Use Shopify Python Api to Get All Products

In the age of e-commerce, many retailers are turning to Shopify for their inventory needs. Shopify is a popular e-commerce platform that provides an easy way to create and manage stores. It also offers access to its API (Application Programming Interface) which allows developers to interact with store data and make custom changes.

If you’re a developer looking for an efficient way to retrieve all products from Shopify, then you’ve come to the right place! In this blog article, we’ll show you how to use the Shopify Python API to get all products in your store. We’ll explain how it works and provide some examples so you can start using it right away.

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What is the Shopify Python API?

The Shopify Python API is a powerful tool that allows you to access and manage your Shopify store data. With this API, you can retrieve and update shop data, including products, customers, orders, and more. You can also use the API to create and manage apps for your Shopify store.

How to Use the Shopify Python API

If you’re a Python developer, then you can use the Shopify Python API to get all products in your shop. This is a quick and easy way to get started with the Shopify API.

To use the Shopify Python API, you’ll need to have a few things set up:

– A Shopify account
– A Python development environment
– The shopify_python package installed

Once you have those things set up, you can start using the Shopify Python API. The first thing you’ll need to do is generate a private app for your shop. To do this, log into your shop’s admin panel and go to Apps. Then, click on the “Manage private apps” link. On the next page, click on the “Create a new private app” button. Give your app a name and description, and then choose your permissions. For this example, we’ll just need read access to products. Finally, click on the “Create App” button.

Examples of Using the Shopify Python API

If you’re looking to use the Shopify Python API to get all products, there are a few things you’ll need to do first. Before we dive into the code, let’s take a look at what data we’ll need to collect from Shopify.

In order to use the Shopify Python API, you’ll need to create a private app within your Shopify store. This will generate an API Key and Password which you’ll need to add to your code. You can find instructions on how to do this here:

Once you have your API key and password, you can start writing your code. The first thing you’ll need to do is import the ‘Shopify’ class from the shopify module:

from shopify import Shopify

Next, create a new instance of the ‘Shopify’ class, passing in your shop’s URL and credentials:

shop_url = “”
shopify = Shopify(shop_url=shop_url, api_key=API_KEY, api_password=PASSWORD)


Shopify’s Python API is an incredibly powerful and versatile tool for accessing the Shopify platform. With this API, you can easily access all of your store’s product data in a few lines of code. This makes it easier than ever to create custom applications that interact with your products and orders on Shopify. Whether you need to get data from a single product or retrieve information about all of your products at once, the Python API is up to the task!