Vendy Shopify Responsive Fashion Theme Review

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The web design trends that are constantly changing are the web design trends. One thing is certain: Your website design and online store are crucial to attracting customers and growing your company.

Your store’s design is important because it affects its usability and functionality. It also communicates the essence of your brand.

The sheer number of options available to you when choosing a theme for your online store can seem overwhelming. It’s important to consider how long a theme will be ‘trendy’ in order to narrow down your choices. The more bold the design, the less likely it will be to go out of style in a few years.

We are proud to introduce you to ZEMEZ’s Vendy Shopify Theme. Here are the details.

A Minimalist Fashion theme for anyone

ZEMEZ is a well-known Shopify theme developer. Any of their products is guaranteed to please. Today, however, we will be focusing on Vendy, their multipurpose Shopify theme that allows for online fashion shops. Although this theme is targeted at fashion brands, it works well for any kind of online store, even start-ups.

Vendy is minimalistic and purposely clean so that you can highlight your products in the best way possible. The ample white space allows your brand colors to shine against the elegantly displayed apparel, accessories and other products. It is simple and easy to use, which pays tributes to the user experience.

This theme has a simple benefit: it looks great now and will look amazing in ten years.

Vendy, like all ZEMEZ products is quality-checked and affordable. It is also well documented and will be updated as necessary. It’s pretty neat, right?


Vendy is a premium Shopify theme that includes many built-in integrations. This makes it easy to extend the functionality of your store.

Floatton is the first integration. Hura created this floating buttons app. To make your content and social media profiles more easily accessible, you can create sticky floating button buttons. This functionality is in keeping with Vendy’s minimalist design and focus on usability.

Vendy also integrates with Hura’s FB Messenger app. This allows you to connect the Facebook chat widget with your shop. Visitors can message you through your website and you will receive their messages in your Facebook Messenger Inbox. Handy, right?

Vendy integrates with all major social networks, all modern browsers and all popular payment providers, including Amazon, eBay and Houzz.

Highly Responsive, High Performance

Vendy, like every Shopify theme worth its salt is responsive. Your website visitors and you can see your online store in all its glory on any device or platform.

It’s compatible both with desktops and smartphones, as we have already mentioned. Vendy has a PageSpeed score (91) and a GTmetric score (93), earning it an A grade on both of these tests.

This theme’s responsiveness allows you to create retina-ready shops!

The Design

When it comes to choosing the best Shopify theme, design is crucial.

We have already talked about how versatile and multipurpose the Vendy theme can be. Fashion brands can display their products elegantly and professionally. Vendy is built using the Shopify Visual Builder. This allows you to customize Vendy to suit your business’ needs.

Vendy comes with a variety of pre-made layouts and templates that you can browse and use to enhance your design possibilities.

These include:

  • There are ten ready-made templates for your homepage. We will be adding more! The homepages were created with accessory and apparel shops in mind. They are suitable for general-purpose eCommerce stores.
  • A collection of stock photos that are suited to the fashion industry.
  • Five listing page templates
  • Five product page templates
  • Two about us page templates
  • Two collection page templates
  • Three pop-up newsletter variations
  • Fashion blog pages
  • A page for lookbook fashion. This template is minimalist and modern, allowing visitors to focus on details in your product photos. You can see the jacket that your model is wearing.

You might have seen from the list that this theme supports customizable pop ups that encourage people:

  • Add-to-cart
  • Go to their shopping carts
  • Sign up for your newsletter
  • Take a quick product view

Key Features

Let’s now look at some Vendy’s most notable features.

Product Listings and Grids

Vendy includes a variety of pre-designed product pages and product listings. Vendy’s most distinctive feature is its addition of size-chart popups and pages that allow you to display your clothing measurements. This allows customers to easily find the right size. It should also reduce the number of customer returns.


Vendy has many premade layouts that you can use for your blog posts. Simply choose the layout you like and then fill in the content. It’s that simple! Your blog is the ideal place to post news about your shop, team and products. Blog designs all follow the same simple, minimalist Vendy style.

Advanced MegaMenu

Vendy can handle any type of menu. Vendy can create complex mega menus that include multiple product categories and links, allowing visitors to quickly find what they are looking for. Your menus can include images, featured products and sales banners.

Ajax Live Search

Vendy includes Ajax Live Search, which allows shoppers to search quickly for products, blog posts and inspiration from the comfort of their homepage.


Vendy is now available on ThemeForest at $48 per regular license. Vendy is available for $19 early bird pricing, but this offer is only valid for a short time. You get six months of ZEMEZ customer support. You can upgrade this support to 12 month for an additional $1.50 You can use Vendy in one store with this standard license.

Final Thoughts

Vendy’s minimalist design is a great fit for a wide range of shops across many niches. This clean and elegant design is not going out of style anytime soon. Vendy offers a wide range of customization options at an affordable price, no matter what product you sell. There are many templates to choose from. You can already benefit from some clever integrations.

This Shopify theme costs $19 and is well worth it. What do you think? If you like the simplicity of the theme’s black-and-white design, let us know by commenting below.