Water Filtration System Distributors for Dropshipping

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Are you a US plumber searching for a shortcut to starting your own business? Are you looking to add a top-selling product to your website? You should join the Waterdrop family and become a drop shipper!

Waterdrop was established in 2015 to offer water purification products that are reliable and can purify water. Waterdrop has more than 200 water purification devices with over 100 patents in multiple countries. These products have full certifications such as NSF, CSA WQA, UPC WARS, UL and FCC. Waterdrop has helped over 35 million people in 26 countries get clean and healthy drinking water within five years.

Products for Drop Shipper

RO Systems and Filters

  • RO systems with undersink
  • RO systems for countertop use
  • Portable RO systems

Filters and Undersink Filtration Systems

  • Systems with single stages
  • Multi-stage systems
  • Ultrafiltration systems
  • Water filters for inline use

Benefits of being a Waterdrop Dropshipper

Get 25% off

Drop shippers will receive up to 25% off on most RO systems and sub sink systems You will receive more orders if you pay a lower price.

No minimum order

There is no minimum order quantity, provided that a sales certificate has been issued to prove that you are a reseller.

No capital required

You can only place orders to us when your customer places an online order. There is no inventory pressure or capital required before you make money.

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Shipping included

You can place orders for your customers on our website. We will then deliver the order to you at no cost.

Qualifications for drop shippers

  • Only for US applicants
  • Legally registered sales and business certification required
  • We do not currently accept applicants if your business is on e-commerce platforms like Amazon, Ebay and Walmart, Wayfair, Wayfair, Wayfair, Wayfair, or Newegg.

One of our drop shippers in plumbing started dropshipping with us during the COVID-19 period starting September 2020. Because he sold over 50 RO systems, he was promoted to distributor and has enjoyed the best price.

Analyse of Business Cases

How do you drop ship? How do you drop ship plumbing products? No stocking and no additional shipping costs, we can ship directly from us to your customer. Then, you will help your customer install the product. Our plumbing drop shippers are becoming more successful and feel more confident in stocking our products and selling to their customers.

Drop ship and make great profits

Drop shipping is a great way for plumbers to get started. You can sell while providing service to potential customers.

Once you have sold one RO system successfully, you will be able to earn both product profits (typically above $100 per unit) as well as the installation fee from the customer. You can help customers change filters, or they can order filters from your company.​​​​

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Water Filtration Dropshipping Alibaba

Water filtration dropshipping can enhance your water filtration options. This technology is used to remove large amounts of contaminants from water. It works by forcing the water through a semipermeable membrane at high pressure. Alibaba.com has the best. Dropshipping water filtration options for your home or business. This system promotes hydration by producing fresh, delicious water.

Dropshipping water filtration ensures that you have safe drinking water and minimizes your exposure to harmful contaminants. The system eliminates bacteria and chemicals to make the water it produces taste fresh. The. Dropshipping water filtration uses energy-saving separation techniques. This technique prevents water from evaporating and uses very little energy. It also controls water loss. It takes up very little space and is easy to install. water filtration dropshipping. It is small and compact, which makes it very space-efficient.

The. Dropshipping water filtration is simple and easy. This system eliminates contaminants and pollutants from the water without them being collected. The. Dropshipping water filtration doesn’t require any purification chemicals. It is completely eco-friendly and beneficial for the environment. It is both energy- and cost-efficient. The. Dropshipping water filtration filters large quantities of water and uses very little energy. It is easy to maintain and affordable.

Alibaba.com offers the best selection. Dropshipping water filtration options from trusted sellers or manufacturers This system is eco-friendly, efficient, and convenient. Enjoy the best deals. Water filtration dropshipping at low prices and jaw-dropping sales discounts

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Crystalquest Dropshipping

How it works

Drop shipping with Crystal Quest(r), allows you to sell top-of the-line water filters without any startup costs or overhead. We will take on all the costs and risks associated with warehouse inventory and offer excellent customer service. You can also leverage the trusted brand Crystal Quest(r), which has been in the forefront of water filtration for more than 30 years.

You simply sell items through your website. After you have made a sale, collect payment from the customer. Then you forward the order to me. We handle all shipping arrangements and give you a tracking number to track your customer. Profit is yours without any overhead. Our tiered pricing system allows you to lower your prices as you sell more products. This gives you a greater profit margin as your business grows. It’s easy to do from anywhere, with an internet connection. You can also scale up your business as you grow.

It is easy and free to sign up. You will not be charged any hidden fees or charges for joining. Please complete the form at bottom of page to be contacted regarding additional steps

Most Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get a license or permit to purchase wholesale from you? Each state and city has its own requirements. Crystal Quest(r), will allow you to purchase as long as you meet all local requirements.

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Is there an upper limit on the quantity of products I can buy?
You don’t need to purchase a minimum amount or a minimum quantity. If you wish, you can buy one item at a given time. Our ultimate goal is to help you sell as many products and as many items as possible. Drop shipping offers tiered pricing discounts that are based on the amount of your sales. As you sell more products, the discount rate will rise which means higher margins for your company.

Which payment methods do you accept?
Accepted credit cards and debit cards include MasterCard, Visa and American Express. PayPal, Amazon, and other online payment methods are also accepted. We also accept wire transfer, cashier’s check, and money orders drawn on U.S. banks, payable in U.S. dollars. Although we accept personal, business and electronic checks, please be aware that these payments can cause delays of up to 14 days. These funds will need clearing our account once they have cleared your account.

Do you accept international drop shippers?
Drop shipping is not available for international sellers. We do offer wholesale partnerships with international distributors.

What platforms can I sell crystal quest products? Yes.

We ask that you use your own ecommerce website to sell Crystal Quest Products.