn’t getting any sales.

Your customers are left behind on the funnel

Your business model shouldn’t be a funnel. It should instead be a flywheel. This strategy has been popularized by the respected marketing giant hubspot.

This funnel system is a proven success story that has been around for many years. We live in an age of disruption. Everyday, standards and conventions are being challenged. Many of the things that should have been invented are already in existence. The best thing we can do is make improvements and change the status quo.

While the funnel system is based on the right concepts, the most important thing missing from the picture was growth and sustainability. After prospects have been funneled down and you have your customers, the next step is to wait for them not to drop out.

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The flywheel system, on the other hand, is a well-planned cycle. Each step of the cycle is designed to be self-sustaining.

It’s about making an individual a paying client, turning a repeat customer into a paying one, and making a paying customer an ambassador of your brand, which in turn turns individuals into paying clients.

Hubspot has a video that explains the concept of the marketing flywheel.

Strategy: Transforming Flywheels into Funnels to Grow Better

Too much emphasis is placed on obtaining sales immediately

Although it might seem risky, we encourage you to invest more in your existing customers than you do on new ones. Growth is a long-term game that requires you to take some losses.

If you’re just starting out, it can be difficult to focus on existing customers and give each customer an amazing experience. You’re just pulling the catapult backwards every time you do that. Once you reach your launching point, growth becomes inevitable and very fast.

When it happens, we urge you to prepare for the future. It is inevitable. Make sure your store is ready for sudden, massive growth.

These Shopify apps can help you optimize your conversion rates.
Conversio Marketing Automatmation by CONVERSIO

OptinMonster Email Popup by Retyp, LLC

Nudgify: Social Proof and More by Konvertize

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Bonus: Don’t compare yourself to your competitors

Owning a store can be a learning experience. While you can learn from articles such as these, tutorials, and other resources, it is also a good idea to get advice from your direct competitors. It’s a great idea!

You should see sales increase if you implement the strategies that we have outlined. Remember patience is the key to success. Very few sustainable businesses are able to achieve overnight success.

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