Web Development Services – Evolution, Features, and Future

Web development can be used to describe any activity or group of activities that are involved in the development of a web site or web app for the World Wide Web. Web Development Services include website design, website maintenance, custom web app development, web site maintenance, web shopping cart development, content management, payment gateway integration, search engine optimization, and other services.

As we live our lives, the expansion of web development will have major implications for improving human lives. You can make your life more luxurious and easier by purchasing tickets for air, movie, shopping, entertainment, bill processing, bank, etc.

Evolution in web development

Web interfaces were needed back in the days before internet was developed. Technologists were able to create Mark up languages in early nineties. However, early mark up languages were not easy to code and were less useful for high-end applications than the current framework of programming languages. Today, clients and users can also get affordable Web Development Services thanks to open-source and free languages.

Services available

Below are the services that a web solution provider offers:

Website Development: This service is available to customers or clients who need a website built. It can also be used by organizations that require a website to promote their products or expand their business.

Banking Application: These are applications that allow customers to make online transactions for their own personal needs. Staff and employees can also use these services to help them create a virtual shopping environment where they can purchase, bid on and sell products from the site using a well-structured database of customers and products. These include bidding sites, airline reservation and third-party sites that are responsible for the processing of utility bills.

Content Management: A website can be described as a communication medium that allows an organization to manage its conversations with customers. Content management services make sure that communication stays alive by providing the necessary updates to the website’s content. Elearning portals or websites of news service are examples.

Open Source Languages for Website Development: There are many open source languages that can be used to develop websites for small and medium-sized businesses. This service is designed to attract small- and medium-sized businesses as well as individuals who want to create their own websites for information or shopping cart applications. PHP and Joomla are excellent examples.

Social Networking Sites & Application: These applications are designed to bring together like-minded people around the world to chat, blog, make friends, and share information about a specific topic that interests them. You can think of many popular networking apps like Twitter, Facebook, and Orkut.

SEO Services: These services aim to improve rankings of websites on popular search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc. They are based on keyword research and user search patterns.

The Future and Growth of Web Development Services

Given the growing number of internet users around the world, the growth potential for website and web application development is huge. According to a well-known survey, web application development vendors receive an average of 1 million inquiries per year. A large portion of these enquiries is converted into business. Once the vendor meets the client’s expectations in terms of price, quality, turnaround time, and pricing, they are eligible for references or recurring business.